16th Annual scientific meeting of the environmental mutagen society

Mutation Research, 130 (1984) 387 Elsevier


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Announcements 23rd Annual Somatic Cell Genetics Conference 20-23 January 1985

The Hyatt Islandia Hotel, San Diego, California (U.S.A.) Abstracts for presentations must be received no later than 23 November 1984. For additional information and preregistration materials contact:

Dr. James T. Mascarello, Genetic Services, Children's Hospital, 8001 Frost Street, San Diego, CA 92123 (U.S.A.).

16th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Environmental Mutagen Society 25 February-1 March 1985

The Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S.A.) Abstracts for presentations must be received no later than 26 October 1984. For additional information contact: Michael D. Shelby, NIEHS, P.O.

Box 12233, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 (U.S.A.) (919) 541-3455.

Third Terry Fox Cancer Conference on Cancer Prevention: Theory and Practice Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, will be the site of this conference to be held 12-14 August 1985. Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute of Canada and the University of British Columbia, the conference will include presentations on preventable cancers and preneoplastic lesions (A.B. Miller, J.J. DeCosse, E. Farber), preneoplastic markers (W.R. Bruce), genetic susceptibility and oncogenes (S. Aaronson, J. Mulvihill, D. Kalousek, T. Pawson), mechanisms of chemoprevention (K.U. Ingold, L. De Luca, H.C. Birnboim), role of dietary modifiers (B.N. Ames, T.C. Campbell, S.

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Hecht) and nutritional deficiencies (P.M. Newberne), intervention trials on high risk groups with carotenoids (H.F. Stich), dietary fibers (G. McKeown-Eyssen) and mixtures of chemopreventive agents (N. Munoz), large-scale prevention trials and their policy (C.H. Hennekens, P. Greenwald), the role of early diagnosis (D.A. Boyes), and concepts of future trials (R. Peto). The program will comprise invited lectures and several poster sessions. Further information is available from Dr. H.F. Stich, B.C. Cancer Research Centre, 601 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1L3 (Canada).