4774174 Solid phase system for ligand assay

4774174 Solid phase system for ligand assay

88 PATENT ABSTRACTS dimethylaminocinnaminaldehyde, is added to the PAP and GAP test areas. If a purple color develops in area B. N. meningitidis is ...

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dimethylaminocinnaminaldehyde, is added to the PAP and GAP test areas. If a purple color develops in area B. N. meningitidis is present; however, if a red color develops solely in area C the presence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae is indicated.


of ATP, deamide-NAD, an amide donor and M g + + to generate NAD; performing a coenzyme-cycling reeaction by combining the oxidation-reduction reaction system with coenzyme NAD and the oxidation-reduction reaction system with coenzyme reduced NAD, and measuring a consumed or generated component in the cycling reaction. The NAD synthetase can be produced by culturing the microorganism Bacillus licheniformis B-0844 FERM P-6809, in a culture medium, and isolating the thusproduced NAD synthetase therefrom.

METHOD FOR ASSESSING THE FERTILITY OF MALE MAMMALS Roy L A x , Richard W Lenz assigned to Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation A method for evaluating the fertility of a male mammal. A semen sample is obtained from the individual to be tested. The sperm is separated from the seminal plasma of the semen sample. At least one test portion and a control portion oftbe sperm are isolated. The sperm portions are incubated, the test portion being exposed to a glycosaminoglycan in a concentration effective to induce an acrosome reaction in sperm. A representative sample of incubated sperm from each portion is then counted by ~eans of observation by light microscopy to m~asure the increase in acrosome reaction ih the test portions as compared to the control portion. A kit is provided for the convenient performance of the method. The kit includes a supply of sterile liquid culture medium, sterile closable culture vessels, and a supply of selected, sterile GAG meterable substantially aseptically in known amounts into each culture vessel used as a test vessel.

4774173 MICROBIOLOGICAL ASSAY KIT AND METHOD FOR DETECTING DE NOVO BIOMOLECULAR SYNTHESIS INHIBITORS Avraham Reinhartz, Sireny, Israel assigned to Orgenics Ltd A method for assaying a specimen for the presence of a substance capable of inhibiting de novo biomolecular synthesis in a test microorganism, which comprises: exposing a cell wall permeability-enhanced test microorganism exhibiting delayed de novo synthesis of said biomolecule to said specimen, and assaying the extent of inhibition of synthesis of said biomolecule in said microorganism. A kit is described for performing the method, as well as a reaction mixture for performing the technique.

4774174 4767712 ASSAY METHOD USING NAD SYNTHETASE AND A PROCESS FOR PRODUCTION OF THE ENZYME Hide Misaki, Hidehik Ishikawa, Kazuo Matsuura, Shizuoka, Japan assigned to Toyo Jozo Kabushiki Kaisha An assay method for a component in a specimen containing any one of ATP, deamide-NAD and an amide donor which comprises performing a main reaction which comprises incubating the specimen with NAD synthetase in the presence

SOLID PHASE SYSTEM FOR LIGAND ASSAY Joseph L Giegel, Mary Brotherton assigned to Baxter Travenol Laboratories lnc A method for conducting a ligand assay in an inert porous medium wherein a binding material is immunologically immobilized within the medium, which includes the steps of immunologically immobilizing a binding material within a finite zone of the medium, applying an analyte to the zone containing the immobilized binding material, applying a labeled indicator to the zone which becomes immobilized within the zone in an amount which can be correlated to the


PATENT ABSTRACTS amount of analyte in the zone, applying a solvent to substantially the center of the zone to chromatographically separate the unbound labeled indicator from the zone, and measuring the amount of labeled indicator remaining in the zone.


4774175 IMMUNOCHEMICAL METHODS FOR THE DETECTION OF ANTIBODY AGAINST HTLV-III Tse W Chang, Ikunoshi Kato, Pranab Chanda, Nancy Chang assigned to Centocor Inc Gene segments of human T cell lymphotropic virus type III (HTLV-III) were expressed in E. coli as peptides that are reactive with sera from patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Among recombinant peptides one designated HTLV-III polypeptide 121, contained 85 amino acid residues encoded by a gene segment in the env-lor region of the HTLV-III genome. The polypeptide is strongly reactive with AIDS patient sera. The peptide produced and purified as a fusion protein on a large scale. Solid phase immunoassays employing this recombinant peptide as an immunoabsorbent can reliably and reproducibly detect antibodies in sera of patients with HTLV-III infection. In two representative serum panels, the assay detected the presence of antibodies in 120 of 121 sera from patients with AIDS or AIDS-related complex (ARC), and only in 1 of 92 normal controls. Based upon HTLV-III polypeptide 121 as immunoreactive agent, sensitive and specific immunoassays for HTLV-III infection have been developed.

4774176 SENSITIVE TESTS FOR MALIGNANCIES BASED ON DNA DETECTION A Arthu Gottlieb A more convenient, more sensitive test for detection of certain malignancies in human and animal subjects is disclosed. Sera from test subjects is mixed with labeled DNA in the presence of an enzyme-conjugated matrix. Sera from normal and cancerous subjects react differently with the matrix, permitting a diagnosis of the subject.

A method for detecting the presence of antibody or antigen in a liquid sample suspected of containing the antibody or antigen. To a test panel comprising a nitrocellulose carrier having stably bonded thereto a microsized spot consisting of either a primary ligand for that antibody or an antibody for that antigen, is added sufficient liquid containing non-specific globulin for the material of the spot, to block adjacent binding sites. Then a small liquid drop of the sample suspected of containing the antibody or antigen is added. After incubation of the panel, in tests for detecting an antibody, a drop of liquid containing labeled antiglobulin, which is an antiimmunoglobulin for that antibody, is added. In tests for detecting an antigen, the specific antibody-enzyme conjugate is added. After further incubation wash solution is added to the spot, and the test panel is assayed for presence of the label. 4774187 CELL-CULTURE


Jurgen Lehmann, Brunswick, Federal Republic Of Germany assigned to S Diessel Gmbh & Co; GBF Gesellschaft fuer biotechnologische Forschung m The invention concerns an apparatus for growing cell cultures wherein the cultures are located in at least one liquid nutrient medium and the nutrient medium or media are introduced through at least one pump-driven feed line, and where a gas (oxygen, nitrogen, air or the like) is introduced into the head room above the liquid level of the closed container, the gas pressure being kept constant in the head room, this apparatus being designed in such a manner as to prevent effectively injury to the free cells perforce ejected when evacuating the nutrient media. To that end the invention provides an overflow line communicating with the liquid in the container and terminating outside this container, its free end being located so much above the liquid level in the container that the pressure generated by the liquid column in the overflow line balances the gas pressure in the container head room.