Annual meeting

Annual meeting

520 Items-ASSH October 29-November 1, 1981 Primary care of hand injuries Kiawah Island, S.C. This course will offer a review of functional anatomy a...

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October 29-November 1, 1981 Primary care of hand injuries Kiawah Island, S.C. This course will offer a review of functional anatomy and general principles of wound treatment. Specific injuries and their treatments will be discussed to upgrade

The Journal of HAND SURGERY

the therapeutic approach to the emergency physician, family practitioner, and the general, orthopedic, and plastic surgeons who treat acute hand trauma. Information about any course may be obtained from the central office of the Society.

Annual meeting The Thirty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand will be held at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, Nev., February 23-25, 1981. All interested professional persons are invited to attend the scientific sessions and discussion panels. Registration will be at Caesar's Palace beginning on Sunday, February 22, 1981. A preliminary program will be available upon request effective October 15, 1980.

Audio-visual library The American Society for Surgery of the Hand announces the first videotapes produced by the AudioVisual Library. The objective is to provide a source of audio-visual material of surgical procedures, rehabilitation techniques, and social work practices for the physician, nurse, physical and occupational therapist, and social worker. The following programs are now available: Topic 1: Hanno Millesi, M.D. Peripheral nerve grafting and results (1 hour) Peripheral nerve grafting: Demonstration of technique (1 hour) This exceptional videotape consists of two parts. Using photographs from his own collection, the author demonstrates various points. Part I is the presentation of the clinical and experimental work on peripheral nerve grafts. Part II is a demonstration of the author's technique of nerve grafting as done under the microscope. Topic 2: Erik Moberg, M.D. Tendon transfers in the quadriplegic hand (1 hour) This program is unique. Prof. Moberg's lecture is the most extensive study of surgical techniques and treatment of the quadriplegic upper extremity. No one else could have produced such a comprehensive review of this subject. This is a rare opportunity to see an unusual and important contribution to surgery of the hand.

Topic 3: Joseph H. Boyes, M.D. Flexor tendon grafting (20 minutes) Dr. Boyes narrates this demonstration of each phase of the operative technique and the postoperative management of a digital flexor tendon graft. The operation was performed by Dr. Herbert Stark, with photography by Dr. Robert Watanabe. Topic 4: Harry J. Buncke, M.D. Microvascular surgery: History and technique (35 minutes) Microvascular surgery: Clinical case examples (30 minutes) Microvascular surgery: Demonstration of technique (1 hour) Dr. Buncke begins by briefly reviewing the history and techniques of microvascular surgery. In part II he demonstrates experiences of surgeons throughout the world. In part III, as the film records the operating field, the viewer receives from Dr. Buncke an intimate experience in experimental microvascular surgery. Topic 5: Harold E. Kleinert, M.D. Repair of flexor tendon injuries (1 hour) This videotape records a discussion of flexor tendon injuries and the methods of repair. By diagrams and selected cases, the viewer is given an understanding of the principles involved in the management of one of the most difficult problems in the treatment of the injured hand.