Air pollution and ecosystems

Air pollution and ecosystems

292 Air Pollution and Ecosystems, edited by P. Mathy, D. Reidel Publishing Co., Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1987, 981 pp. Price, Dfl. 365.00. This su...

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Air Pollution and Ecosystems, edited by P. Mathy, D. Reidel Publishing Co., Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1987, 981 pp. Price, Dfl. 365.00. This substantial volume contains the texts of the 32 oral and 84 poster presentations presented at a Symposium held in Grenoble, France, 18-22 May 1987 organized by the Commission of the European Communities. The topics cover the Concerted Action COST 612 ~'Effects of air pollution on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems" in an extended sense: thus, for example, Session I (19 papers) is about pollution climates in Europe and deposition in ecosystems. Preventive and curative measures (Session V, seven papers), diagnosis (Theme II of the poster session, six papers), the fate of air pollutants in soil, effects on soils and consequences for plants (Theme IV of the poster session, 26 papers) contribute to a holistic view of the problem. The Concerted Action is meant to close gaps in the various national programmes with the help of the EC Research Programme. A further extension of COST 612 consists of Norway, Sweden and Switzerland having joined this concerted action. Thus, besides the large number of papers emanating from the EC member states, there are also many contributions from these three countries. The numerous important papers are summarized on two to six pages at the head of each section by rapporteurs. Readers in great hurry can gather general information from these syntheses. Specialists will benefit from the wealth of data and experimental detail disclosed by most of the papers. Notwithstanding the tremendous amount of work and progress about which this volume reports, there are still many questions awaiting definite answers. These are summarized in a very concise form at the end of the volume by M. Mfiller, P.W.J. Saunders and Ph. Bordeau.

Brdtigny-sur-Orge (France)

Michel Benarie

Iron in Soils and Clay Minerals, edited by J.W. Stuki, B.A. Goodman and U. Schwertmann, D. Reidel Publishing Co., Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1988 (NATO ASI Ser. C, Vol. 217), 893 pp. Price: Dfl. 325.00 Probably more than any other element, iron markedly influences the chemical and physical properties of soils and sediments in the earth. Considering its transitional metal status, with potential variation in electronic configuration, ionic radius and magnetic moment, combined with its abundance and relatively large mass, little wonder that one sees its unique influence everywhere. Presentations at the NATO Advanced Study Institute in Bad Windsheim, F.R.G., 1-13 July 1985, of which this volume is the reviewed and edited form, discussed the occurrence, behavior and properties of iron-bearing minerals found in soils and in the clay mineral groups kaolinite, smectite and mica. Also discussed throughout the volume are the basic chemical properties of iron,