5707940 Environmentally friendly water based drilling fluids

5707940 Environmentally friendly water based drilling fluids

162 Journal of Cleaner Production 6 (1998) 153470 a high amount of wax, hot melts or stick& that they would be expected to cause a stoppage of the p...

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Journal of Cleaner Production 6 (1998) 153470

a high amount of wax, hot melts or stick& that they would be expected to cause a stoppage of the paper-manufacturing machine. The paper to be recycled is pulped in a pulper and passed on to respective subsequent stages which include a despecker, grader and hydrocyclone. Pulping takes place at a temperature of at least 60°C and at the same time subjects the paper to a high shear action. The processing line includes a pulp-thickening stage, preferably after the processing stages mentioned, in order to separate off a very high proportion of the wax, hot melts and stickies finely dispersed in the pulper.


102(e) Date Jun. 12,1995 PCI’ Filed Nov. 9,1993 PCT Pub. No. WO94/14919 PCI Pub. Date Jul. 7.1994. The invention provides for either (a) increasing the yield point or gel strength of an aqueous based drilling fluid; (b) decreasing the fluid loss of an aqueous based drilling fluid; (c) decreasing the coefficient of friction of an aqueous based drilling fluid; or (d) decreasing the aqueous activity of an aqueous based fluid drilling fluid thus decreasing the swelling of shales contacted by an aqueous based fluid, the methods comprises adding to the drilling fluid an amount of an alkyl glycoside, preferably methyl glucoside. sufficient to effect such increase or decrease. The invention also provide for aqueous based completion fluids, workover fluids, and well working fluids containing an alkyl glucoside solubilized in the aqueous phase of said fluids.

Pate1 Arvind Houston, TX, UNITED STATES assigned to M-I Drilling Fluids The present invention relates to an improved continuous phase for a drilling fluid and specifically a silicone continuous phase which is non-polluting and substantially non-toxic. Preferred silicones for use in the invention are dimethylsiloxane polymers. In the drilling fluid compositions, suitable emulsifiers, wetting agents, viscosifiers, weight materials and fluid loss additives may be added in conjunction with water and/or a brine phase for desired rheological properties.

5707940 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY WATER BASED DRILLING FLUIDS Bush James H; Jahnke Richard W Mentor, OH, UNITElD STATES assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation An oil-in-water emulsion zomposition is disclosed which comprises a mixture of brine and; (A) at least one natural oil or synthetic triglyceride of the formula (*See Patent for Chemical Structure*) wherein Rl, R2 and R3 are independently saturated or unsaturated aliphatic groups that contain from about 7 to about 23 carbon atoms; (B) at least one alcohol, R4OH wherein R4 is an aliphatic group containing from 1 up to about 18 carbon atoms; (C) at least one emulsifier; and (D) at least one sulfurixed composition wherein (B), (C) and (D) are soluble and reside within (A).

5710107 ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE DRILLING FLUID WalkerThadO Ringwood,Tx UNITED STATES assigned to O’Brien-Goins-Simpson & Associates PCT No. PCT/IJS93/10809 Sec. 371 Date Jun. 12.1995 Sec.

5711992 ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFER PROCESS OF MANUFACTURING HONEYCOMB PRODUCTS FOR USE IN COMPOSITE MATERIALS USING A WATER-BASED PHENOLIC THERMOSEITING RESIN AND THE PRODUCTS MADE THEREBY Heitkamp Richard Iler Thomas H; Danver Dale; Cao Liqun; Boyer Ronal Long Beach, CA, UNITED STATES assigned to Hexcel Corporation The substitution of a water-based phenolic thermosetting resin for a phenolic thermosetting resin in an organic solvent provides a safer and environmentally improved method for making honeycomb core. Improved processing characteristics in components manufactured from such honeycomb core are observed.

5712237 COMPOSITION FOR CLEANING TEXTILES Stevens Edwin B West Grange, NJ,UNITED STATES The present invention relates to compositions and methods of removal of contaminants from textiles and related fabrics and garments utilizing compositions which pose no significant risk to groundwater and which are substantially biodegradable. Compositions according to the present invention are substantially non-toxic, subs.tantially biodegradable liquids at room temperature or higher and are effective in removing substantial quantities of contaminants from fabrics, especially including garments. The present compositions contain at least one dibasic ester, an alcohol;water and at least one surfactant.