5519999 Flow turning cryogenic heat exchanger

5519999 Flow turning cryogenic heat exchanger

XI PatentsALERT membrane zone is heated in a second heating step and passed through a hot gas turbine for power recovery. The operating temperatures...

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membrane zone is heated in a second heating step and passed through a hot gas turbine for power recovery. The operating temperatures of the membrane zone and the expansion turbine are independently maintained by controlling the rate of heat addition in the first and second heating steps, whereby the membrane zone and expansion turbine are thermally delinked for maximum oxygen recovery efficiency.

and the second opening are disposed at an angle to one another, so that a heat transfer gas flowing through the heat exchanger, changes direction within the bridging chamber.






This invention discloses a solar energy system wherein some of the waste heat of a thermophotovoltaic system is made to operate a thermionic power generator. The waste heat of the thermionic power generator is then made to operate an alkali-metal thermal electric converter, and the waste heat from the alkali-metal thermal electric converter as well as the rest of the waste heat of the thermophotovoltaic system is made to operate a methane reformation system. Stored heat from the methane reformation system is made to operate the invention at night. The overall efficiency of the example of the invention shown in the Summary is 42.6%.


Ophir Avraha; Olomutzki Davi; Koren Abraham; Kanevski Arie Herzliya, ISRAEL assigned to I D E Technologies Ltd A lightweight, heavy duty, large volume centrifugal compressor for use in mechanical vapor compression systems, especially water vapor compression systems in heat pump installations, said compressor comprising a shaft driven propeller-like rotary member consisting of a frusto-conical hub and a plurality of curved blades made of a lightweight material, each being secured to said hub along a longitudinal curved line and radially extending therefrom; each pair of adjacent blades being interconnected by a bridging membrane member of a lightweight material curvingly extending from the roots of the leading edges of said adjacent blades to the tips of the rear edges of the blades; said rotary member being encompassed within a closely fitting shroud, so that curved vapor flow channels are defined between each said pair of blades, their associated membrane member, and the shroud. There is also provided a mechanical water vapor compression heat pump system comprising a pair of centrifugal compressors according to the invention operating in series.

5520244 Harpole George M; Burt William San Pedro, CA, UNITED STATES assigned to TRW Inc A cryogenic heat exchanger, such as a pulse tube cryogenic heat exchanger, is provided wherein the chilled heat transfer connection point can be conveniently disposed at an apex. The heat exchanger has a bridging chamber with a first opening and a second opening. Disposed within the bridging chamber is a plurality of fins disposed longitudinally between the first opening and the second opening so as to partition the bridging chamber into a plurality of parallel longitudinal channels of equal cross-section. The first opening

MICROPOST WASTE HEAT REMOVAL SYSTEM Mundinger David; Scifres Donald Dublin, CA, UNITED STATES assigned to SDL Inc A cooling device formed in a thermally conductive substrate having a microstructure, such as a plurality of thermally conductive posts spaced apart by dimensions that induce capillary action in a liquid coolant. The posts extend away from the heated region and a space between the posts is