4669420 Fish farming system and method

4669420 Fish farming system and method

G. New Patents 1016 bottom seismometer deployed to a subsea location is disclosed wherein inflatable flexible housings are attached to cylindrical c...

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G. New Patents


bottom seismometer deployed to a subsea location is disclosed wherein inflatable flexible housings are attached to cylindrical cannisters having detecting and recording equipment along with identical inflation apparatus.

4667766 SEISMIC


OLR (1987) 34 (11)

pulse is an acoustically triggered product of an electrically triggered initial pulse generated by a first transponder. This acoustically triggered pulse is used to determine the distance from the seismic ship to the transponder nearest the seismic ship and then to successively further transponders down the streamer length. Thereafter the positions of the transponders may be calculated. + RE + RE


Alec Melvin, London, United Kingdom assigned to British Gas Corporation A seismic acoustic source for generating acoustic pulses in both solid rock and sedimentary layers on land and in both water, rock and sedimentary layers at sea comprises: two chambers; a high pressure chamber and a low pressure chamber communicating but separated from each other by, for example, a first diaphragm, the low pressure chamber being closed by, for example, a second diaphragm. The high pressure chamber contains gas e.g. helium at high pressure whereas low pressure chamber contains a gas such as carbon dioxide at a lower pressure. The pulse is generated by bursting the diaphragm separating the two chambers whereupon the shock wave generated in the carbon dioxide then travels to the other end of the low pressure chamber and leaves by over-pressure behind the shock bursting the second diaphragm. Repetitive operation may be achieved by replacing the first diaphragm with a shock wave valve and the second with operable valve'means such as an iris diaphragm or full-bore gate valve.

4669067 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LOCATING A SUBMERGED MARINE STREAMER F Alex Roberts assigned to Chevron Research Company A method is disclosed for locating the position of a marine streamer using two boats and a series of transponders in the streamer. A first pulse is electrically triggered and then generated by the transponders and by a transceiver mounted in the seismic vessel that tows the streamer. These first pulses are detected at a slave ship and the respective distances to the acoustic sources are calculated. The actual locations of the streamer transponders are calculated by trilateration when a second pulse from transponders 2£14 5 + L is detected at the slave ship. This second



Erick C Swanson assigned to Keeler Brad; Swanson Erick C A method and apparatus for providing aerated water to a tank used for the rearing of aquatic animals. Positioning of the intake posts and exit drains to establish one or more vollutes of water which substantially fill the tank provides a selfcleaning tank with reduced areas of inhabitability. The method and apparatus permits tanks to be lengthened without a need to add turbulence to the water. An improved method and apparatus for oxygenating water while maintaining nitrogen concentrations within acceptable limits is disclosed as well as a system for energy efficiently maintaining the temperature of the water in the tank.

4672222 OCEAN WAVE ENERGY CONVERTER P Foerd Ames A self-stabilized and modularly expandable system of independently operative point absorbers with respective drive transmissions and electrical generators produces electricity from wave motion on a body of water.

4673363 MARINE


Alan T Hudson, David Gagnon, David W Johns, William J Langenhein assigned to Sippican Ocean Systems Inc A sonobuoy having a terminal weight and sensor for deployment beneath the surface of the water