Bibliography of the current world literature

Bibliography of the current world literature

Bibliography This bibliography of the current world literature is compiled by immunologists from the journals entered into our database between 1s...

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Bibliography This bibliography

of the current world literature

is compiled by immunologists

from the journals

entered into our database between 1st August two and a half months references

after publication).

were obtained from

In addition, the bibliography

a variety

period and the time of going to press.

listed at the end of this publication.

1991 and 31st July 1992 (articles are generally

of bibliographic The bibliography



every paper annotated

and published

has been grouped

It is based on literature

added to the database about by reviewers;

between the beginning

into topics that



of the review reviews

in this


of the

to the

issue. ??Papers considered ??O Papers considered The number

in square brackets following

by the reviewers

to be of special interest.

by the reviewers

to be of outstanding

a selected paper, e.g. 171, refers to its number corresponding

interest. in the annotated


Contents Autoimmunity

Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjagren’s syndrome and other


B-cell tolerance


rheumatic diseases

T-cell tolerance


Thyroid autoimmunity









genes in autoimmune


Transgenes in autoimmunity T-cell subsets in autoimmunity


Systemic lupus erythematosus and vasculitis


Atopic allergy and other hypersensitivities

B-cell responses in autoimmune


Cellular and chemical mediators of allergy




interaction in autoimmunity


Cytokines in autoimmunity


Multiple sclerosis and experimental allergic



Lymphocyte responses in allergy


IgE and its receptors


Tissue specific allergy




Autoimmunity B-cell tolerance Review: (pp 703-710) ARMITAGE RJ, F&wow

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Autoimmune _ .


. 1992, 4:333337 t361.NOEUE RL,ROYM.SHEPHERD DM. .

ST~MENKOVIL 1. LEDBETTER JA, ARUFFO A A 39-w Protein on Activated Helper T Cells Binds CD40 and Transduces the