Automatic bath control system

Automatic bath control system

tive to in-line machines with conveyor loops and other part-return devices and allows single-person operation and a very compact footprint. There are ...

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tive to in-line machines with conveyor loops and other part-return devices and allows single-person operation and a very compact footprint. There are two versions of the Cel-U-Clean: with and without a rinse stage. The basic wash and blow-off version’s overall dimensions are 5 ft X 8 ft X5 ft high. Standard tunnel opening is 12 in. X 12 in. A variety of options are available to customize the Cel-U-Clean to meet customers specific applications.

handling. Chema’s system is based on an in situ nondestructive analysis and does not require any solution pretreatment. The system’s automatic control is accomplished with negative feedback allowing to deplate excess copper, add solution components, etc. The Electroplater software, controlling the realtime data acquisition and processing, provides for easy calibration of sensors and generates laser-printed reports.

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Automatic Bath Control System Chema Technology Inc. New Berlin, Wise.

Ceramic Paint otpacInc. Oak Ridge, Term.

Automation of the bath composition control in electroplating offers a number of advantages over manual control. An automatic control system eliminates laborious manual analytical procedures and considerably increases the frequency of analysis for better process control. It also provides for a significant reduction in product and chemical

Orpac Inc. announces the introduction of Zinc No-Stick, a ceramic paint that prevents zinc adherence and sticking to any surface. Zinc No-Stick is totally nonwetted by molten zinc and its dross, making it ideal for preventing galvanizing in unwanted regions such as threads, weld areas, and joints. Zinc No-Stick is packaged as water-based


or solvent-based versions including a convenient-to-use aerosol can. Zinc No-Stick is applied like ordinary house paint. Circle 446 on reader information card

Sludge Bags Metehem Inc. Cleveland Met-Chem Inc. announces the addition of a new product, transportable sludge bags for bulk disposal and storage. The standard size is 36 in X36 in. X 36 in. (1 cubic yard). The bags are constructed from heavy woven polypropylene. The duffle top with ties provides easy loading. The convenient lifting straps allow for easy handling and transporting. Each bag has a polyethylene liner to guard against moisture leakage. Circle 447 on reader infommtbn card

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