886109 Measurement of cesium and strontium diffusion in biotite gneiss

886109 Measurement of cesium and strontium diffusion in biotite gneiss

214A 886102 Rapid method for cation exchange capacity estimation of mineral soils using methylene blue adsorption. Note Soon, Y K Can J Soil Sci V68,...

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214A 886102 Rapid method for cation exchange capacity estimation of mineral soils using methylene blue adsorption. Note

Soon, Y K Can J Soil Sci V68, NI, Feb 1988. Pi65-I69 A colourific method, based on methylene blue adsorption, has been developed to rapidly analyse CEC. Effects of soil pH and organic matter content, determined from transmittance measurements, are presented for 44 test samples. 886103 Recent progress and future of ‘Gamma’ project at Toboku University, Japan

Takahashi, H; Shoji, T; Abe, H Geothermics V16, N4, 1987, P409-418 (paper to the First EEC/lJS Workshop on Geothermal Hot Dry Rock Technology, Brussels, 28-30 May 1986)

A research project has been undertaken to demonstrate and verify a design procedure for geothermal HDR reservoir cracks based on fracture mechanics. The project has 3 phases. Phase I consists of theoretical and experimental research on the characteristics of crack growth during hydraulic fracturing, and specimen size effects on crack growth resistance behaviour. Phase II is the application of ideas from phase I into the field. A new method of tectonic stress measurement has been developed. Phase III analyses the effects of the hydrothermal environment on rock mechanical properties, such as fracture toughness, the chemical behaviour of rocks in hydrothermal environments, such as dissolution behaviour at temperatures up to 350 degC, and the physical properties of rocks in hydrothermal environments, such as wave velocity and specific resistance.

886106 Reactivity of aluminium potline waste componentswith lateritized clay and geotechnical significance for a landfill at Wallaroo, New South Wales,Australia

Knight, M J ht Assoc Engng Geol Bull N37, April 1988. P49-60 Research to establish suitable landfill sites for aluminium smelter waste is described. The kaolinite clay at Wallaroo has low permeability and the minerals are in chemical equilibrium with groundwater found in the weathering profile. The effects of leachable fluoride and sodium, and the high pH were studied in batch tests, and high concentrations of sodium and fluoride were passed through a compacted clay core to study effects on permeability. Decreases in permeability were seen and are attributed to internal swelling, dispersion and consolidation characteristics.

886107 Identification technique for evaluation of phenomenological coefficients in coupled flow in unsaturated soils

Yong, R M; Xu, D M Znt J Num Anal Mel Geomech V12, N3, May-June 1988, P283-299 Knowledge of the phenomenological (conductivity and permeability) coefficients is necessary for the analysis of coupled heat and moisture transport in unsaturated soils. These coefficients vary with temperature and moisture content. An identification technique is presented for the evaluation of these coefficients, taking into account the effect of one type of flow on the other. Once these coefficients are obtained as functions of volumetric water content and temperature for a specific soil,analysis of coupled transport problems is much simplified.

886104 Hot dry rock geothermal systems: geochemical applications of transient Reid experiments


McCartney, R A Geothermics Vlb. N4, 1987. P419-428 (paper to the First

Matrix nonuniformity effect on measurement of apparent bulk soil electrical conductivity

EECIVS Workshop on Geothermal Hot Dry Rock Technology, Brussels, 28-30 May 1986)

Nadler, A Soil Sci V14.5, N3, March 1988, Pl57-I62

Chemical transient field tests to give a qualitative indication of spatial variability of fluid compositions in HDR reservoirs are described. The experiments included non-steady-state (reservoir inflation and deflation) and steady-state (fresh water flush and recirculation) hydraulic types. A conceptual reservoir model has been developed to interpret the data in terms of water-rock interactions and mixing with indigenous fluids. Limitations of the experimental data and some examples of how the data may be related to chemical processes in various parts of the system are discussed.

Soil batches were prepared at three levels of salinity and packed in vertical and horizontal arrangements to allow investigation of the effect of matrix nonuniformity on apparent bulk electrical conductivity, measured using the four electrode technique. Values for nonuniform matrices deviated from those of uniform soil by +260% to -SO%, depending on the differences in salinity of the soils and proximity to the measuring electrodes. Deviation is explained in terms of dependence of electric field distribution on soil matrix properties.


886105 Laboratory testing of the physico-mechanical tightness of rock masses(In French)

Measurement of cesium and strontium diffusion in biotite gneiss

Ballivy, G Int Assoc Engng Geol Bd N37, April 1988, P3-9

Skagius, K; Neretnieks, I Water Resow Res V24, NI. Jan 1988. P75-84

Selection of sites for the storage of toxic wastes in natural or man-made caverns necessitates extensive in situ testing. Tests are presented to show that precise preliminary data may be obtained from rock cores in the laboratory. The first test investigates modifications to the chemistry of distilled water or sea water during percolation by radial divergent flow through a gneiss sample. The second is a test to assess the efficiency of cement based grouts in fissured rocks. Auth.

The diffusion of sorbing species through rocks is of interest for problems of nuclear waste isolation. Both in-diffusion and through diffusion experiments were carried out on biotite gneiss rock with lOOmg/l solutions of Sr and Cs. Results show that both ions are transported in the rock by diffusion. Pore diffusion and surface diffusion mechanisms must be included in a diffusion model to evaluate the diffusivity in order to fit experimental data with theory.


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