Automatic wavelength calibration apparatus

Automatic wavelength calibration apparatus

II New P a t e n t s 4681444 AUTOMATIC WAVELENGTH CALIBRATION APPARATUS Alan C Ferber, Morteza M Chamran assigned to The Perkin-Elmer Corporation A ...

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4681444 AUTOMATIC WAVELENGTH CALIBRATION APPARATUS Alan C Ferber, Morteza M Chamran assigned to The Perkin-Elmer Corporation A self-contained automatic computer controlled system for checking and recalibrating the wavelength scale of both monochromators of a fluorescence spectrophotometer is described. No operator adjustments are required. The system sets the wavelength of each monochromator to within 0.1 nanometers. Besides automatic indexing at turn-on the operation can be repeated at any desired time. The system is applicable to single or double monochromator instruments.



Paul Sutton, Joseph Peplinski assigned to DorrOliver Inc A method and apparatus for controlling biomass growth in a fluidized bed reactor during anaerobic or aerobic treating of a waste feed. In particular, means is provided for concentrating a portion of bioparticles, the bioparticles being media with biomass adhered thereto and the concentrating means being integral to the fluid bed reactor, so that bioparticles delivered to a separator means for separating the biomass from the media are of high concentration requiring little downstream processing of the biomass separated thereby.



Harold R White, Alex J Doncer assigned to Alar Engineering Corporation A clarifier is provided with an elongated settling tank having an inlet at one end, an outlet at the opposite end, a generator producing air saturated liquid released near the inlet end of the tank to float lighter sludge to the top of the tank, suction heads removing settled out heavier sludge from the bottom of the tank, skimmers pushing scum or foam floating on top of the liquid in the tank to the overflow outlet near the inlet end of the tank, a travelling bridge moving the suction heads along the length of the tank, elongated outlets for clarified liquid projecting into the tank from the discharge end thereof, and outlets at different levels for discharge of clarified effluent and recirculating effluent. The recirculating effluent is pumped to a mixing device to be saturated with air and the air saturated effluent is discharged back into the inlet end of the tank. A pressurized tank for air saturated effluent receives the admixed air and effluent from the mixing device into the bottom thereof and air from the top of the tank is compressed by a liquid ring compressor to charge the mixing device. The dissolved air flotation takes place at the inlet end of the tank and the floating froth or scum is pushed into the top of the collector trough extending across the inlet end of the tank. A control panel on the unit monitors all of the operations and the entire unit is portable to be easily placed alongside any industrial equipment having liquid to be clarified.

4681727 PROCESS FOR PRODUCING ASTATINE-211 FOR RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL USE Saed Mirzadeh, Richard M Lambrecht assigned to The United States of America as represented by the United States Department of Energy A process for reliably and consistently producing astatine-211 in small controlled volumes of a solution, which is selected from a choice of solvents that are useful in selected radiopharmaceutical procedures in which the At-211 activities are to be applied.

4681742 ASSAY TRAY Larry Johnson, Stephen R Coates, Rueymin Loor assigned to Cetus Corporation A machine for transferring liquids to and from the wells of assay trays in a controlled, automated manner and a solid phase assay tray for use with the machine. The machine includes a horizontally translatable table (15) that holds the tray (46), a plurality of liquid dispensing manifolds (54) for dispensing liquids into the tray wells (50) and an aspirating manifold (65) for aspirating liquid from the well. The dispensing and aspirating manifolds are mounted