Bibliography current world literature

Bibliography current world literature

433 Bibliography Current World Literature This bibliography is compiled by specialists from the joumals listed at the end of this publication. It is...

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Bibliography Current World Literature

This bibliography is compiled by specialists from the joumals listed at the end of this publication. It is based on literature entered into our database between 1st February 1995 and 31 st January 1996 (articles are generally added to the database about two and a half months after publication). In addition, the bibliography contains every paper annotated by reviewers; these references were obtained from a variety of bibliographic databases and published between the beginning of the review period and the time of going to press. The bibliography has been grouped into topics that relate to the reviews in this issue.

Current Opinion In Collold & Interface Science

Papers considered by the reviewers to be of special interest

•• Papers considered by the reviewers to be of outstanding interest The number in square brackets following a selected paper, e.g. [7], refers to its number in the annotated references of the corresponding review.

Theory of self-assembly Block copolymers Related review: Self-assembly of block copolymers (pp 329-336) Bales FS, Schulz MF, Khandpur AK, FOrster S, Rosedale •• JH: Auctuations. Conformational Asymmetry and Bloc:k Copolymer Phase Behavior. FararJay Discuss 1994,98:7-18. [251. Fischel LB, Theodorou ON: Self-consistent Field Model of the Polymer/diblock Copolymerl Polymer Interlace. J Chem Soc FararJay Trans 1995,91:2381-2402. Aoudas G, Hadjichristidis N, Iatrou H, Pakula T. Fischer O)N: Microphase Separation in Model 3-mikloarm Star Copolymers (simple Graft) and Terpolymers. 1. Statics and Kinetics. Macromolecules1994, 21:7735-7746. Guenoun p. Schlachli A, Sentenac 0, Mays JW, Benattar JJ: Free-standing Black Films of Polymers: a Model of Charged Brushes in Interaction. Phys Rev Len 1995. 14:3628-3631. Gupta VI<, Krishnamoorti R, Chen Z-R, Kornfield JA. Smith SO, Satkowski MM, Grothaus JT: Dynamics of Shear Alignment in a Lamellar Diblock Copolymer. Interplay 01 Frequency, Strain Amplitude. and Tempelature. Macromolecules1996,29:875-884. [981 Hajduk DA, Gruner SM, ErramiW S, Register RA, Feners U: High'pressure Effects on the Order-disorder Transition in Block Copolymer Mells. Macromolecules1996, 29:1473-1481. [1071 Hajduk DA, Harper PE, Gruner SM, Honeker ce, IGm G. Thomas B.., Feners L: The Gyroid: a New Equilibrium Morphology in Weakly Segregated Diblock Copolymers. Macromolecules1994, 21:4063-4075. [51 Hajduk DA, Harper PE, Gruner SM, Honeker ce, Thomas •• B.., Fetters U: A Reevaluation of Bicontinuous Cubic Phases in Slarblock Copolymers. Macromolecules 1995,28:2570-2573. [91 HofmaM 0, Schneider AI, Blackwell J: Molecular Modelling of the Structure of a Wholly Aromatic Thermotropic Copolyester. Polymer t 994, 35:5603-5610.



1996, 1:433-445

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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects 437

Theory of surfactant phases


Hydrophobic effects


Phase behavior of surfactant solutions


Solubilization in solution and at interfaces


Computer simulations of surfactal!t structures

Contents Theory of self-assembly 433

Block copolymers


Liquid crystalline phases


Rheological properties of micelles


Surfactant bilayers


Shape and dynamics of vesicles and microemulsions


Polymers near interfaces




Welling and spreading


Self'assembly of mixed surfactants



Irvine OJ, Gersappe 0, Balazs AC: Computer Simulations of SeIf·assembling Comb Copolymers. Langmuir 1995, 11 :3848-3855. Janert PI<, Schick M: First'ordef Unbinding and Preunbinding in Amphiphilic Syslems. Phys Rev E 1996, in press. 1731. Likhtman AE, 8omenov AN: Stability 01 the OBOD Structure for Diblock Copolymer Melts in the Strong Segregation Umil Macromolecules1994, 27:3103-3106. [201. Malsen MW: Melts of Semiflexible Diblock Copolymer. J Chem Phys 1996, in press. [441 Malsen MW: Bridging and looping in Multiblock Copolymer Melts_ J Chem Phys 1995, 102:3884-3887. [541 Malsen MW: Stabilizing New Morphologies by Blending .. Homopolymer wilh Block Copolymer. Phys Rev Lett 1995, 74:4225-4228. [68]. Matsen, MW: Immiscibility of Large and Small Symmetric Diblock Blends. J Chem Phys 1995, 103:3268-3271. [831. Matsen MW, Bales FS: Unifying Weak- and Strong .. Segregation Block Copolymer Theories. Macromolecules1996,29:1091-1098.1261 Malsen MW. Bates FS: Testin9 lhe Strong-stretching Assumption in a Block Copolymer Microstructure. Macromolecules1995, 28:8884-8886. £371 Matsen MW, Bates, FS: One-component Approximation -. for Binary Dib!ock Copolymer Blends. Macromolecules1995, 28:7298-7300. [891 Matsen MW, Schick M: Stable and Unstable Phases •• of a Diblock Copolymer Metl Phys Rev Lett 1994, 72:2660-2663. 122l. Matsen MW, Whitmore MO: AcaJrate Dibleck Copolymer Phase Boundaries at Strong Segregations Using Sell Macromolecules1996, in press. [381 Netz RR, Schick M: Uquid-crystalline Phases of Semillexible Diblock Copolymer MeIts_ Phys Rev Lett 1996, in press. [481. Netz RR. Schick M: Pore Formetion and Rupture in Auid •• Bilayers. Phys Rev E 1996, 53:3875-3885. [14]. Olmsted PD, M.lner ST: Strong Segregation Theory of Bicontinuous Phas.... In Block Copolymers_ Phys Rev Letl 1994, 72:936-939. [351. Rosedale JH, Bates FS, Almdal K, Mortensen K, Wignal GO: Order and Disorder in Symmetric Diblock Copolymer Melts. Macromolecules1995, 28:1429-1443. [121. Schulz MF. Bates FS, Almdal K, Mortensen K: Epitaxial Relationship for Hexagonal·to·cubic Phase

Transition In a Block Copolymer MiJ
Liquid crystalline phases Related review: Ordered phases of elongated micelles (pp 337-340) Abe A, Furuya H, Shimizu RN, Nam SY: calculation of the Conformation Entropies of Dimer Uquid Crystals and Comparison with the Observed Transition Entropi.... at Constant Volume. Macromolecules 1995,28:96-103. Angelova MI, Poufogny B, Martinet-lagarde G, Grohan G, Gousebet G: Stressing Phospholipid Membran.... Using Me<:hanical Effects of Ughl P,og Call Polym Sci 1994, 97:293-297. Ben-Shaul A, Gelbart WM: Statistical Thermodynamics • of Amphiphile Sel'·assembly: Structure and Phase Transitions In Miceller Solutions. In Micelles. Membranes. Micfoemulsionsand Monofayers. Edited by Gelbarl WM. Ben·Shaul A, Raux D. New York: Springer. 1994, :1-104. [41.


Theory of self-assembly Rheological properties of micelles

Boden N: Micellar liquid Crystals. In Micelles, •• Membrones,Microemulsionsand Monolayers. Edited by Gelbart WM, Ben-Shaul A. Roux D. Naw York: Springer. 1994, :153-217. [21Boden N, Harding R, Gelbart WM, Ohara p. Jolley IWI, Heerdegen AP, Parbhu AN: On the Nature of the Intramicellar and Intermicellar Forces Governing the liquid CrystaUine Phase Behavior of Aqueous Solutions of Disklike Micelles. J Chem Phys 1995, 103:5712-5719. Cao Y, Smith P: liquid Crystalline Solutions of Electrically Conducting Polyaniline. Polymer 1993, 34:3139-3143. [77l Chandrasekhar S: Biuial Nematic liquid Crystals in low Molecular Welght Thermotropic Systems. Mol Crys' Liq CrysrSci TechnolA 1994,243:1-9. Citerri A: Assembly of Uquld-crystalline Polyelectrolyte and Amphiphilic Compounds. Macromol Chem Phys 1994,195:457-461. [76l Cronin OW, Terentjev EM. Sones RA, Petschek RG: Twistin9 Transition In a Capillary Filled with Chiral Smectic-C liquid Crystal. Mol Cryst Liq CrysrSci TechnolA 1994, 238:167-177. Dorov I, Durand G: Quantized Grain Boundaries in Bent Smectic·A liquid Crystal. EurophysLett 1994, 28:25-30. Elston SJ, Ulrich DC: Three Variable Modeling of Switching in Ferroelectric liquid Crystals. J Appt Phys 1995, 78:4331-4338. Emerson APJ, lannoni C: Monte Carlo Study of Gay·Berne lIquid-erystal Droplets. J Chem Soc Faraday Trans 1995, 91:3441-3447. FIscher H: On the Phase Behaviour 01 a lIquid-Crystalline Polymer Containing Diaza·18·Crowo·6·Ether Units. Mol Cryst Liq Cryst Sci Techno! A 1994, 238:249-253. Fogden A. lIdin S: Description 01 Cubic Liquid·Crystalline Structures Using Simple SurfKe Foliations. J Chem Soc Faraday Trans 1994, 90:3423-3431. Fornes JA, Procopio J: Density FluctuP
Keller p. Conon JP: On the Structure and the Chain Conlormation 01 Side'Chain liquid Crystal Polymers. Liq Cryst 1995,18:129-148. Ohoesorge R, lowen H, Wa9ner H: Density Functional Theory 01 Crystal fluid InlerfKes and Surface Meltin9. Phys RevE 1994, 50:4801-4809. Percec V, Kawasumi M: Atlhe Borderline Between Glassy, Crystalline and liquid Crystalline Macrocyclics. Mol CrystLiq CrystSci TechnolA 1994,238:21-37. P1einer H. Brand HR: True Ferroelectricity in Chiral Smectic Polymeric liquid Crystals. EurophysLeN 1994, 28:579-584. Ouist PO, Halle B, Furo I: Micelle Size and Order in lyotropic Nematic Phases from Nuclear Spin Relaxation. J Chem Phys 1992, 96:3875-3891. (53l Santamato E, Ciaramella E, Tamburrini M: A New Nonlinear Optical Method 10 Measure the Elastic Anisotropy 01 liquid Crystals. Mol Cryst Liq CrystSci TechnolA 1994, 241 :205-214. Scherowsky G, Olen XH: New Switchable Columnar liquid Crystals. Liq Cryst 1994, 17:803-810. Schmitz P, Gruler H: Phase Transitions 01 liquid-crystal Films at the Air·water Interface Detected by Surface Potential Measurements. EurophysLett 1995, 29:451-456. Seiberle H, Schadt M: LC'conduclivity and Cell Parameters; Thelr Inliuence on Twisted Nematic and Super!wisted Nematic liquid Crystal Displays. Mol Crys' Liq CrystSci TechnolA 1994, 239:229-244. Shang W, labes MM: Effect 01 Boundary Conditions on the Pitch and Helical Twisting Power 01 Chiral Solutes In Nematic liquid Crystals. Mol Cryst Liq CrystSci TechnolA 1994, 239:55-62. Simoni F, Basile F, BI<>,; F, Vocari l., A1iev F: Anchoring Induced by Porous Substrate on a Uquid Crystal Layer. Mol Crys' Liq CrystSci TechnolA 1994, 239:257-261. Smith GW: A Calorimetric Studt 01 Phase separation in liquid Crystal Matrix Systems: Determination of the Excess Specific Heat 01 Mixing. Mol Cryst Liq Crys' Sci TechnolA 1994,239:63-85. Szeri N: A Deformation Tensor Model 01 liquid Crystalline Polymers. J Rheol1995, 39:873-891. Takenaka S, Yamasu H: Molecular Structure and liquid Crystalline Properties· the Effect 01 tateral Long AlkolY Olain on the Thermal Properties of Nematic and Smectic Phases. Mol Cryst Liq CryslSci Technol A 1994,238:157-165. Taylor Mp, Herzfeld J: lIquid-crystal Phases 01 SelI'assembled Molecular A9gregates. J Phys -Condens Matter 1993, 5:2651-2678. (3). Tse Kl., Shine AD: Two'dimenslonal Modelin9 01 the Electrorheological Behavior 01 Liquid Crystalline Polymer Solutions. J Rheo11995. 39: 1021-1 040. Van Oer Schoot P, Cales ME: Growth, Static Light •• Scallerlng and Spontaneous Orderln9 01 Rodlike Micelles. Langmuir1994, 10:670-679. [371 Veytsman BA: Theory of Nematic Phases in Solutions 01 Rodlike Molecules with Hydr0gen Bonds. J Chem Phys 1995, 103:2237-2246. Voigtmartin IG, Simon P, Van 0, Yakimansky A, Bauer S, Rin9sdorl H: Structure and Delects in Sanidic liquid Crystalline Polymers. 2. Structure Analysis 01 Sanidic Polymers by Simulation 01 Diffraction No~ez L,

Patterns from Monomeric Analogs. Macromolecules

1995, 28:243-254. Xu Yl., Olen A, Wen JX: Novel fluorinated liquid Crystals. 4. The Synthesis and Phase Transition Of 4'·(n·alkoxycarbonyl)phenyl 4 e'[(4'(s)2"'rnelhylbutoxY'2,3,5,6'letrafluorophenyl) ethynyl] Benzoates. Mol Cryst Liq CrystSci Technol A 1994,241:243-248. Zhon9 ZL Gordon Wl., Schuele DE, Akins RB, Percec V: Dielectric Relaxalions of a Smectic Side-Olain liquid-Crystalline Polymer in Diffe. ant Ali9nmenl States. Mol Crysl Liq CrystSci TechnolA 1994, 238: 129-145.

Rheological properties of micelles Related review: Structure and rheology of . wormlike micelles (pp 341-344) Andelman 0, Konov MM, Helfrich W: Phase Transition Between Vesicles and Micelles Driven by Competing Curvatutes. EurophysLell 1994, 25:231-236. [49). Berret JF, Roul DC, Porte G, Lindner P: Tumbling Behaviour 01 Nematic Worm·like Micelles Under Shear Flow. EurophysLett 1995, 32:137-142. Berret JF, Roul DC, Porte G, Lindner P: Shear'induced

lsotropic-te-nematic Phase Transition in Equilibrium

Polymers. EurophysLett 1994, 25:521-526. [42].

Brown ABO, Ball RC, Oal1
Theory of self-assembly Surfactant bilayers

Vanderschoot P. Cates ME; Transient Electric B4relringence in Solutions 01 SeIf'assembled Rods. J Chem Phys 1994, 101 :5040-5046,

Surfactant bilayers Related review: Isotropic phases of bilayers (pp 345-349) Agralonov YV: A Statistical Theory 01 Thin liquid Films, Collo;dJ • Engl Tr 1994, 56:399-402. Ahuja RC, Maack J, Tach;t,ana H: Unconstrained Cis·trans Isomerization 01 Azobenzene Moieties in Designed Miaed Monolayers at !he Air/water Interlace. J Phys Chem 1995, 99:9221-9229. Almalah K. Meg"re J, Sproull R: A Macroscopic Model lor the Single-.:omponent Protein Adsorption Isotherm. J Collo;dInterfaceSci 1995, 170:261-268. Antelmi DA, Kekicheff P, Richetti P: Measurement of the Inlefactions Between Macroscopic Surlaces Inducing e First Order Phase Transition: the Sponga'lamellar Transformation. J Phys 111995, 5:t03-1I2. (38J. Barlow OJ, Ma G, Lawrence MJ, Webster JRP, Penfold J: Neutron Refleelance Studies 01 a Noyel Nonlonlc Surlactant and Molecular Modeling of the Surlactant Vesicles. Langmu;r1995, 11 :3737-3741, Boltenhagen P, Kleman M, Lavrentovich 00: • Freeze·I",cture Observations in the L" Phase 01 a Swollen Surlactant In !he Vicinity of the l3 and the II phase Transitions. J Phys 1/1994, 4:1439-1448.


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Theory of self-assembly Membranes

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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects Theory of surfactant phases

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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects Theory of surfactant phases

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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects Phase behavior of surfactant solutions

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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects Computer simulations of surfactant structures

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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects Welting and spreading

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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects Miscellaneous

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Dimensions. L Connection Between Correlation

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