4540669 Herpes simplex type I subunit vaccine

4540669 Herpes simplex type I subunit vaccine

337 PATENT ABSTRACTS tions such as anaphytactic shock due to the antigenicity of the acid protease is believed to be extremely small. PREPARATION LY...

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PATENT ABSTRACTS tions such as anaphytactic shock due to the antigenicity of the acid protease is believed to be extremely small.



Heidi ThimeI-Baumer, 8000 Munchen 90, Federal Republic Of Germany




Betty R Hannon, Frit Reusser, Lester A Dolak, Alexander D Argoudelis, Thomas M Castle assigned to The Upjohn Company Antibiotic U-66,026 is produced in a fermentation under controlled conditions using the microorganism Alcaligenes sp., NRRL B-! 5269. Enhanced fermentation of titers U-66,026 are obtained when Alealigenes sp., NRRL B-15269, is cultivated in mixture with Streptomyces plicatus strain 395, NRRL 15273. Antibiotic U66,026 is a useful antibiotic which has antifungal activity.

4540669 HERPES SIMPLEX TYPE I SUBUNIT VACCINE Alexander U Bertland, George Lampson assigned to Merck & Co Inc A herpes simplex type I subunit vaccine is prepared from infected chick embryo cells by ultra extraction of the virus while the infected cells are still attached to the growth surface.

Anti-T-lymphocyte globulin is prepared from the serum of immunized animals. Cells of the cell line JM are used for immunization. Anti-Tlymphocyte globulin is prepared by means of hybrid cells, which are obtained by a hybridization of myeloma cells capable of antibody synthesis with B-lymphocytes from animals or human beings. Said lymphocytes have a specificity against an antigen which is introduced. Cells of the cell line JM or their products are used as an antigen.

4542016 NON-A NON-B HEPATITIS SURFACE ANTIGEN USEFUL FOR THE PREPARATION OF VACCINES AND METHODS OF USE Christian Trepo, Bron, France assigned to Institut Merieux A new vaccine against viral NANB hepatitis containing NANBs antigen in a physiologically acceptable medium. The vaccine is prepared by selecting serums or plasmas in which the presence of NANBs antigens has been identified and thereafter purifying the said antigens. Antibodies are also set forth. 45433M



Kazuo Hosoi, Hitoshi Ozawa, Kamakura, Japan assigned to Toray Industries lnc A method for the purification of human interferon by the successive treatments of a crude interferon solution with an immobilized carrier which is coupled with a blue dye and a chelating carrier which contains a chelating residue chelated with at least one metal ion selected from the group consisting of C o 2 + , Ni2+ and Zn2+.

STREPTOMYCES CAPABLE OF PRODUCING NEUTRAL MACROLIDE ANTIBACTERIAL AGENTS Walter D Celmer, Walter P Cullen, Hiroshi Maeda, Junsuke Tone assigned to Pfizer lnc An antibiotic complex, consisting of one major and two minor components, has been isolated from fermentation of a new Streptomyees culture. The components from the complex are three new macrolides which are active as antibacterial agents against certain gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms.