Awards Presentations at Annual Meeting

Awards Presentations at Annual Meeting

Awards The 1976 recipient of the APhA Hugo H. Schaefer Award, Dr. Philip Randolph Lee (left), is congratulated by APhA President Kenneth E. Tiemann u...

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The 1976 recipient of the APhA Hugo H. Schaefer Award, Dr. Philip Randolph Lee (left), is congratulated by APhA President Kenneth E. Tiemann upon receiving this award. Dr. Lee is professor of social medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

Two leaders in government-u. S. Senator Philip A. Hart (D-Mich.), and Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Alexander M. Schmidt - were awarded special APhA Bicentennial Awards for Distinguished Public Service. Dr. Schmidt (right in far right photo) received the award during the Opening General Session from APhA President Kenneth E. Tiemann. Senator Hart (above, left), whose award was presented to him immediately prior to the Annual Meeting by APhA incoming President William F. Appel (center) and Executive Director William S. Apple, was recognized at the Final General Session where the audience saw a film of the presentation.

Albert Doerr (left) of Bismarck, North Dakota, is awarded the Remington Medal during a special dinner in his honor. Bestowing the medal upon Doerr is Arthur G. Zupko, secretary of the Remington Medal Committee, APhA New York Chapter.


Donald J. Wernik (right), community pharmacist of Metuchen, New Jersey, is congratulated by APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice President James R. Ramseth, as he accepts the Academy's highest honor- the Daniel B. Smith Award. The presentation was a highlight of the Academy's Sixth Annual Luncheon.

Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association

The recipient of the AIHP Kremers Award, George Bender (right in far left photo), president of the Institute, is wished well by John Parascandola, AIHP director, during a reception held at La Pharmacie Francaise. Bender received the award, which is given for outstanding pharmaco-historical writing, at a special presentation ceremony during AIHP's annual meeting. For his manuscript entitled "Growth Blockade of B-16 Melanoma With Tyrosine Phenol-Lyase," Christopher J. Linden (left) was named winner of the APhA 1976 Kilmer Prize. Linden, a student at University of Washington school of pharmacy, accepts his award from Lynn R. Brady, member of the Academy's Kilmer Prize Committee. Presentation was made at the APS Annual Luncheon. Jens T. Carstensen (left) is awarded the 1976 APhA Ebert Prize at the APS Annual Luncheon by George Zografi, chairman of the Academy's Ebert Prize Committee. The winning article, "Decomposition of p-Aminosa/icy/ic Acid in the Solid State," was published in the January 1975 issue of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Pakdee Pothisiri, co-author of the article, received the Ebert Honorable Mention Certificate. In another award presentation (not pictured), the Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology Section of the Academy recognized Edward R. Garrett for his significant contributions to the advancement of industrial pharmacy by conferring on him the 19761PT Award at the AnnuallPT Luncheon.

The winners of the APhA Foundation/ Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Achievement Awards were honored at the Academy's Annual Luncheon. Academy President Dale E. Wurster made the presentations to Everette L. May (left photo), recipient of the Research Achieve-

Vol. NS 16, No.6, June 1976

ment Award in Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, sponsored by The Upjohn Company; Milo Gibaldi (center photo), recipient of the Research Achievement Award for Stimulation of Research, sponsored by Smith Kline Corporation; and Heinz G. Floss, recipient of the Research Achievement Award in Natural Products, sponsored by FMC Corporation, Avicel Department.