Analysis of Organic Micropollutants in Water

Analysis of Organic Micropollutants in Water

~'" Book Reviews ~or use with seawater. Ho'.~e,er. manne chemistry in generai, and its anai~tica! branch in particuiar, are rapidi> e;olvin~. Accord...

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Book Reviews

~or use with seawater. Ho'.~e,er. manne chemistry in generai, and its anai~tica! branch in particuiar, are rapidi> e;olvin~. According[>. aii chapters of the first edition ha~e been revised and updated. Nla~.~ have been expanded considerabi~, most notabi? those on trace metal analysis and the automated determination of .norganic micronutrients. New chapters have been added for anal)tical procedures which ha~e reached a degree of reliability that ~arrants inclusion. The reader will nov,' find detailed information on the use of capillar.', gas chromatom"aphy tbr the analysis and quantification of chlorinated hydrocarbons, on the use of macroreticular resins for concentrating dissolved organic material from large volumes of seawater, on the adaptation of spectrofluorimetry for measuring oil residues in seawater, and on the merits of HPLC ibr amino acid and carbohydrate determinations. Thus, the book should once again prove a reliable and up-to-date source ofinfomlation. A~ailable from Verlag Chemic GmbH, D-6940 Wcinheim, Federal Rept.blic of Germany. ISBN (Vcrlag Chemie) 3 ,.., _399~ 8. t983. xxviii +419 pp.

Membrane Filtration: A User's Guide and Reference Manual By T. D, BROCK State-of the-art techniques, and inlbrmation on laboratory, industrial and pharmaceutical uses of membrane filters are described in this manual. Available from Science Tech. Inc., Box 55090, Madison. Wl 53705, U.S.A. 1983. 381 pp. Price: US$29.95. Oil Pollution Control Instrumentation By H. D. PARKER and G. D. PITT This book is based on selected papers given by the authors at a United Nations (IMCO~ sponsored symposium in China in Septentber 1980. The authors have since revised and updated their papers, adding new material to provide a valuable reference source on recent developments in oil pollution control instrumentation. Topics covered in the book include: Oil in water detection--a technical appraisal of the state of the art: Shipboard oil content meters--review of current equipment; Interlace detection; Technical requirements of the A393(x) and A444(xI) concerning oil water separators and process units: Large scale treatment of oil contaminated water: Methods ['or the disposal of recovered oil and oily sludge: Oil content monitoring at ballast water treatment facilities and offshore production platforms. Available from Graham & Trotman Ltd. Sterling House, 66 Wilton Road, London SWIV IDE, England. ISBN 0 86010 36g 4. 1983. ,,"7",: pp. Price: £25.00: USS46.00.

The Statistical Representation of Refinery Effluent Quality Data--A Case Example (CONCAWE) C O N C A W E Report No. 1081 This report uses daily oil-in-water data from a single refinery o~er a period of almost a year and demonstrates how a

stanstical approach can be used to achie',e an indication of emuent quality over a period o( time. CONCAWE is the oi! companies" European organisation for environmental and health protection. Available from CONCAWE. Babylon-Kantoren A. Konin~n Julianaplein 30-9. 2595 AA Den Haag, The Netherlands. The Pollution Control Policy of the European Communities By STAXLEV P. JOHNSON This publication provides an analysis, by a very senior officer in the European Commission, of the European Communities" official environmental protection policies. It will be of interest to libraries, universities, government agencies and companies concerned with polluting processes, as well as organisations involved with making pollution control products. This new edition has been completely re,.ised to cover all changes made in the regulations since the first edition in 1979. Contents: (t) Objectives. Principles, General Description of Environmental Programme: (21 Water: (3) Air; (4) Waste: (5) Chemicals in the Environment: (6) Noise: (7) Economic Aspects of Pollution Control: (8) Research: (9) Preventive Action: (10t Implementations of Directives; (11) International Action. Available from Graham & Trotman Ltd. Sterling House. 66 WiIton Road, London SWIV IDE, England. [SBN 0 86010411 7. 198Y 176 pp. Price: £18.00: USS3YOO. Water Chlorination Environmental Impact and Health Effects--Volume 4 Book I--Chemistry and Water Treatment Book 2--Environment, Health and Risk Edited by R. L. JOLt.EY, W. A. BRUNGS, J. A. COTRUVO, R. B. CUMMJNC,, .1. S. MATTtCE and V. A. J;~coss These two books contain the proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Water Chlorination: "'Environmental Impact and Health Effects", held in California in 1981. During the conference, over 100 scientific and technical papers ~,,ere presented, and these are published in the books in the following sections: Bm)k 1 Section Section Section Section Section Book 2 Section

Section Section Section Section Section

I--Chemistry of nitrogenous and other compounds 2--Organic chemistry basis tbr chlorine demand 3---Cooling water, drinking water and wastewater 4~Analytical methods 5--Ana ytica determination of oxidants 6--Interaction of aquatic ecosystem components with chlorination 7--Cooling waters and aquatic toxicology 8--Disinfection 9--Mutagenicity and carcinogenicit.', 10---Human studies l l--Risk of chlorination: issues and answers.

Available from Ann Arbor Science Publishers, 230 Cotlingwood, P.O. Box 1425. Ann Arbor, Nil 48106, U.S.A. ISBN 0 250 40519 9. 1983. 1493 pp, ~two books combined).