Apparatus for testing gas mains

Apparatus for testing gas mains

~ ) 8.perse~ ~.erator MatsushAta D e n k t J a p a n e s e Patent J P C 10825/69 (20 May 1969) (Applied for 29 July 1965) patent survey, e n t r y ...

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8.perse~ ~.erator

MatsushAta D e n k t

J a p a n e s e Patent J P C 10825/69 (20 May 1969) (Applied for 29 July 1965) patent survey, e n t r y 327)

Miscellaneous (Measuring c a r r i a g e ) Method of inspecting inner wall of pipeline Showa Densen Denran KK Japanese Patent J'PC 7907/69 (14 April 1969) (Applied for 8 March 1967) An a c c e l e r o m e t e r or displacement m e t e r is mounted on a m e a s u r i n g truck which p a s s e s through the pipeline, and detects the d i s placement of the m e a s u r i n g truck which fluctuates when it p a s s e s the uneven part of the inner wall s u r f a c e of the pipeline. (NDT patent survey, entry 328) (Gas flow dlrecU(m) Method of detecting g a s le2ki-g SeeUen in GF cable line Nippon Dosen KK Japanese Patent J P C 7901/69 (14 April 1969) (Applied for 23 August 1966) A t r a n s p a r e n t sealed container of foamed soapy water is coupled with two airtight pipes led out f r o m a cable connection ease, so as to f o r m a cable g a s flow course. The front end of one of the airtight pipes is inserted into the foam. The growth of the foam is observed and indicates the direction of gas flow. Hence the cable connection case where the direction of g a s flow is r e v e r s e d , may be detected. (NDT patent survey, entry 329)

Leak detecting and locating s y s t e m for n u c l e a r r e a c t o r eentg.tnment v e s s e l s Chave, C. T. US Patent No 3,444, 725 (20 May 1969) (Filed 6 April) The s y s t e m u s e s groups of conduits of different lengths, all terminating at the apex of the containment s t r u c t u r e , allowing a c c e s s i bility. The annular space between the contalnment shells is filled with an inert gas to purge the air. Gas exhausted from each of the conduits is done so through an oxygen a n a l y s e r . The detection of oxygen in any of the exhausted gas signals a leak in the containment shells and the conduit f r o m which the oxygen is detected indicates the a r e a in which the leakage is occurring. (NDT patent survey, entry 330)

Method and device for leak detection E s s o R e s e a r c h and Engineering Co French Patent 1, 565, 814 (2 May 1969) (Applied for 3 May 1968) (in UK 5 May 1967) A probe consisting of two tubes each with an opening is introduced into the liquid with one opening orientated in an up-flow direction and the other pointing dowu-flow. The p r e s s u r e difference between the openings allows part of the liquid to p a s s by a detecting device. Insoluble contaminants a r e stopped by the detector which is transparent, allowing them to be observed. (NDT patent survey, entry


T e s t i n g device for a n t f f r i c t i o n b e a r i n g s o r the I/ke Kelly, W. J., Blcldord, D. V. US Patent No 3, 427, 865 (18 F e b r u a r y 1969) (Filed 2 August 1965) Serial No 476, 330 The invention provides a shop machine for automatically testing a bearing for vibration, and i s capable of testing a bearing under s t r e s s at either side without requiring r e v e r sal of the bearing relative to the s t r e s s i n g

m e a n s . The machine automatically s e p a r a t e s the b e a r i n g s which exhibit passable vibration from those which exhibit vibration exceeding a chosen norm. Bearings of various s i z e s can be tested by the provision of changeable tooling. (NDT patent survey, entry 332)

Compensated semiconductor s t r a i n gauge transducers Pien, H. S. US Patent No 3,447, 362 (3 June 1969) (Fried 26 April 1965) (NDT patent survey, entry 333)

Automatic multiple cmmecutive measu.ring system Izawa, K. Japanese Patent J P C 11439/69 (26 May 1969) (Applied for 29 May 1965) (NDT patent survey, entry 334)

Sense element for fluid detection lpsen Ind Inc (USA) Japanese Patent J P C 12120/69 (2 June 1969) (Applied for 23 October 1965) (NDT patent survey, entry 335)

T e s t i n g machining for rough casttegn before machining Portage Machine Co. G e r m a n Patent 1295199, Applied for 14 May 1969 (US Patent 261973, applied for 1 March 1963) (NDT patent survey, entry 336)

Apparatus for testing g a s m a i n s Roher, C. H. US Patent No 3,439, 527 (22 April 1969) (Filed 12 May 1967) (NDT patent survey, entry 337)

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