Bibliography current world literature

Bibliography current world literature

669 Bibliography Current World Literature This bibliography is compiled by speci alists from the journa ls listed at the end of this pub lication. I...

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Bibliography Current World Literature

This bibliography is compiled by speci alists from the journa ls listed at the end of this pub lication. It is based on literature entered into our dat abase between 1 st June 1997 and 31 st May 1998 (articles are generally added to the database about two and a half months all er publication) . The bibliography has been grouped into topics that relate to the reviews in this issue.



Dynamic aspects of colloids and interfaces

Dynamics of high solid systems and of monolayers




Colloidal stability and interact ions


Dynamics of high solid systems and of monolayers

Food colloids. emulsions. gels and foams


Dynamics of polyelectrolyte s, polymers and prote ins


Food prot eins


Emulsions - structure, properties and novel innovations


Foam science


Gelling polysaccharides

Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 1998, 3:669-684


Dynamics of fluid-fluid interfaces (foams, films, gels and bilayers)

Electronic identifier: 1359-0294-003'00669


Dynamics of micelles and microemulsions


Techniques for the investigation of collo idal dynamics

g Current Chemistry Ltd ISSN 1359-0294

Dynamic aspects of colloids and interfaces Colloidal stability and interactions Related review: Diffusion in concentrated co lloid al susp ensions and glasses (pp 577-585) Bandyopadhyaya R, Kumar R, Gandhi KS, Ramkrishna 0 : Modeling of precip itation in reverse micellar sr sterns. Langmuir 1997, 13:3610 ..3 620 . Baf'liv R, TIusty T. Moses E: Crit ical dyna mics in the pe arling instability of membranes. Phys Rev Lett 1997.79:115 8..1161. Bergendahl J, G rasso 0 : Colloid generation du ring balch

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Food structure



a hornocoaqulallon process with different model colloids . C olloid Polym S ci 1997. 275 :1148..1155. Martini I, H odak J, Hartland GV. Kamat PV: Ultrafast study of inte rfacial electron trans fer between 9anthracene·carbo xylate and TI02 sem ico nductor particles.} Ch em Phys 1997, 107 :8064 ..8072 . Mazzolani G. Stolzen bach KD, Elimelech M : Gravityinduced coag ula tion of spherical particles of differ· ent siz e and dens ity. } C ol/oid Interface Sci 1998. 197:334 ..347. Mele nkevitz J, Javadpour SH : Phase sepa ration dynamics In m ixtur es co nt ain in9 surfactants. } Ch em Phys 1997.107:623 ..629 . Mishchuk NA, Ve.b ich SV. Oukhin SS. HO!I O. Sjoblom J: Rapid Bro wn ian coagulation in dilute pol ydisperse emulsio ns. } Disper Sci Tech 1997, 18:517..537. Mrshra V, Kresta SM , Masliyah JH: Self-preservation of the d rop size d ist ribu tion function and varia tion in the stability ra tio for rapid coalescence of a polydis· perse emulsion in a simple shear field. J C olloid Interface S ci 1998. 197:57..67. Molin abolivar JA, Galisteogonzalez F, Hidalgoalvarez R: Repeptization dete rmined by turbidity and photon correlation spectroscopy measurements: Particle size effects.} Colloid Interlace Sci 1997, 195 :289 ..298. Ob erholzer MR, W agner NJ. Lenhoff AM: Grand canonical Brownian dyn am ics simulation of colloidal adsorption.} Chern Phys 19 97, 107:9157..9167. Okubo T. O kada S : Kineti c analyses of the colloidal crys ta lliza tion of sili ca spheres as studied by reflection sp ect ro scopy. } C olloid Interlace Sc i 19 97, 192 :490 ..4 9 6. Ort haber 0 , G laUer 0 : TIme and temperature dependent aggr egat ion beha viour of the ganglioside GMt in aqueous solut ion . Ch ern Phys Lipids 199B, 92 :53 ..62. Pan G. Liss PS: Meta sta ble·equilib rium ads orption theery - I. Theor etic al. } C olloid Interlace S ci 19 98. 201 :71 ..76. Pa n G , Liss PS: Meta stable·equilibrium ads orp tion theery - II. Exp erim ental.} Co lloid Interlace Sci 19 98. 201:77..85. Parisse F. Allain C: Drying of collo idal su spension d roplets: Exper ime nt al study and profile renormaliza tion. Langmuir 1997, 13:35 9 8..36 02. Peula JM, Fernandezbarbero A, Hid alqoalvarez R, Dclasnieves FJ: Comparat ive study on the co llo idal stability mechanisms of sulfonate latexes. Langmuir 1997. 13:3938..394 3. Rathke 8, Grull It, Wo ermann 0 : Stab ility 01 dilule collo ida l silica suspensions in the vici nity of lhe bin · odal curve or l he system 2·butoxyelhanollwater. } C olloid Interlace Sci 1997. 192 :334 ..337. Riva M, Benza VG : Hydrodynamic effects in phase separation: An explicit solu tion approach. Phys Re v E 1997,56:700 1..7007. Romeu NV, Dynarowiczlatka P, Trillo JM, Seoane JR. Mouzo OC: Kinetics of destabilization of calcitonin mono· layers at lhe air/water interface. J Colloid Interface Sci 1998 , 198 :179..182.


Dynamic aspects of colloids and interfaces Dynamics of high solid systems and of monolayers

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Dynamic aspects of colloids and interfaces Dynamics of polyelectrolytes, polymers and proteins

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Dynamic aspects of colloids and interfaces Dynamics of fluid-fluid interfaces (foams, films, gels and bilayers)

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Food colloids, emulsions gels and foams Gelling polysaccharides - Food structure

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Food colloids, emulsions gels and foams Miscellaneous

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Food colloids, emulsions gels and foams Miscellaneous

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