4954223 Distillation apparatus

4954223 Distillation apparatus

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John K Boah, Charles Cooney, Stephen A Schoch, Howard W Sibley assigned to Carrier Corporation

Michael Garrett, William Weltmer, Woking, N J, United Kingdom assigned to The BOC Group plc

A condensing heating module for heating a fluid and adapted for use with a radiant infrared burner. The heat exchanger within the module is spirally disposed about a central burner cavity and has a fluid flow passage of serpentine shape formed within its wall. The upper and lower surfaces of the module, together with the spiral wall of the heat exchanger, form a spiral condensing flue leading from the central burner cavity to an external flue. Those portions of the spiral heat exchanger wall and the module upper and lower surfaces which are exposed to direct radiation from the burner are formed of a corrosion resistant steel, while the remainder of the surfaces and wall are formed of carbon steel to which has been laminated a layer of polypropylene such that the polypropylene layer will be exposed to the flue gas and condensate environment and provide corrosion protection to the carbon steel.

A method and apparatus is disclosed in the separation of a gaseous mixture by pressure swing adsorption utilizing two beds of adsorptive material which are operated out of phase in the cycle thereby providing a more-or-less continuous flow of product. Each adsorbent bed contains a heat exchange chamber holding a volatile liquid. The liquid gives up vapor in the bed undergoing adsorption and condenses in the bed undergoing desorption. Heat is thereby transferred between the beds, thus improving the efficiency of each stage by retaining heat which would otherwise be lost.

4953512 METHANE CATALYTIC COMBUSTION BOILER FOR OBTAINING HOT WATER FOR HOUSE-HOLD AND INDUSTRIAL USES Pietro Italiano, Cernusco Sul Naviglio, Italy assigned to GRIV S r 1 A methane catalytic combustion boiler for obtaining hot water for household and industrial uses, such as room heating, sanitary services, heat transfer in industrial processes is described. The boiler includes a container for the combustion catalyst, which consists of pure or supported metal oxides, a heat exchanger between the combustion gases and the water to be heated, a system for starting the methane combustion and a system for controlling the combustion.

4954223 DISTILLATION APPARATUS Joseph Leafy, Edward Parr A distillation apparatus including a pair of vertical lower vessels each open at its upper end, and a pair of elongate upper vessels each having an open lower end, slidably mounted in a respective one of the lower vessels. A heat exchanger is mounted in each of the upper vessels, with the upper end of one upper vessel being connected to the inlet of the heat exchanger in the other vessel, and vice versa. A reciprocating drive mechanism drives the two upper vessels up and down in opposite directions so as to simultaneously effect compression in the space above the liquid level in the downwardly moving vessel while expanding the space above the liquid in the other vessel, driving vapor from the downwardly moving vessel into the heat exchanger in the other vessel, where it condenses.

~5~35 HEAT EXCHANGER FABRICATED FROM POLYMER COMPOSITIONS Jerry P Shuster, Anthony J Cesaroni, Oakville, Canada assigned to Du Pont Canada Inc A panel heat exchanger is disclosed. The heat ex-