Automatic assembly apparatus

Automatic assembly apparatus

Int. J. Mach. Tools Manufact. Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. i-iv, 1989. Printed in Great Britain. 0890-6955/89 $3.(XI + .(10 Maxwell Pergamon Macmillan plc NE...

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Int. J. Mach. Tools Manufact. Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. i-iv, 1989. Printed in Great Britain.

0890-6955/89 $3.(XI + .(10 Maxwell Pergamon Macmillan plc

NEW PATENTS This Section contains abstracts and, where appropriate, illustrations of recently issued United States patents and published patent applications filed from over 30 countries under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. This information was obtained from recent additions to the Pergamon PATSEARCH ~ online database in accordance with interest profiles developed by the Editors. Further information about Pergamon PATSEARCH ~ can be obtained from Pergamon Orbit InfoLine Inc., 8000 Westpark Drive, McLean, Virginia 22102 U.S.A. Copies of complete patents announced in this Section are available from Pergamon Orbit InfoLine Inc. for $8 per copy. Payment with order is required. Orders outside North America add $2 for air postage. Order by patent number for Pergamon Orbit InfoLine only.

4783904 AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY APPARATUS Akira Kimura, Tokyo, Japan assigned to Sony Corporation An automatic assembly apparatus has a first conveyor for transporting trays carrying parts to be assembled, a second conveyor for transporting pallets on which the parts are to be assembled and which extends parallel to the first conveyor, a stocking station positioned between the first and second conveyors and at which a plurality of the trays can be accommodated, a working station adjacent to the second conveyor, a pusher arm for moving trays from the first conveyor to the stocking station, and a root mounted between the first and second conveyors forcarrying the trays from the stocking station to parts supplying stations adjacent the working station, and for assembling, on pallets transported to and from the working station by the second conveyor, parts removed by the robot from trays situated at the parts supplying stations, whereby a plurality o f parts can be assemled by a single robot and it is possible to automatically and efficiently assemble the parts even in cases of relatively small scale production.

4784033 TRIPLE CHIP GROUND CARBIDE TIP BANDSAW BLADE WITH DUCTILE FILLER Robert Hayden, Michael Wanat assigned to Milford Products Corporation A bandsaw blade including a continuous loop o f hardened tempered bandsaw steel having

carbide-tipped teeth arranged in pairs, each pair including a high tooth and a low tooth shaped to provide triple-chip cutting action and ground to provide radial and tangential relief angles on side surfaces of each saw tooth to reduce blade vibration during cutting. The teeth are secured to the blade body by brazing with a solder which includes a discrete layer of a ductile metal which absorbs forces induced in the brazing zone under dynamic load conditions.

4784543 QUICK CHANGE TOOL HOLDER James L Mitchell, Robert W Britzke assigned to Rogers Tool Works Inc A quick change tool holder having a cutting head on which a cutting member is attached for attachment to a shank. A lockpin/locknut arrangement provides for quick and safe removal of the cutting head from the shank. The lockpin has radial projections that rotate in response to manual rotation o f the lockpin in and out of rocesses contained in the opening of the locknut. The lockpin is secured within a bore in the cutting head and extends out o f that bore into a bore in the shank in which bore the locknut is secured. A spring and plunger combination is located in the bore of the shank in order to urge the cutting head away from the shank when the radial projections are not within the recesses of the locknut. The shank and the cutting head have corresponding mating teeth in.order to prevent rotation of the cutting head relative to the shank when the cutting head and shank are attached.