Affordable Internet security for SMEs

Affordable Internet security for SMEs

PRODUCT NEWS Users gain complete control with DIY encryption rustWorks Systems B.V. has announced the free T availability of its Open CryptoAPI cry...

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Users gain complete control with DIY encryption rustWorks Systems B.V. has announced the free

T availability of its Open CryptoAPI cryptographic

interface and posted the complete specification at its Web site. The open interface allows customers, developers and integrators to independently create plug-in encryption modules and encryption-sensitive applications that will work s m o o t h l y together. Open C r y p t o A P I gives customers and developers complete control and choice over the selection of cryptographic algorithms and key lengths used. Customers can implement very strong security solutions, and in the case of multi-national companies requiring global connectivity, can provide solutions that meet the technical and legal requirements of their enterprise networks.

The Open CryptoAPI architecture creates foundations for completely legal international solution in the VPN and other security fields, where strict performance requirements should be adjusted with each specific country local regulations relative to export/import and usage of strong cryptography. Customers will be able to develop their own cryto solution or choose among e n c r y p t i o n m o d u l e options f r o m i n d e p e n d e n t hardware/software vendors or systems integrators supporting the OpenCryptoAPI specification. For further information, contact Ben Lansink it, the Netherlands, on Tel.: +31 20 312 73 12; Fax: +31 20 609 67 73; Web site: www. trustworks, com.

Access control by image capture eusciences has recently launched a customizable system called Veincheck, which allows the veins on the back of a human hand to be used to control access to diverse buildings, facilities and services. Based on simple low-cost hardware, the system offers a high level of security for a minimal investment. Typical a p p l i c a t i o n s i n c l u d e s e c u r i n g financial transactions and controlling access to restricted areas such as airports, prisons and research laboratories, and vulnerable sites like schools, hospitals and care homes.


'Web-cam' camera attached to a PC to collect a short stream of images. Filters e n h a n c e the c o n t r a s t between vein and the rest of the hand. For user e n r o l m e n t , the s y s t e m o f f e r s a s i m p l e h o o d e d enclosure that provides a suitable environment for image capture, and software that processes the image stream into user-specific baseline information for use in the query/interrogate phase. The baseline data is highly compact, making it ideal for download onto a multi-application smartcard.

The vein pattern in the back of the human hand is easily captured without specialized equipment and provides a good variation between individuals, making it an ideal biometric. The Veincheck system uses a

For fitrther it~formation, contact neusciences in the UK on Tel." +44 1703 664011; Fax: +44 1703 663730; E-mail." b i o m e t r i c s @ n e n s c i e n c e s . c o m : Web site: WWW. n e l t s c i e n c e s , com.

Affordable Internet security for SMEs he NTL Business Firewall package has been d e s i g n e d by NTL to r e m o v e e x p e n s e and complexity of controlling communications between a company's network and the Internet. Small medium enterprises (SMEs) are now able to benefit from a level of Internet security that was previously only affordable by large businesses.


The package comprises leased line Internet a c c e s s fiom NTL; fully integrated software and hardware, featuring GNAT Box firewall software from Global Telephony Associates; and on-site installation and

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training. The total first year cost is £4500, which NTL claims is over 50% less e x p e n s i v e than typical competitor offerings. The service is designed for ease of use. NTL will set up the initial configuration and train customers in operating the GUI interface, which manages the firewall. For further information, contact Tel." +44 (0)800 052 0800; Web site: