Basell 2006: acquisitions & disposals 2006

Basell 2006: acquisitions & disposals 2006

FOCUS platinum in the autocatalyst industry is discussed. A table shows platinum group metal supplies per country. A second table shows platinum and p...

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FOCUS platinum in the autocatalyst industry is discussed. A table shows platinum group metal supplies per country. A second table shows platinum and palladium resources at the Bushveld Complex.



production of molecular biology products. The plant is due onstream in Sep 2007. Nachrichten für Aussenhandel, 27 Jul 2007 (Website: (in German)

Materials World, Jul 2007, 15 (7), 41-42

Investment boom grips industry: biodiesel Global biodiesel output is pegged at 6-7 M tonne/y, which could expand by 15-20 M tonnes with the addition of new facilities. Tax breaks, investment incentives, high margins, and mandatory regulations in different countries are said to be bolstering the industry. Demand for biodiesel in the EU is estimated at 6-7 M tonnes and could reach 9-10 M tonnes by 2009. Installed capacity is forecast to exceed 15 M tonnes in 2009-2010. Different process technologies are also being developed such as hydrocracking and biomassgasification. More than 100 new biodiesel facilities are currently being established, and this refinery build-up is seen to affect the vegetable oils and animal fats supply in the foods industry. To help address this issue, the industry is studying the viability of alternative sources such as algae and the non-food crop jatropha. A table shows the yields of main crops for biodiesel or other uses. A second table presents the production and investment cost for biofuel facilities. Oils and Fats International, Jun 2007, 23 (4), 40-42

Lithuania’s biotech industry number two in E Europe Lithuania is pinning big hopes on the biotech sector although there are only ten companies in the industry. These had sales of €26 M in 2006 (up 30% on 2005), putting the company in second place in central Europe. Margins are lucrative and profits high. The main areas of interest are medical, pharmaceutical, and molecular biology. Fermentas is among the world’s top five suppliers of enzymes and reagents. The company sells 99% of its products abroad and had sales of €14.7 M in 2006, a rise of a third on 2005. €1.5 M is spent each year on R&D. The latest project is a high-tech plant for the


COMPANY NEWS Albemarle reports 2Q 2007 results Albemarle Corp reported 2Q ended Jun 2007 net income of $53.9 M, or 55 cts/share (net income of $43.3 M, or 45 cts/share, for 2Q ended Jun 2006), due to strong performance in the company’s Fine Chemicals and Catalysts business segments. Excluding the $3.1 M after tax charge related to the closure of Dayton fine chemicals facility, 2Q 2007 net income was $57 M. The company reported net sales in 2Q 2007 totalling $564 M ($569 M in 2Q 2006). Net income for 1H ended Jun 2007 was $112 M or $1.15/share (net income of $77.7 M or 80 cts/share for 1H ended Jun 2006). Excluding the Dayton charge, net income for 1H 2007 was $115.1 M. Net sales for 1H 2007 were $1.153 bn ($1.176 bn for 1H 2006). During 2Q 2007: Polymer Additives recorded net sales of $224 M and segment income declined 10% to $35.3 M; Catalysts recorded net sales of $207.4 M and segment income increased 10% to $32.4 M; and Fine Chemicals net sales were $132.4 M and segment income increased 55% to $21.3 M. R&D expenses were $14.924 M during 2Q 2007 ($11.198 M in 2Q 2006) and $30.635 M in 1H 2007 ($22.643 M in 1H 2006). Albemarle 2Q and 1H 2007 results, 24 Jul 2007 (Albemarle Corp, 330, South Fourth Street, PO Box 1335, Richmond, VA 23210, USA. Tel: +1 804 788 6000. Fax: +1 804 388 7686. Website:

Basell: Jan-Mar 2007: consolidated interim financial statements For its 1Q 2007 (period ends 31 Mar 2007), the Technology division of Basell Holdings BV has reported sales of €86 M (€93 M for its 1Q 2006), operating income of €18 M (€12 M), net income of €18 M (€12 M), and capital investments of €2 M (€6 M). The Technology business,

which licenses Basell’s process technologies, concluded three licence agreements totalling 980,000 tonne/y capacity. The catalysts business had volumes up 11% on 1Q 2006. Basell 1Q 2007 Report, 3 May 2007, 3, 9 (Basell Holdings BV, Hoeksteen 66, PO Box 625, 2130 AP Hoofddorp, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands 2130. Tel: +31 20 44 68 644. Fax: +31 20 44 68 649. Website:

Basell 2006: acquisitions & disposals 2006 For its fiscal 2006 (period ends 31 Dec 2006) Basell Holdings NV has reported on its acquisitions and disposals. On 31 Mar 2006, the Group acquired Akzo Nobel’s Polymerisation Catalyst & Components business. The business includes catalyst manufacturing and other assets in Edison, NJ. On 2 Jun 2006, Basell completed the sale of the Components business and Custom Catalyst assets located at Edison, NJ, to WR Grace for a total amount of $20 M, including $4 M of working capital. The resulting gain amounted to €10 M. Basell Polyolefins Annual Report 2006, 23 Feb 2007, 41-42 (Basell Holdings BV, see previous abstract)

Basell’s latest Avant ZN catalysts now available for polyolefin producers in China On 6 Jun 2007, Basell announced the commercialisation of its latest generation Avant ZN catalysts in China, addressing customer requests from the country’s expanding polyolefins industry. First customer to be served will be CSPC, a leading Chinese polyolefin producer. CSPC is pleased to continue and expand the cooperation with Basell on its Avant ZN catalysts, which enable the production of a wide range of homopolymers and copolymers, said Mr Li Cai, Manager for LDPE, HDPE and PP at CSPC. Press release from: Basell Holdings BV (see previous abstract) (6 Jun 2007)

BASF ups stake in nanotech startup SDCmaterials, a nanomaterials startup based in Tempe, AZ, in which BASF subsidiary BASF Venture Capital owns interest, will spend