Bibliography of the current world literature

Bibliography of the current world literature

Bibliography This bibliography is compiled literature entered into our database database about two and a half months reviewers; these referenc...

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Bibliography This bibliography

is compiled



into our database


about two and a half months


these references

of the review


of the current world literature

by neurobiologists between


listed at the end September

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of cortical connections

Control of gene expression and neural identity


Synaptic specificity


Development of organs and systems


Synapse formation and rearrangement


Cortical development


Control of development


Axon pathfinding in vertebrates


Extracellular matrix molecules in development


Axon pathfinding in invertebrates


Innervation and activity dependent control of development


Repellent cues in axon guidance


Control of cell number and survival


Neurotropism and neurotrophic factors


Migration and morphogenesis


Axonal glycoproteins


Critical period in development


and differentiation

Development Early embryonic central nervous system development Related review: Mesodermal control of neural cell identity in vertebrates (pp 3-8) Ammv1,NELV~NJ, FARRINGTON M, SWANKS: Neurcqstesis In the Bnln A”ditoly Pathway of a Marsupial, the Northern NaUve Cat (Dasyurus-HaUttcatus). J CmQ Newd 1991,309:25&260 ALI?.IAN J. BARR SA Mm& Drganlutloa of the HlppOcampial Neumpithelium and the Multiple Germlnnl Sources of Dentate Granule Cells. J GmP Neumf 1990,301~32+342 ALVARIZIS, XHOENIVOLFGc- pltteros of NeuroEplthellnl CeU Rearran pment Durblg Avian Neurulrtion are Determined Prior to Notochordal Inductive Interactions. Dev Riol 1991,1437%92. ANDREw MT, loo s, WlL%x. LR cn”rditute buct~vation Of UaskIU Genes D”rlq the Gastrula-Neuruh Tsansitlo” In Xenopus. L?evBid 1991,146:25&254 BARBEMF. lEMlT p: The Early Commitment of Fetal Neurons to the Limblc Gwtex. J Neumcci EW. 11:519-53% BARO~O 4 DUPINE, LEDOUARIN NM: Common Precursors for Neural and Mesect.,derma, Dethrrtives In the CephaUc Neural Crest. [email protected] 1991,112:30-305 CHARLEBOIS Ts. HENRYJJ,GRUNGERRM. DUferentkU cytokeraU” Gene iIxpressk”l Reveals Early Donal-Ventral ReglotmUzttion in Chick Mesoderm. L%wk#nnenr 1990,110:417-425 CHLUKA0, CAPECCHI MR RegioMUy Restricted Developmental Defects Resulting from Tvgeted Db~pUon of the Mouse Home&or Gene Box. 1.3. Nature 1991,350:473479. ClARKEJDW, H0uw.n N. ?.~FFESR, STO~‘“,,.%s J. Neu-tomlcd and PuncUMlPl Analysis of Ne”t-al Tube Pam&on in Notochordlesa

Xenopus-Embryos taterality of the Ventral Spinal Cord is Lost. Develcomenr 1991.112.499516 -tion of Specilic Retlnold-Bindlog Sites and Extwession of CeUubu Retbtolc-AcidBb~dbte Protein (CRABP) in the Early M”use Embryo. DewIqnnenr 1990,110-343. Dw MS, X”OEMVOw Gc Formation of Ectoplc Neureplthellum in Chick Blastoderms - he. Related Capacities for Induction and SelfDifferentlatlon FoUowiag T’narplantatkm of QuaU He”se”‘s Nodes. A-& Ret i9%, 228.437-?48. FROHMANMA Bonr M, M_,~nu GR: lso~tlo” of the Mouse Hex-2.9 Gene: A”alys& of Embryonic Expression Suggest that Positionnl lnformatlo” Along the Anterior-Posterior Axis Is Specitied by Mes&emL &t~~qnenl1990,110:ti7. [15]. GAnoNERCA BARALDKF The CeUulnr Ettvbx”tme”t the Explxss~o” of engr”llcrCUke In the Central Neuro+theUum of QuailChick Chbneric Embrws. Dwelo~tnerzr 1~1. 11~1037-1048. [19]. PJ, RICHTER K, DAWID M: A Nervous SystemSpecUic rsotype of the Beta-Subunit of Na + , Expressed Durbtg Early Development of Xenopus-faevls. Pnx NatI Acad Sci (1 S A 19%. 87:%8%9092. CauLDLNGMD, CHALLPAKIs G, DEU~S(:HU. ERFEUliS JR,GRII~ P h-3, a Novel Murlne DNA Blndlng Pr”teln Expressed During P.&y Neurogenesis. FM80 J 1991,10:113~1148. Gw A, MADENM, KR~,MLA,,F R The Mutine Her-2 Genes Display Dytlamic D”rs”ventral Patems of Expresslo” Dusiq Central Nervous System DcPelopment. klqnent 1991,112:25+261. GREENJB4 SM”+! JC: Grt”led Chaqes In Dose Of a ?? Xen”pta Activin-A Homologue EUclt Stepwise TransUk,ns In Embryonic Cell Fate. Nature 1990, 347:391-394.191. GRUNZn, TACKE L FxtraceUukw Matrix Components Prexent Neural Dltrerentiation of Dlu(lllrr8ated







@ Current


Ltd ISSN 09594388

Xenopus Ectoderm Ce”s. CeN [email protected]’ Dev 1990, 32:117-124 G~IAIANDNSPARWT 1, MAIIRELI’, TElSSlE ,. DuPRATAM. Removal of N-Lln*ed OUgosaccharldes of Ptesum”tlve Ectoderm bmxUrs Neural Induction in Ple&deles-W&l. M&-Da 1991.33 201-214. GL~~RIF.S, LIIMSDENA: Fotmat‘on and R~neratio” Of RhOt”b”“teR B”““dvieS bl the [email protected]“R Chick Hlndbnln. [email protected] 1991,112:221-229HAU.AK. LANDLs SC: Earlv Commitment of Precursor GUS from the Ita; Superlot Cervical GaqUo” to Neurtmal or No”“eumt”U Pates. Neumn 1991, 6.741-752. HARRIS W4 HAKIFNSTEIN V. Neurod Determlnatio” Without Cell Division lo Xenopus Embryos. Neumn 1991,6:4Y+515. HATI. K, BRF.MLJER R WESTEEWELD M, KMMELCB Dlversitv of Extwessio” of EnuraUed-Uke Antigeni in Z&a&h. Lkwk&en, 1991, 112821-832 HLMM&T,BRlvANL‘X!4 STEWART RM, HARlANDRM: [email protected] Specific Neut’d Induction of an Eqrailed Pmteln by Anterior Notochord in Xe Scrence1990,25O.m2. 021. HICKMOI-IPW, CAREWTJ: An AutondIographlc Analysis of Neuro‘ytes& In Juvenile Aptysia-CaUfortda J Neurcbid 1991,22 313326. Hwo S, FUE S, SOHALGS: ‘Ihe JUTectof the Floor Plate on Pattern and P”lari# in the DevelotU”s ceatd Nervous system. 1991,251:3i(t313. HOTARYKB, ROBWSONKR The Ne”t’d Tube of the Xenopus Embryo M&~&IS a PotentkU DUTzrence Acr”ss Itself. Brarn Res De‘ Rrarn Res 1991,59:6F-73. HUra P, WILKINSON D, KR,,MLUIFR Patterning the Vertebrate Head - Murbte “ox-2 Genes Mark Distinct Subpqmlntions of Pmtd~toty and Mlgt-ating Cranial Neural Crest. Dew-1 1991. 112:4350 J”NE> CM, LYONSKM. HOGANBlM Involvement Of BoneMorphqlcnetic ~rotebt-4 (BMP-4) and VP-1 I”




Development Control

of gene expression

Morph~nesis nod Neurogenesis In the Mouse. Dewlqnnenr 1991,111531 of the KENTc, clam P,: The lmmun01ocPLisnu0n Neuroeodocrbte SpecUic FYoteio PGp9.5 During Neurogenesis In the Rat. Brarn Res Dev Brain Res 1991.58:147-150 KINGED, MUNCERBL Myotome and Farly Neurogenesis In Chick Embryos. Anal Ret 1990, 228:191b210 KINI%zRC. DODD1: Hensen’s Node Induces NeuraJ . Tlaeue bt Xenapu.s Fctoderm. Implications for the Action of the [email protected]&er in Neural Induction. Dew-r 1991,113.. (lo]. KURATANl SC Alternate Expression of the m-1 Epitope in Rbombomercs of the Chick Embryo. aW Bid 1991,144:215-219 K.~ADA JY, BERNHARMRR,NGUYFNN: Dexelopmeat of Spinal Neurons and Tracts in the Zebratisb Embryo., Camp Neuwl1990,302 617628 IEM~ARIN N. DUIAC C, DUPIN E, CAMERONCC,RRY P- GUal Cell Lbtages In the Neural Crest. Glia 1991, 4:17+184 L1Y S, MIINERPG /?-AL: Cloning and Fxpressioo of a Developmeokdly Regtdated Protein that Induces Mitqlenlc sod Neurite Outgrowth Activity. Scrpnce1990,250169&1693 hr., Y-M. JAQUESKF, S7FRNCD, Kmmh RJ: An Evaluation . of Myelomeres and Segmentation of the chick Embryo Spinal Cord. Dei,ebpmpnr 1991. 113.227-238.[39]. UItaxx~ A Motorizbtg the spinal Cord [I&Z&W]. Cd/ 1991.64471~73. WIDEN h Cdl Lhneqe RestrIctions in the Chick Embryo Hindbraio. Phi/a TWIS R sot Lmd /Bid/ 1991,331:281&286 MiunwEz S, WASSEFM, AL”MAUARTR-M loduction . of a Mesencepbalic phenotype io the Z-Day-Old Chick Proscocepbalon is preceded by the F&y expressloo of the Homeobox Gene en. Neumn 1991,6:971-m [IS]. MLMAHON AP, BRADLEYA: Ilx @NT-l) ProtOOncogene Is Required for Development of a Iargc Region of the Mouse Brain. Cdl 1990, 62~107+1085. M~ANI S. OKAMOTOH. loductlve Dlffereotlation of Two Neural Lineages RecoosUtoted In a Microculture system from xenopus Early Gastruki cells. Dewlqnwnr 1991,112 21-31 MORANDJ Calcium io the Developing Ambystoma Neural Axis Shown by H-3 sod Fb,orescent Cblortetncyclinc and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. Anal Rrc 1990.228.44%55 MOllw JD. JACOSSON AG Tbe Driglns of Neural Crest Cells lo the Axolotl. L&w Bid 1990. 141.24.$253 MllRPHYM, BERNARD 0, &II, K, BAR,IETTPF Ce,, Unes Derived from Moue Neural Crest are Reprewntative of cells at various stages of Di5erentiatlon. J Neurcbiol1991. 22:522-535 MUSCITJ.AUAYAE. =HNER MW Regulation of the Fibmblast Growth Factor Receptor lo Early Xeoopus Embryos. Pm Natl Acad Sci 0 S A 19%. S7:836Fs369. OKADOH, TAKAHASHI K. Induced Neural-Type DiEereotkltion In the cleavage-Arrested Blastomere Isolated from eUly Ascidiao Embrvos. , Pbmd (Land) 1990.42760~23 OKAMImA in 8odium channels Dwlq Neural DUTereotiatlon in the lsokaed Blastomere of the Axidiao Embryo. J PhysidO 19%x431:3974. OKAMURA Y, SHIDARA M: Ioactintion Kbletks of the Sodium Channel In the Rgg sod the Isolated, NeurrUy Differeotlnted Blastomerc of the Ascidlnn. J Physidhd 1990,4317F-102. Orrr AF’,KHMER IM, DuRSTONA> Protein Rinase C and . Regtdation of the Local Competence of XenqJus Ectoderm. Science 1991,251:57&573. [22]. PETIWAY2, GUU~~RYG, BRONNERFIUSER hl Absence of Neural Crest Cells from the Region Surroundlog Implanted Notocbords btsito. Dev Rid 1990, 142:335-345. P,TuEuD F. BOIIDANNAOL” S, Fo”lr)“eR F, DUPRATAM Are Neuronal Frecursor CeUs Committed to IVC substaoces in CoeXpress Different NeFarly Ampbibiul-Neuroku. Cdl [email protected] Deu 1990, 32.71-82. PIAnK M, TESSlEn LA\IGNEM, YAMADAT. JEssEU.TM, DoDo Control of Neurrl Cell ldentitv; . J- Mesodem& Floor Plate Induction by the Notocbord. Scimce 19% 230:985+8 130). RIBERA AB: A Potassium cbanoel Gene is Expressed at Neunl Inductloo. Neuron ,990, 5:691-701. Rosm0w S. WHITEK: Charact~tlon and Spatial D~tributloo of the EL&V Froteln Doriog


u.SHIDARAM: changes

and neural


DrosopbUa-Mektnogaster Development. J Neumbiol1991. 22 443461 ROELINK H. NuSSER Expression of Two Members of the Wnt Family Durbtg Mouse Dwelopment Temporal and Spatial Pnneros In the Developbtg Neural Tube. Genes Den 1991. 5:38-3&a RUlZALTABAAl, JESSEI.TM. Retlnolc Acid ModiEes 0 Mesodermal Patternlog in Farly Xenop~ Embryos. Genes Dev 1991,5.17>187. [20]. SCHOENwOLfGC, ALYARIZIS: SpecUication of NeuroepitbeUum sod Surface Epitbelium In Aviao Transplantation Chimera. Da~elqpmenf 1991,112:71+722. SCHOENWOIIGC, SHDUU)P Fate Mapping the Avlnn Epiblast with Foul Iojections of a FluorescentHistocbemicxl Marker


Ectadermd Derivatives. [email protected] W 19%255.32%339

SERVETNlCK M, GRAINGER RM CbaoBes In Neural and Lcos competence in xeoopus F.ctoderm Evidence for an Awooomoos Developmental Timer. Da~eicfwnenr1991, 112:177-l&8 SHARPECR, Gwum JB The Inductloo of Anterior and Posterior Neural Genes In Xenopus-Ia&. Uevelqpment 1990.109765-774 S,EBFKBL,!M M, Role of the Neumtrophic Factors BDNF sod NGF In the Cnmmitmeot of Pluripotent Neural Crest Cells. Neumn 1991,6.94+955 SMITHJr, SCHOEMV~ISCL Further Evidence of Extrbtsic Forces in Rending of the Neural Plate. J Camp Neud 1991, 307225-236 SOKOLS, MF.I.T”NDA Pre-existent plttero io [email protected] by Induction with Acfivbt. . Aoimal Pole Rew&d N&we 1991. 351:40%11 1211. ST-R OUR. BILrxRDH, GIILIERT W The B3O GangUoside is a Cell Surface Marker for Neural Crest- Derived Neurons lo the Developing Moose. &,Bfd1991.144 lnmllu( Sm:RNCD, ARnNGERKB, BRONNER FR.UERh, Tissue . Iotet-actioos Affectbtg the Migration and Mtferentiatlon of Neural Crest Cells in the Chick Embryo. &wlo/rment 1991, 113 207-216 1371. STERNCD, JAQUESKF, L1MT-M, FR&ER SE, Km% RJ . Segmental Lineage Restrictions In the Chick Embryo Spinal Cord Depend on the Adjacent Somites. Daelonmenr 1991.113.239-244 1401. T-.HI Y, Borrroc~xM, LE L?O,~ARIN NM Epitheliomesencbymal loteractions are CrItIcal for Quox 7 Fxpression sod Membraoe Rone Dlfferentlatlon io the Neunl Crest Derived Mandibular Mesenchyme. EMBO J 1991, 10:2387-2394 T-HI Y. LE DOLIARIN N, cDNA Clooing of a Quail Homeobor Gene and Its Expressloo in Neural Crestderived Mesencbymc and lateral Plate Mesoderm. Pmc Natl Aud Sci US A 1990, 87.7482-7486 TAKEICHIM. IWZ"K&H, SHlMAMllRAK. ~,SI’NAGA M, NOSE A. Cadhe&-Mediated Cell Cell Adhesion and Neurogeoesis. Neumsci Res 1990, Suppl 13 S92-S96 TEt.w.E5 cbaracterist1cs of CeUs that Give Rise to the Central Nervous System [Fdltorial]. J Cd Scr 1990 97 213-218. THOMSENG. WOOLFT, W”rrw M, SOKOLS. “A”G~ J, . Vu W, MELTONDA Actlvins are Expressed Early In Xenapr~ Embryogenesis and cao Induce Axial Mewdcrox and Anterior Structures. Cdl 1990, 63.485493 [6]. WALUME. FUNI OP Midbrain Micromass Cultures a Model for Studies of Tentogenlc and SubTeratogeoic F.ffects on CNS Development. AC&I P&id Sund 1990, 140 (suppI 592).61-72 WHrraEu I_ 8cwa.w ,4_NECKEllS LM: EpisomeGenerated N-myc Antisense RNA Restricts the DitTerentlatlon Poteotlal of Primitive Neuroectodermal Cell Lines. Md Cd/ Bti 1991, 11.136&1371 WILSONDB, HENDRlChXAG. Cytocbemical Amdysls of the Notochord In B&y Rhesus Mookey Embryos. Anal Ret 1990.228:431-436 XUEZG, GE"XWGW,,LEDOC~AR~NNM. Quor-l, a Quail Iiomeobor Gene Expressed in the Embryonic Central Nervous System, lncludlng the Forebnin. Pra Narl Acad Sci US A 1991, B&2427-2431. YUUDA T Regulations in the Induction of the Drga&ed Ncoral System in Amphibiao Embryos [Review]. Dewlapmenl1990,110:65~59 YAM&LAT, PwC7.w M, TANAKAH, DODD J. JEssEUTM. . Control of cell Pattern lo the Dweloping Nervoos System: Polari&g Activity of the Floor Plate sod Notochocd. Cd/ 1991. 64:63%48 1231.

Control of gene expression and neural identity Related review: Acquisition of regional and cellular identities in the developing zebrafish nervous system (pp S15) ABEK, KAWAGOE J,

SATOS, Sm M. KCGLRI K Induction of the Zioc Finger Gene after Tnnsiettt Focal Ischemia In Rat Cerebral Cortex. Neurwi Leti lW1,123:24%25c MuU.I & K~EIHUESP. HECKL K, WESTLEROD: CeU TypeSpecific Tumor Induction la Neural Tt-aosplattts by Retrwbws-Mediated Oncogene Traosfer. Chuogene 1991,6 11>118. A,~.wwzD 0, THoMAxAYAluN M. JOBLETC, CAP,” M F,xptwsion in the Central Nervous System of a Subset of the Yema Matemally Acting Gems Doring Drosophila Embryogenesis -PostBmbryoolc Expression Extends to w DISCS and Speimatocyta. Cd! [email protected] LIP!,1990. 31:5ti5 WTSEELIFRECwMC, LANG&y K, GRATZL0, GRA’IZLM Dltferential Exoression of the Neural Cell Adhesion Mole&de NCAM-140 in Huntao Pituitary Tumors. PEB.5 Len 1990.272:45-49. &IEN IS, RICHEYMF. CHAIYht, Gix.w RA. Sex DUTerences in the Corpus CaUosum of the mg Huttuo Being. JNeuracci 1991, 1x:933942. AL‘ENND, -em EB. SUMNI MA A Position-Dependent Traosgcne Reveals Patterns of Gene Expressioa in the Developing Brain. Da tlrain Res ,990, 55:181h190 Al.,w JC, KU,nw D.& RARIoNI S. E”uTnI DD, HERSCHMAN HR. B-HAW RA DUIerential Induction of Primary-Response (TIS) Genes in PC12 Pheochromocytoma Cells and the Uorespooslve Variant PC12nmr5. /Bid them 1991. 266540~5406 AL,~BA,“~ MK P,TlXR SJ, C~PAGNE MS. w.hw”~X ]T, MCGINNIS JF, BAEHHW. Mouse Dpsln Gene Strocture sod Mokcubxr B&s of Multiple Traoscripis. J Bid them 1990,265.2056>20569 ANURFM m, Ii00 b, WIISON IR CAlordinate loactivntion of Uass-lU Genes During the Gutrub+Neurula Transitloo In Xenopus. z)t?’tliol1991, 146:25&254. ANl~,ln F, COuCW D, BR~DOLIX AM. GRlPOlSD. NUN%.? J. SpUciq of JuveoUe sod Adult Tao-Messenger RNA Vvlvlts is Regulnted by Thyroid Hormone. Pnz NatI Acad Scr l/ S A 1991, SB 403-39. ArmKHM KV, MllEllbNlLR. StwMAmvAN, ROSESPR F.ffects of Early Experience on C-fos Gene Expression in the Chick Forebmio. &urn Res 1991, 544:101&107 AR~HE”BT, OZCELIKT. J.&v R, FKANCKE U, SUIlHOFTC. Structures and Chromosomal LocaUzatioos of 2 Human Genes Encoding Synaptobrevbt-1 and Synaptobrevio-2. J Bid them 1990. 265~17267~17273. ARam RV. KC%.+M. MENDELIE. OHSH~MA Y. STERNBERG PWThe I.e.23 Gene Neck for Caeoorbabd‘tisElegaos Vulnl Induction Eocodes P Tymsioe Kinase of the EGF Receptor Subfamily. Nafure 1990 34&693+9. A\HEH0. NEUMANND. WIIZEMANN V. FIJCHSS. Acetylcholbw Receptor Gene Bxpression In Experimental Autoimmune Myastbeobt Gravis. FEBS Len 1990, 267:231-235 A-%X AE, EFGP, BUDLE DJ. KIivGIA Expressloo nod Cbaracterlution of the Chick Nicotioic Acetylcholbte Receptor Alpha-Subunit In tosect Cells Using P Baculovi~s Vector. EurJ Bmcbem 1990. 192:451458 AUGOOD SJ. KNAMAH, FALIIIRIM. EMSONPC. Differenthal B&cts of Acute Dopamlnergic Dl-Receptor and DZ-Receptor Antagonists on Proneurotenslo Messenger RNA ExpressIon In Rat St&tom. Brain Res Mel Brain Res 1991, 9~341-346 B*cH hf& SHFNORR2, mwE w& ROBEm CT. LEROmH D. Insulin-Like Gmwtb Factor-l Messenger RNA Levels are DevelopmentaUy Regtdated h Specific Regions of the Rat Brato. Brain Res Md Brarn Res 1991. 10:43-$8 BAN”TU,rUCE, MFIFR M, llNDHOLM D, SPRmGERM, HELMANN R, THOENFN H. Reglooal sod CeUubw Codistribution of Interleukbt-l-Beta mod Nerve Growth Factor Messcow RNA in the Adult Rat Brain. possible Rek&oship to the Regulation of Nerve Growth Factor Svotbesls. I Cdl Bid 1990. 111.1701-1711 BANGAG, HARTEN~TEvu V. PO%KONYJW Wrless Is Required for the Development of Adult Seosoty Drgao Precursor cells In DrosopbUa. Deldqnntw [email protected] BAR.&KATWAL~R I, AFF”L~R HU, DROZB Expressloo of Substaoce-P and Preprotacbykioio Messenger RNA by P&nary Sensory Neumos In Coltore





Viva &



in Vitro. EurJ Neuvxi 1991. 3~431.240 HR: Control of Latni Development by Chemoseau, ry Neurons In Caetx&abditis-Riegans. science lW1, 2S1:12431246 BASSLER K_ CHRISTZN B, HAFENE: Ligand-independent Actinui0tt of the Seveniess Receptor Tyrosine Kituse Changes the Fate of Cells in the Developing Drosopbiia Eye. Cell 1991, 64:10691081 BUSTONPCUUeR P, SMOI.EN AJ:Gender Differences in Neuro-mltter Expression in the Rat Superior Cervical Ganglion. Brain Res LItwBrain Rer 1991.5s12~128. BENIl”OG”OM, S&‘-CO & ALVAREZ BOlADo G, SANCHEZ MP, FAIREN A Differential Erpresslon of the GARA P receptor Complex in the DOML ThaLwnus and Reticular Nuclas; an lmmunohlstochemicai Study in the Adult and Developing Rat. EurJ Nnrmsi 1991,3:11&l25. BERNAL J, CaxvXrr M, HASEL KW, TXwlS GH, Sm‘Cum JG: Rtterns of Cerebral COrtex Messenger RNA tipresslon. I Neu-r Res 1990.27:153158. BERNARES R N-myc DFsrupts Protein Klovc Gmediated Signal Transduction in Neurobiastoma. LzlBO J 1991,10~111~1126. BERX, CHITNEAB, lINDAMER I. KUWADA JY . Identitiation of Spinal Neurons in the Embryonic and Larval ZcbraBsh. J Camp Neuml ,993, 302:60til6 [14]. BE-R B, BowlF~ J, HERMANSBORGMMR I, OSHEAGREEM~ELD A DENENS ES, Mcu C, BORGMEYEH “, “OUMANNM, HEWEMANN s: Cloning of a Novel Glutamate Receptor Subunit, GluR5 Expression in the N-“s System During Development. Neuron 1990.5583595. BE-R D, SCA_ YEDVOBMCK B: Eviy Ventral Expression of the Drosophila Neurogenic Incus Mprtrrmlnd. Uev Bid 1991, 1443436-439. BF(ERC, PURIM C, RELCERT I Dopamine Content and MetaboUsm In Mesence&aiic and Diencephaiic Ceil Culturea Sex DUietences and F.ffec&of Sex Steroids. / Neunxi 1991, 11:1325-1333. BHA’ITACHARYA 8, SA”AS, SARKAR PK Post-T-riptionai Regukation of Tubuiin Messenger RNA in Developing Rat Brain. Hrarn Xes Md Brarn Res 191, 10.347-350. B”,MON“J, S’!‘w.w~WE, GRANGER NA Ecdysterold BimUtttt Sites Locpuzed bv AutoIadioEm~hv ita the tX&ai of Rcc&&tent Fifth-Stadium Mattdua- Sexta Iarvae. CeN Twrue Res 19!31.263:1831%. BuCK DL Does Steric Interference Between SpUce Sites Block the Splicing of a Short C-src NeuronSpecific Exon in Non- Neuronal Ceils. Genes ti’ 1991, 5+8+402. BLURSs, -ALE MQ, SHANKI- M: interactlonx Between Adjacent GaagUa Bring About the Bikatexaliy Alternating Diticrentiatlon of RAS and CA.5 Neurotns In the Leech Nerve Cord. J Neumsci 1990, 1031833193. BWCHUNNGER K, JANLY.JANYN: Transformation of Sensory cwgan identity by Ectopic Expression of Cut in Drosophila. c;mes Da, 1991, 5~112~1135. BODEHR, GEELW, C&v MA Neuron Di5erentiation in Hvdra Uwtdves Dividimt Intermediates. Da, Bid I&O, 139231-243. BONDRW, WYBORSK, R,, GorrvE~ DI: Developmentally Regulated Expression of an Exon Containlug a Stop Codon in the Gene for Glutamic Acid Decarboxyiase. Pm Nut1A& Sci LiS A 1990, S7 877-8Ti5 BOIXIERJ, HOwaNN M, osHF.AGREEMauJ A, Hwnk?f M, DENENS E, MARON C, HEINEMANN S: Molecuku Cionlng ?ad Functionnl Expression of Glutamate Receptor SubunIt Genes. Scrence1990. 249:10331037. Bo-u. DDL_ilu T, MlCML WM. HACKETT D. RllBlNGM. Anaiyskz of the Rnhancer Element that Controls Expression of Sweniess In the Developing DrmopbibxRye. PnxNadAcadSciUSA 1991. 88&536S57. BCYERS, M,.,,wuw R_GOME!,D. DENECHAUD 8. Hu AM, Dwolra P: Expression of Gilal FibriUxy Acidic Rotein and Vimentin lo Mouse Lens gpitheiial Ceils During Develqnnent hwivo and During Proiifetation and Dit&rent&tlon bwitm - Comparison with the Developmental Atmarance of GPAP In the Mouse Central N-&us System. J Neumscr Rps 1%X3.275%4



cioaing of pa, a putatively !3ecreted Rotein Whose MRNA Is Induced by Nerve Growth Factor and Depolnrlzntlon. Pm Narl Acad Sci (IS A 1991. 88:335>3357. BRANDNJ, PETKOMCH M. CH,uawZa~ P: Chvncteriut‘on of P Futtctiooal Promoter for the Human Retinoic Acid Receptor-alpha (hRAR-a). NuclercActi Res 1990,1~679p6806 BRENE S, UNDEFORS N, FNEDMAN X!,, PERSSON H: f’reprotachy*lnln-A Messenger RNA Expression in the Rat Brain During Development. Dee Bran i&s 1990,57:151-162. BRUNDEN KR, BROWN DT: F-0 Messengtr RNA Expression In Cultures of Schwatut Cells and Neurons that lack Rawi lamina and My&n. / Neumxr Ra 19X. 27.15’+16((. BUCHNER E. Genes Expressed in the Adult BraIn of Dmsophiia and Effects of Their Mutations on Behavior - a Survey of Transmitter-Related and Stcond Messenger-Related Genes. J Neurqwne: 1991,7:153192. BUCKM~STER 4 NOBESCD, EDWARDS SN, TOLKO~~KY AM: Nerve Growth Factor is Required for Induction of C-fos Immunoreactlvity by Serum, Depolarization, Cyclic AMP or Trauma In Cultured Rat Sympathetic Neurons. EurJ Neumm ,991, 3:69%707. D,,ritxg Dros+dia Embryogenesis the Beta1 Tub&n Gene is Stxci5caiiv Ex~ivssed lo the Nemo”8 System and the A&e&s. Mecb Dev 1991, 33.107-118. CABACUNGAN E, Mrr’r.uF, VEUHS, SHANKER G, GUSTOWE. SOPRANO DR_PIERINGER P.A Degrees of Gxlperativity Between Trilodothyronit~e and Hydrocortlsone in Their Regukation of the Expresshm of MyeUn Basic Rwtefn and Roteoiipid Rotein During Brain Development. Dev Neunxci 1991, 13-7&79 CABRERA CV Lateral lnhlhitlon and Ceil Fate During Neurogenesis in Dros0phU.a - the Interactions Between Sante, Notch and Delta. [email protected] 1990,110:73>742. CAMPowR7FC;A ,A, KNUSTE: M0lecuiar Analysis of a ~eiiubu Decision During Ikttbtyotdc Development of Drosophila-Meianogaster Epldermogenesis or Neurogenesis. EurJ Bimhem 19% 190:1-10. CARBIMIA_ MAwEsVJM,S~A~RRA PM Developmental Expression of Choline Acetyltransferase Messenger RNA In Drosophila. Neun&wm Res 1990,15:[email protected]%. CAR,F.RDA, MURPHY D: Regulation of C-Fos and C-Jun Expression in the Rat Supraoptic Nucleus. Cell MO.’ New&id 1990,10.435445 CAsTRuo ,I, THElU LE, KAJUN M: Function of the Homeodomnln Rotein GHFI in pltuitaty Ceil Roliferation. Science 1991. 253:197-199 C&11x0 M, hliuw CB. N-N B, ANDERSON 5 Does the ~unitz domain from the Alzheimers Amyiold fteta- ~otein precursor lnhlblt a RaiUkrcfn Responsible for Post- Ttansiationai Recessing of Nerve Growth Factor Recursax. FEBS L&f I%‘& 267:207-212. CFCCATELUS, CORTESR, ROKFELTT EtTect of Reserpi”e and Colcbicine on Neuropeptlde Messenger RNA levels in the Rat Hypothtdamlc -entricular Nucleus. Md Bra,” Res 1’991, W7.59 C~LAOHhl. blcm~ US: Glucocorticoid Regulation of Neuropeptlde Messeng‘~ RNAS bt the Rat Striatum. Brain Res Md Brain Ret I!?%,9 307-311 CHATONNET A, LORCA T, BARAKAT A ARONE, JRILO0: Structure of Rabbit Butyxyichoibwsterase Gene Deduced from Genomic Clones and from CDNA nithIntrons.CeUMdNeu~id1991.1111~130 CHISAKA 0, CAPECCHI hlR Regionally Restricted Developmental Defects Resulting from Targeted Disruption of the Mouse Homeobox Gene HOX1.5. Nature 1991, 3H).473ii79. CH”N,S AB, KI,~DA JY. EUmination of a BraIn Tract l,,creases Errors In l’athlindlng by Follower . Growth Cones in the Zebrafish Embryo. Neumn 1991,7:27/-285. (351. CHO,J, COSTAMl+ ~IERMELSTEIN CS, CHAGICS C. HOLx7.n S, HOLIZERH: My00 Converts Rimary Dermai Fibrobiasts, Chondroblasts, Smooth Muscle, and Retina, Pigmented EpltheUai Ceils into striated Mononucleated Myobiasts and Multittuciated Myotubes. Pm Nat1 Acad SC111S A 1990,87379S&7992. CHO~Q~JRYM. TAYLOR JP. TADAH. RAPPAPORT J. WONGSTMLF, AMINIS. KHAuu K. Rqjuiauon of the Human Ncurouopic Virus promoter by JCV-T Antigen nnd HIV-1 TAT Rotein. Onagww 1990, 5:1737-1742.

of gene expression

and neural



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D The Recombination

Acthating Gene-l (RAG 1) T-ript is present in the Marine Central Netvus System. Cell 1991,64:1892oO. COKERGT. S1uoELsKA D. HARMON S. BURKE W. O&tA”XYKL AM&IS of mine Hydroxykise and Insulin Transcripts In Human Neuroendocrine Tissues. Mol Brain Res 1990,8.93-911 CoC, PAPAGF.ORGE AG, low DR ETAL: Early Enhancement of Calcium currents by H-t-as Oncopmteins Injected into Hermissenda Neurons. Science 1990, 250 17431744 Couws S, ALTXHMLED J, HERBSMAN 0, CARONMG, MEUaN PL LE~~0w’n-zRI, A CAMP Respcntse Element in the Beta-2-Adrenergic Rec+or Gene Confers T-riotionai Atttoremdation bV CAMP. 1 Bid &em I&, 26519330-19~5. I . tnhihits COMB M, GOODMANHM. CpG Methyldon Fnenkqx.baib~ Gene ~twslon and Binding of the Trattscriptrjm 7&&f Ap+Z. Nucleic Acids Ra 199o,lS:397M98i. : ’ CORME~XTHFIUIAZ I. MEERILIAT AM. &&GEK P. ROSS;IER BC: DitTerentiai R&&ion of Na-K-ATpp+e lsofcwm Gene Expressl& by T3 During Rat Brain Dwelooment. Am I Pbvstd 1991.261:C12=131 CO,II~~IER L, &&A S. RUNGGER D, BERTRAND S, Bou~Tw J, B-TT M, BERIRAM,D. Aipba-5, Alpha3, and Non-Alpha-3 3 Clustered Avian Genes Encoding Neuronal Nicotittic Acetylcholine Receptor-Related Subunits. ,, Bid than IWO, 265:1756&17567 C,,RM P. DECEUS JF. CAMPLIZANO S, Morxx~u J Roneurai Clusters of Acbaete-Sate Expression and the Generation of Sensory Organs in the Drosophila Imaginai WinR Disc. Genes Da, 1991.5 ‘X+lMyI DAY M,, &mm MILBRANDTJ The Zinc Flnrrr Rotein N&-A Exists lo Roth Nuclear and Cytoplasmif Forms in Nerve Growth Factor-Stimuiated PC12 Ceils. J B:d them 1990, 265.1525$152&I “F CEUSp, MAUIBEFFAM, GARCIA-B~urx,A CeUautonomous Role of Notch, an Epidermal Growth Factor Homologue, in Sensory Orgrn Dlffercntiation in Dmsopbila. Pm NutI Acad Scr 11



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Developmental Cbages of Neuron-Specitic Fnoiase Messenger RNA in primary Cultures Of Rat Neurons. cell Md Neumbid 1991. 11:2892% I~IK_~A~UENOT D. SIWX!ZR MT, FELIXJM, RICHARD P, Expression of Vasopressin and Opiates But not of owtocln Genes studied by insiN Hyhrid&a;ionin Embryonic Rat Brain primary Cul-. Dw Brarn Res 19%. 5635-39. DMSH MM. SHE”W

G, Born


DF, LACHMANHM: Ditrerentlal Eaect of Uthium on Fos Rotooncogene Erpressiott Mediated by Receptor and F’ostreceptor Activ=ton of Rotein Kinase-C and Cyclic Menmine Monophosphnte -Model for Its Antimanic Action. J Neumccr Res ,991, 28:40-a “ORSONAT, MARGousTP. S~oaTl F, Sn”wS JG, FEWM LT. A Lotent. Nonpathogetdc HSV-1-Derived vector stably Expresses BetaGakwtosidnse In Mouse Neurons. Neumn 1990,5:353360. DOF.CQ, CHULAGRAFF Q, WRIGHI’ DM. SCOTTMP The Rospero gene Spec~ies CCU Fates In the Droeophlla Centd Ner”o”t‘ System. Cd 19% 65 451464.





of gene expression

DOERUV(; Lc, CwG PL Expression of P Novel Gene Product by rt-anspkints of cenetically Modi6ed Rbnmy Plbmbkwts In the GnttaI Nervous Svstem. 1 Neumci Res 1991, 29:292-290 Do&HUE Mj, MERUEJP. RESEW N, SANES JR Ros-udal Gradient of TrattsRene Expression In Adult Skeletal Merle. Proc Nat/Acad Sci U 5 A 1991,88.5&17-5851 DOUCFT JP. S~rrwro SP. Bw NC: Fos-Juo and the primary Genomic Response in the Nervous System - Possible l’hysiolqical Role and Pxtthoph,[email protected], [email protected]~ce. Md Neurcbrd 1990.4~27-55 DOUGLhFS J, GRuaS I_ SHOOK J. IZE PHK, HONG JS Sy%temic Admhdstration of R&tic Acid Dlffemltkllly Regulates the Levels of Ptvd~~otvhin and Roen*eDhaUt~ Messenser RNA hna i’eptides in the Ra; Hippocampu; MO/ Brarn Res 1991, 9:7%6 EFnhn~R BREMVER HR_BUONANZUI A Myqenitn and MyoD Join a Family of Skeletal Muscle Genes [email protected] by Rkctrical Activity. I’mc NatI Acad Sci USA 1991.B&134+1353. EISENJ: Developmental Neurobiology of the ?? ZebntBsh. INeunxd 1991. 11:311&317.111. EISENJS: Detem&tion of E’rimaty Mot&e;m” . . Identity in DevelopinR Zebraftsh Embryos. Samce 1991,252~569572.[19]. EISENJS. PME SH. The Spt-1 Mutation Alters Segmental ?? Arraqement and Axonal Development of ldentieed Neurons in the Spinal Cord of the Rmbryonic Zebnfaslt. Neuron 19!31,6:767-776.[55]. EUINGERZIEGEIBAUER H, Draw C. A Retitwic Acid Receptor Rxpressed in the B&y Development of xenopus Lewis. CRneSDev 1991.5 94-104 ENC.LE MJ,“OLPEJJ Glutamine Synthetase Activity of Developing Astrocytes is Inhibited Invltro by Very Low Concentrations of Lead. Dev Brarn Res 1990, 55.2832n7. ERICK(ON JD, TROJANOWSKI JQ. EIDENLE Re&mal Distrlbutiw and Rat&l Molecuku Vtion of CD4-Related Messenger RNA in Human Brain and Peripheral Tissues. Hrarn Rex Mel Brain Res 1991,10:2331. ERICKSON JW. CUNE lW Molecular Nature of the DrOsOvhUa Sex Determination Siwal and Its Link t; Neurogenesis. Scrence1991~251.1071-1074 ESPOSITO F, AMMENDOLA R, Duuo A, C”sT&wo F, GIORUANO M, UMBRANON. DACCSTINOP, R1,S.wT. C&,,ivOF Lwlation of CDNA Frqttettts Hybridizing to Rat Rnln-Specific Messeager RNA.%Dn’ Neuraccr1990, 12:37>381 ESTRICGE JK. KEMPLM, WATCHMAN Ds: The Herpes Simplex virus Protein Vmn65 can Trans-Activate RothYld and Cellular Promoters in Neuronal Cells. Biccbem ,19X,. 271.273276. FAIVRF.~ C, R&iA, FACES C. TARDY M F5ect of Thyroid Deficiency on Glkal Fibrillay Acidic RNA in Rotdn (GFAP) and GFAP- M-ttgcr and Hippocampcd Formation of the Developiq Rat. Glia 1991, 4~276284 FARINCJ. KILI’N, “OUT “. Mechanisms bwolved in the T-riptioaal Activation of Froenlqbalin Gene Ext~resioa in Ravine Chromfin Cells. I Bic.‘&1990. 265.1911619121. FEHONRG.JOHANSEN K, REBAYI, ARTAVANIS~AKONAS S Complex Celluku and Subcellular Re&ation of Notch Erpression During Embryonic and lmqinal Development of Drosophila fmpliathms for Notch Function. / Ceil Bid 1991, 113:657-669. FEMSmINDL DuR&NLI M, M,,,~R RJ.Expression of Myositt Rqukttory Lit+ Chains In Rat Brain Characterization of a Novel Lwform. Mol “ram Res 1991,10.97-105 FERRrm P, BROCKES JP. CeU [email protected], and Identity in Limb ReRettention and Development. GIIcr1991, 4:214-224 FINKJS.VERHAVE M, WALTONK, MANDE,.G, GOODMANRH CycUc M(p-Induced and Phorbol Ester-Induced Ttaascriptional Activation are Mediated by the Same Rtthancer Rlement in the liumnn va9oactive Intestinal peptide Gene., BIol chcm 1991,266:3882-3887 rnvKEl.STF.w 9 SMollSED, CAPACITM, SPRADUNG AC, PERRLMON N The ortbodenticle Gene RmxJdes a Novel Homeo Domain Frotelo Involved kn the Development of the mpbilia Nervous System aad Ocellar Visual Structures. Genes h, 1990, 415161527. FmNEYM, RLNKUNG: The Unc-86 Gene Product Couples Cell Lineqe and Cell Identity in CBleBans. CPU19%. 63:S?+905 RSCHBACH K. IL Y. ‘I?~~NYCAS’IIGIIONI E, M&‘IERA, Bow BH, ADRIANGS: l+n-ession of Chimeric HuTraasferritt Genes Invitro. / Neumvr Res 1990, 27:63?&41



and neural


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R effects of kbmdedness and Sex rm the Morpholosy of the Corpus Calkmum . a Study with Brain MaBtaetic Resonance Imqiq,. Brarn Cop ,991. 16:4141 WAFNUNM, KRMU+SCHEK 8, CAMPOSORTTGA JA The Pnttem of Transcription of the Neuro~ettic Gene-Delta of DrosopbUaMelanoRaster. &w&nnenl1990, 110:905 ,WIAT N, Sw~?n J, MELHEM R, ZHVXx. BRODEUR G. SEEGER RC. RKvOLDSCP. H.4~94 S: N-myc Gene Ampli5cation in Neui-oblastoma is Assocbtted with Altered Phosphotykttion of P Proliferation Related f’olypeptide (OplB). C&qene 1990, 5 161+1618 HAILAK Developmental [email protected] of TkymosinBeta-10 Messenger RNA in the Human Brain. Md Brain Res 1991,9 175177 JI: Thyno& Beta 10 ,WJ AK, HEMPSTFM)J, MOncjAN kvela in Developing Human Brain and Its Re&ation by Retinoic Acid in the HTB 10 Neorobkastoma. MdRrain Res 1990. 8:12+136. HAIL IMC, MALCOLMCA The AcetylcholinatGene of Attopheles-Stephensi. CeN Md New&d 1991, 11:131-141. HANZEJ, KUMMERW. [email protected] M, IANG RE Neuropeptide-Y Messenger RNA [email protected] in Rat Sympathetic Gatt~lin - EtTect of Reserpine. Neumxr Len 1991, 124:llP-121 ,fART AC, KRAMER H. VANVACTORJR Dlq PAIDHUNGAT M. ~~‘CIRXY SI; Induction of Cell Fate in the Dmsophilia Retina: the Bride of Sevenless Rotein is Predicted to contain a laqe Rxtracellular Domain and Seven Transmembrane Sqments. Genes Da 1990, 4 1835-1847 HARTRI’. SHADV\CK AM, JoNAKAlTGM. Substance-P Gene Expression is Regulnted by Interleukit-1 in Cultured Snnmthetk Gamxlia I Neumcci Res 1991. 29:282--291. . _ HARTENSTHNV. POSAKONY JW. A Dual Punction of the Notch Gene in Drosophila Sensillum Development. Da, Bid 1990.142:1330 HA’,TAK, RRFM~LLFR R, WF.S~RRELDM, K~MMEL CB. . Diver&~ of Emression of Enwailed-Like AntiRe& in Ze~mfish. LIerw&nenf 1991, 112.821-832. [44]. HATTAK, Kmnm CB, HO RK. WmR C. The Cyclops . . Mutation Blocks Speci&ation of the Floor Plate of the Zebrafish Central Newcans System. Nalure 1991, 350:339341. [ZOJ. H.&T-r*K. Xm”.mG ‘IF, BREMl!_ERR. K&&EL CB. . Specification of Jaw Muscle Identity In Zebratish: Correlation with En~ralled Homeoprotein Expression. Science 19%. 250:802++05.[43]. HA”~UI HL BKKIAND PR,ODONOVAN MC, MC~WFLN P. The EtTects of Antidept DRIBS on Rainate Receptor MessenRer RNA Levels. 1991,30367%77 Neunpharmacdo~ HAYES\vp, 100~YP Cm~&ted Onset and Fwteming of Pmopiomelanocortin Gene Rxpression in Embryonic Xenopus Brain and Pituitary. Dwelqmenr 1990, 110747-757 HF~~,? LE, BFNEDKTS, GLEAWJ, Jo”Nso~ GL. Requirement of the Adenovirus ElA T&formation Domain-l for Inhibition of PC12 Cell Neuronal DUTerentiation. Cell Rend 1991. 2,47%69 HERERLE,N I,, ML‘XX.,K M, RUBLNGM: Cell-Fate Detetmination in the DevelooloP Drosoohika Eye - Role of the Rough Gene. [email protected]&ll991, 112-703712 HFRBRLUN U, RCIINN GM: Star is Required in P Subset of Photoreceptor Cells in the Developing Drosophila R&ina and Displays Do&e Sensitive Interactiona with Rounh. Da’ Blol1991. 144:353361 HEKLM S. A Neuron-Spedtic in CElegaas Allowa Visualbxtion of the Entire Nervous system. Neunm wm, 4 85-5. Hm.fMAlmRNANWI,& smwm RM, HAnlAm RM RegloaSpecific Newal Induction of an Bntp-ailed Rotein by Anterior Notochord in Xenopus. Science 1990, 25ONlCbaO2 “ES\ EJ. WILSONMC TotterinR and Leaner Mutathtts Perturb Transient Developmental eXpression of Tyrosine liydroxykase in Embryolo&ally Distinct PurLlnje Cells. Neuron 1991,6:123132. HICX;INS GA. Ouc~oti JA Induction of lnterleukin l-Beta Mcssenner RNA in Adult Rat Brain. Md Rrarn Res 1991.9:143-148 H,RVONENH, -LA ‘IT’, SANDBERC M, K.uum H, VuORlO E, A”T.U, K. Fxpression of the Myc F?‘otoOttcogtnes in Developing Human Petnl Bmln. fa~0gme 1990.51787~1797




Development cell *“tOnOmO”S Action of ZebrpGsh Spf-1 Mutation in Specific Mesodemul [54]. Frecu-. Nalure 1990,34&72%7x). HOBW~NGM, MOUUY GK BEWIELDPk ~dentffiati~n 0f -Acting Rgulotory Elemeaa In the promoter Region of tbc Rat BrahI Creatble KInwe Gene. Md CeN Bid 1990.10:6533&43 HODGKINJ: Sex Determination and tbc Generation of Senully Dimorphic Nervoous systems [Revlen]. Neuron 1991.6:17)-185. HOFFMANEP, MORGANJE, WAKENSSC, PAR~WDGE TA Somatic Revcrslon suppre!w100 of the Mouse Mdx phenotype lmivo. J Neurd Xi 1990,99+25. HCUSTEIN ‘Iw, DAVIDCN. Futntive Intermedlntes in the Nerve Cell Jxlfewntiaanl pathway in Hydn have properties of Multipotent Stem Cells. De2, Bid 1990,142:40-405. HoNo. H. TANEM,,%,M, YoSHlDAA Estimation of Neuroblast Numbers in fnsect Neurogenesis Using the lrteral Inhibition Hypothesis of Cell Duferentkuicm. fJeud~f 1990,110:1349. HONOREB, RASMUSSEN HH, VANDEKERCKHOVE J, CE”S JE. Neurolul protein Gene product 9.5 (fF.F SSP 6104) is w in cultured ~umaa rd~c-5 Fibroblnsu of Normal Ori& and is Stronplv Down-Regulnted in Their &‘40 T-for&i Counterpans. FEBS Len 1991,2&%23>240. HIIANGF, DAMBLYCHAUMERE C, GHY%N A Tbe Emergence ofScnseOrlposintbeWlngDkxofDrosqbUa. Dewlapmenf 1991, 111:1087~1095. IHARAH, NAKAMSHI S: Sckctive Inhibition of Expression of the substaace-P Receptor MRNA in Rncreatic Acinar .4R4q cells by Glucocorticoids. / Biol 0xm 1990,265:2244-22445 lKEDAI, ISHVAKA Y. TAHIRA T, SUZUKIT. oND.4 M, SllGlMVP.A T, NAGAO i-4 Specffic Fxpression of the Ref Proto0ncoger.e in Human Neuroblnstoma CeU Lines. oncogene 1990,5:129-12%. ~KENAKA K, N K, TAKAYAMA C, WNIA K, HAT~WAKA H, MIKOSHJBA K: Nerve Growth Pactor Rapidly fnduces Rqmssioa of the &t&Da Neu&il&nt cenebyFosttraMc rlptionnl Modifica~tlon in FClZb-R Cells. J Bid Oxm 19SQ. 265~19702-19785. IMAKIT, NAHANJL RMER C, SAU’CHENKO PE, VAIE WDifferential llemdation of CorticotnmlnR‘2laSb.g Fact& Messenger RNA in lipt Brain Regions by Glucocorticoids and Stress. J Neurowi 1991,11:58~599




. .

Regulation of Herpes Simpler Virus ImmediateEarly Gene Flvmoters in Mouse Neuroblastomn C&s. Neurcsci Len 1990,11R:185-188 KIDDGJ. HAUERPE, THAPPBD: Axons Modulnte MyeUn Rotein Messenger RNA Levels During Central Nervous System Myeltnation Invivo. / Neunxci Ra ,990, 26:40+418 KILBO~NE EJ. Ouw. H, SABBANEL Hypometbylatlon of the Rat Tyrosbx Hydroxykise Gene Correlntes with Its Expresshm in Several cell Types. Brarn Res De0 Rrain Res 1991. 58:143146. KILBOURNE EJ. SABBANEL Differential E&cl of Membrane Depokuization on Levels of Tyrosine Hydroxylpx and Dopamine Beta-hydroxylase Messenger RNAS In PC12 Pheocbromocytoma Cells. Md Brain R&s 1990. 8 121h128. KIMSJ, UE H D, ROBBINSPD, BuSAMK, SPORNMB. ROBES AB RqUaUon of Tmnsformlng Growth Factor Bl Gem! Expression by the Froduct of the Retbmblastoma-susceptibility Gene. Pmc Nat/ Acad Sci US A 1991, B&3052-3056 KIMMELCB, WES,Z~IEW M prlmnry Neurons of the . Zebr&sbinS&nolandSerrrP,Editedby Fdelman GM, Gall WE, Comrn WM [book]. New York. Wilq Lb 1990, :561-w. [Zl]. KISLAIISKIS E, D~BNERPR Mudy Dependent Response Elements in the Cis-regulatory Region of the Neurotensin Neuromedin N-gene Intqxate Environmental StbnuU la PC12 Cells. Neuron 1990,4:783795 KNAMAH, EMSONPC: Colcblcine-Induced Eqwesslon of proneurotensln Messenger RNA In Rat Strbwum Brain Res Md Brarn Res 1991. and Hypotbabunus. 9.3533358. KUMBT C, JACOBSJF., GOODMAN CS, The MIdline of the Diwqbih Central Nervous System - 1 Model for the Geaetic Analysis of Cell Fate, Cell MigraUon. and Growth Cone Guidance. Cdl 1991,64:801415 KIEIN R, m D, B*RBACW M, PARADA IF Expce&on of the Tyros?ne Kbuse Receptor Gene Trkb ts Ccwu?ned to the Murine Embryonic and Adult Nervous System. Deve~t 19’%, 109r845. KwPPBI. M, BEERMANN F. R~IPPEKT S, SC”MID E, HIIMM~R E, SCHLITZ G: The Mouse Tyrosinase Promoter is sUmcknt for hpresslon In Melnnocytes and in the pigmented Epitbelium of the Reflol Pnx Null Acad Sci U S A 1991, 377-3781 KOBAYASHl S. GOT0 S, ANW K Brain-Spcctic SmaU RNA Trnnscript of the IdenU6er Sequences is Resent as a l&S Ribonuclcoproteb~ puticle. J Bid Chem 1991, 266:47264730 K0,U.U T, lSWu.urw S. HI~~SHIJ!I.US 1. T~AY,U.U E, AKIMARU of H, 50~~ M, EMORIY, S.UIXJ K: a Di5zrent-type Homeobax Gene, Barfil. Possibly Causing Bar(B) and Dan(D) Mutations in Drosoohiia. Pm Nat/ Acad Sci ” S A 1991, B&4343-4347. JM. WIES’“ZR0, LANGW, SCHMm HP, KOMF G, SA~BAUM MASTERS CL BEYREUIHER K Altefiutive SpUcing of the Betaa Amyloid Gene of Alzheimer’s Disease In Cortex of Control and Alzheimer’s Disease Pptients. Md Brain Res 1991.9:25+262. KORNACK DR, Lu B, BvICK IB: SeruaUy Dimorphic Earprcsslon of the NGF Receptor Ge& in the Develooian Rat Brain. Brain Rer 1991. %2:171-174 KRAMER H, &i F& ZIPURSKYSL of Bride of Sevenless Membrane-bound Ligand and the Sevenless Tyrosine-kbuse Receptor. Nature 1991, 352:207-212. KRAw S, JOHANSEN T. KOWH V. FJOSEA ExpressIon . Pattern of Zebrafish pa.r Genes Suggests a Role in &rly Bmin Regionalizatlon. Nature 1991. 353267-270 [36]. KLR(SEJ, KURYATOY A, ~“ET Y, MALOSIO ML SCHMlEIxw V, BET’ZH. ALternative SpUciq Generates Two lsoforms of the Alpha2 Subunit of the fnhibirory Glycine Receptor. FEB.7 Len 1991, 203:73n. KU&,.&R Rs, TlnXKUMKARA TJ, SENGC The Messenger RNA.9 Ellcoding the 2 Anglotensin-Converting isozymes are T-ribed from the Same Gene by a Tissue- SpeciEc Choice of Alternative Tnuscrlp&.n fnitlntion Sites. J Bid @em 1991, 266:385&3862. Lxn BN, B~R~EISCF. NoGuElRACP. ARPAGAUS M. L~CKR~DGE 0: propa& Nomenchture for ““ma,, Butyrylcbolbwstrrnse Genetic Vvlvlts IdentUied by DNA Sequencing. Cdl Md New&id 1991, 11:7%69 UGUN~WICH y\, GRUMVAIDGB: Tkwue and AgeSpecificity of Post-Transkational Modi6uUons of N-Cadherba During Chick Embryo Development. LJ&renriarion 1991,47.1+27.


Activates T-rlption from th; Mo”se My&,, l&k Rwteb~ Roimter. J Bid than 1990, 265:1905~19070. ITAN Y, Non S, KOYAMAE, TANIGIICHI S, TAGA N, T-w T, ON0 K, K0s.w.~F: Baste&l Fndotorln-Induced Expression of Metalb%bionein Genes in Rat Brain, as Revealed by lnsitu Hybridlzntion. Neurosci Len lW1,124:1316 IT0H N, FURWA T, OZu, K, OHTA M, KA~,&AK,T The Secretin Precursor Gene Structure of the Coding Region and Expression in the Brain., Bid C&m 1991, 2663259512598 IWAKI4 IWAKIT, GOlDh!.w JE. IJEEM RKH Multiple M-Rer RNAs of Rat Brain AlphaCrystaUinB Cbab~ Result from Alternative T-rigtional Inlthtion. J Bid Caem 1990,265:22197~22203‘ JESSENKR MIFSKYR: ScbCell Recuand Their Deve~opmmt. Glia 1991, 4.185-194. Joslw B, WALTHER C, GRUSSP: The Murine Faired Box Gene, l’ax7, is Eqwmsed Specifically During the Development of the Nervous and Muscular System. Me& Dev 1%0,33:27-38 JOYNER A,, HERRlmK, A~ERBACH BA, DAIS CA, R0Sw.n J. Subtle Cerebelku phenotype in Mice Homozygous for a Targeted Deletion of the En-2 Homcobox. Science 1991, 25132391243. KANEIX N, S+SMXA T, KORAY~HIK, Kn,c~l K, NM;ATSu 1. KuR~%.u’A Y, FIfl.4 K. YOKOYw., M, NOMURAT, KATSUKI M, NAGATXJT: Tissue-Specifw and Iii&level Rxprcssion of the HUman lyrosine Hydmxykase Gene in Transgenic Mice. Neuron 19!91,6:583594 KANIAhfA, BONNERAS, DUFF?J5, GERGENJP: T?IC Drasqah Sqpncntation Gene *ntRncodes 1 Novel Nuclear Re&atory Protein that is ALSO Exprrseed in the Develops N-UI System. Gmec Da 1990,4:1701-1713. KAYEP, HE YG: post-Trpnsaiptional and Tmnsaiptional Control of CaUagea Gene Rxprcssion In Normal aad Modulated Rabbit cornal EndotheUal cells. I”ws [email protected]“is Sci 1991,32:1821-1827. KELEHER GP, STENOGS: Cell I’osition aad



of gene expression

and neural


LAHW DK. ROBAKLS NK. The Promoter Activity of the Gene Encoding AlzbebIIer Beta- AAyioid Rrmrsor Rotein (API’) is Rem&ted bv Two Md En& Res 1991. B10cks Of Ups& Se&es& 9253257. UI C, LTMKEG: An Extended Family of RoteinTyrosine Kinase Genes DUTerentbxUy Eqwessed la the Vertebrate Nervous System. Neunm 1991. 669-704. IARCHER JC. VAYSSIERE JL LC6SOuXa I, GROSF, CROIUT B: Regulation of C-myc and N-myc Exprasion Durbw Induced DiEerentlntion of Murloc Neur&astoma Cells. wene 1991,6:633+$ LCUSON KD, BREMIUERR Early of Wcnotypc . and Cell l’attemina in the Embryonic ZebraIlsh Retina. Deudqmwntl990, 109:567-576.1131. LARocHEUBWJ, WIIZEMANNv, FlEDlERw, FnOEHNeR SC: Develqnnental Fqression of the 43K aud 5gK PostsynapUc Membrane Rot&u and Nicotinic AcetylchoUne Recepton, in Torpedo 1990.103460 Elecwocytes. J Neu&ci IALARIMF, DEsLrS JP, WRM‘X, D: RegulnUon of the Glbd FibriUary Acidic Protein, Beta-Actln and Priori Rotein Messenger RpyAs During Brnln Dwelopment in Mouse. Brain Res Md Brain Res 1991,10:34>346 LEE MK, TUT-TIEJB, Rmwtm U,;d!&xhD DW, FRANKFURTER aad~%stuaaslational A The Ex~redon Mod&&n @p +rwnSpecUic Beta-TubuUn lsotype During Cbict Fmbryogeneska. Cell Mail Cymkelefon 1990, 17:118-132. IEE S.J. Expression of Grmvtb/different&tion Factor 1 (GDF-1) In the Nervous System: Conservation of a Bicistronlc Structure. proc Nat[ Acad Sci U 5 A 1991,88:425(t4254. Lw., J, APPLEBIXYML Fm JD, FUNNEW JG, Su.0,’ MI: T&sue-Speci6c and Developmental Regulntion of Rod Opsin Chimeric Genes in TRnsgaic Mice. Neuron 1991,6:201~210. DEERuULTS, BARDENN: Monoomhteqic Regulation of Froopiomelauocortin Messenger RNA Concentrations In prlmny Cell cultures of Rat Hypotbakunus. Bnnn Res Md Brain Res 1991, 9:327-332. of RoopiomeUXERFAULT S, BARDENN R.qdation kulocortin Messenger RNA concentratiolM by Opioid peptides in Primary Cell Cultures of Rat Hypotb&mus. Md Brain Res 1991, 10:11>121 II c, CHAIFIEM: OganoRenesis In C-eleRarIs Fwsitioning of Neurons and Muscles in the Egglaylng System. Neuron 1990,4:681695. L1 S, CRENSHAW EB, f&-N EJ, S,MMONS DM, Sw&3sONLW, RC6ENTH.CMG: Dwarf locus MuPnb Lacking 3 pituitary CeU rypeS Result from MutaUons in the FOU-Domain Gene Pit-l. Nature 1990,



Cell I,& Which Generates Both GUal and Adrenergic Frogenitor Cells. Da’ Bfd 1991, 145:139153 U: B, YOKOYMlAM, DRRTUS CF, BIACK IB. NGF Gene Expression in Actively Growing Brain Glin. J Neumi 1991, 11.3X+326 UINF_U~CJ, WIIlIAMsJf, MARS-J, m&r+ ES, OLIVAC, SMTHJS, AMANAVAGE J, FOUNDERK, STEINRB, SWANSON R, KACnaXFx Lx, Bu”RO\VSA Altrmptive SpUcing Contributes to K + Channel Diversity in the Mammalian Central Nervous System. Pm NatI Acad Sci lJ S A 1991. 88.3932-3936 MxCuMBER MW. SmD!3 SH, Rca w1 cuboxypqtidwE (Fnkephalin Convertase) - Messenger RNA Disfribution In Rat Brain by fnsitu Hybridization. J Neumrci 1990,[email protected]~2860. MAcGROGAN D, DESPRESG, ROMAND R, Dlcou E: Exprrssion of the Beta-Nerve Growth Factor Gene in Male Sex Oqans of the Mouse, Rat, and Guinea Fig. J Neumsci Res 1991, Z&%7-573. M&K KJ. OhuuEv KL. TODD RD: DUTerential Expression of Dooamloendc-DZ Recemor Messenner RNAs

CeUukar and Ontogcnctk Exoression of Measemre I RNAS Ellcodirln Three Alpha Polypeptides of the Rat GMM Receptor. Neumccience 1991,43:369-300 MADENM, Hurir P, ERMSSONI,, KUROIWA A. KRuMLAI%R, SUMMERBE”. D: Retinoic Acid-Binding Protein, Rhombomerea and the Neural Crest Dezdwnenr ,591, 111:35-+4 MAGENDZOK, SH~RVAN & CuuRARo C. SRIVUTAVA M, POllARD HB, BURNSAL Alternafive SpUclng of HUSynexin M-ger RNA in Brain. cnrdlnc, and TOBM A]: I,hpen&nt



Development Control

of gene expression

Skeletal Muscle Alters the Unique N-Terminal Domain. / Bid f&m 1991,266:322M232. MAJOREO, AUZMIY~K, EIDERG. How SA Glkd Cella of the Iiumao DevelopinR Brain and B-Cells of the lmrnu~~e System Share a Common DNA Binding Factor t& RecoBlUuon of the [email protected] Sequencw of the Human Polyomnvlrus, JCV. J Neumpci Res 19’%,27:46-471. Mw( RK, ROEhiW, BLACKSHMP. PJ:Epidermal Growth Factor and Other Mitqens Induce Blndiq of P Fvotein Complex to the Gfos Serum Response Rlemettt In Human Astmcytoma pod Other Celka. J Bid Bern 1991,266857ti-8582. MARKOF~ULOU K, ART.wAMs1sAKoNAsS: Developmental A&y!Us of the Facets, P Group of lntmnic Mutations at the Notch Locus of DmsophUa MelanoRraster that A5ect Postembryonic Development. I &q~ Zcd 1991,257:314-329. MARSHAU. J, BUCKINGHAM SD, SHING.UR, IuNI GG, GOOSFV MW, DARUSONMG, SA~UE DB, BARNARD EA. Sequence and Functional Expression of a Simtle Al&a Subunit of an Insect NicoUnic Ace-+&ir,e Receptor. WlBO J 1990,9:43914398 MARIINDALE MQ, S&wKI&w M. Intrinsic SeBmental Identity of Sqmentel Founder Cells of the Leech Embryo. h’alure 19%. 347672474. m c, M0DoLLLLJ:cross-CeBulatoty Interactions Between the Pmneunl Ackaete and Sate Genes of Dmsophiki. Xience 1991,251:148+3487. MArmNlR, SCHACHNER M: complex Expression Pattern of Tenascin During Innervation of the Posterior Limb Buds of the DevelopinR Chicken. J Neumsct Res 1991. 28:261-279. MARIWMORRIS lE, WHIIY E The lhusophih T-rlpt Encoded by the Beta-Amyloid Rotein PrecursorLike Gene Is Restrlctal to the Nervous System. [email protected]~ 1990,110.18Cr195. MARnhxx J-c, MERUEJP: Nerve&pendent Modulation of Acetylcholbte Receptor c-subunit Gene Expression. J Neumsci 1991,11:1291&1299. ht&ws TE. RUSHS,, BROWNIR: Induction of a Hat Shock G&(bsp70) In Rabbit Retinal Gaqlion Cells Detected by lnsitu Iiybridlzation with FlasUc- Embedded Tissue. Neumhem Res 1990, 15:122%1235. M&,,S, W-R PS, MOSERDR, FEuUm RE, MAllRERRA Fete, Development and Neumr,e,,GUal CeU specuicity of CAMp- Dependent protein Kinase Subunit Messettga RNAs in Rat Brain. Der> Neumcci 1991.1347-53. M&uccl JD, MLTENBERGER RJ.HOFF~ FM: PIttem SpeciBC Erpn-ession of the Dmsopbllla Iiecqettta&& Gene in lmql&l Disks is Remdated bv 3’ Cis Remdatorv Elements. Genes ~&19!%,, 4:2611&2023 K. “~LIKAWA S. SHIBAsAKl H. K”CuCHIT: Reduction of Nerve Growth Fact‘,= Level III the Brain of GeneUcally AtaxiC Mice (weaver, Reeler). FEE.5 Leti1990,276.7~. MATrHIEUJM, AMGun P. Myelin/0lQudendmcyte Glycqwotebt Expression Durlq Development in Normal and Myelin-De5cient Mice. Dev Nt?urosci1990,12:29~302. MCCORMICK F. ‘l&e World According to Gap [Review]. Onqvne 1990,5 128-1283 MCDONAIDJW, ,OHN~ON MV, YOUNG AB: Differential Onto~enic Development of Three Receptors Comprisiq the NMDA Receptor/Channel Compler In the Rat Hippocampus. E_sD Nrurol 1990,110:237-247. MCMllRRAY CT, WIISO~ WD, DollCLMF JO HaIrpIn F-Uon Within the Enhancer Region of the Ib,mat, E,,kep,,aUn Gene. Proc Nafl Acad Sci 11 S A 1991, S&66&670 MEIERT, C_un F. REIcHErrH Homologous Fatterns in the Embryonic Development of the Peripheml Nervous System in the Grasshopper ScbIstocerca- Grqprla and the Fly DmsophtiMekmogaster. [email protected] 1991,112:241~253 MERENMIES ,. Ru”u H Moleculnr Ck,tiR of the 1E kDa cilwwth--&ted Rotein of iieveloping Btabt. I Bid Bern 1990.265:16721-16724 MEKNIE wk, MYEFS PZ, TR?e&Row B, BASS MB. KIMMEL . CB: Primary Neurons that Express the L2/HNK-1 Carbohydrate DurbtB Early Development in the zeblaBsh. Develqpmenr 1990,110:491~504 [B]. MIIUZRPD. MATHI?&TC. Tohu JG: Re~uknion of Nerve Gmwtb Factor Receptor Gene Expression by Nerve Gmwtb Factor In the DevelopinR prriphetzl Nervous System. J CeU Bid 1991, 112303312. M~C”,U PJ,T,&,“ONsPM. HEBERT,!“,.RlGBYPW,, nJAN R: Tnttscrlptiott Factor Ap 2 is Expressed in NeuAL Crest Cell Linqes DutinR Mouse Embryogcnesls. Genes Da’l991, 5:10>119. MIODW ht. BAKERNE, RUBINGM. Isolation and Fqwession of Scabrous, a Gene RcBlUating


and neural


Neumgencsls In -plUUa. Genes Dev 1990, 4:18‘%1861. MOLVENA, NJOUTADPR_FJOSEA Gcnomic Structure and . Rest&ted Neural Bx~resvion of the Zebratish ,““,I (#nil) Gene. i&O JIWI, 10:79’+BQ7.[47]. MONTPIEDP. GINNSEI. m BM. RCCAD. FARBDH. PAULSM: w-Amlnobutyrlc Acid (GABA) Induces P Receptor-Mediated Reductic”I in GABAA Receptor Alpha Subunit Messenger RNAs in Embryonic Chick Neurons in Culture. J Btd them 1591, 26660116014. MONIZR H. SEEBURG PH, WlSDENw: Glutamate-opernted channels - ~evelopmenkdly Farly and Mature Forms Arise by Alternative Splicing. Neuron 1991. 6:79+810. MORABITOM& Yu X, BARNST~II CJ: Cbancterization of Developmentally Regulated and RethaSpecific Nuclar Protein BindinB t0 a Site h the uts&eam R&on of the Rat opsin Gene. .I Bid &em 1991,266:9667-9672 MOSESK. R,sn+ GM. Glass Encodes a site-snecUic DNAbin&R l’mteln that is Replafed g Response to msluo#MJ siRmU in the Developing Drosophila Eye. Genes Da, Wl ,5:5a3593 MURPHYM, BERNARD 0, REIDK. BARI7E’ITPF Cell ties Derived from Mouse Neural Crest are Retnesentative of Cells at Various Stapes of Dtierentitlon. J Neumbid 1991,22:522-535. MURPHYP. HIU RE: ExDressiOn of the Mouse LabialLike’tlomeobox-ContabUnR Genes, HOX 2.9 and Her 1.6, During Sqmentatlon of the Hindbnlo. Devel~r 1991,111:61&74 N-N NL, DUNCAN,I,, Hu[MN u): A Pdnt Mutation in the Roteolipid Rotein Gene of the ShakinR pup Interrupt.9 ougodendmqte Development. Deue/qnenr 1990,110 529537. NAKAGAUIA T, 0~~0 H, FIIUlCHl T, ARUG.,J. MIKOSHIBA K: The Subtypes of the Mouse lnositol 1.4.5. Trisphosph;ie Receptor are Expressed In a Tissue-SneciJic and Develoommtally Stxci6c ~atmer: Pn;c Na,, Acad Sci ii S A 19??l;SS~624~248. NAKAH,RA K, WNAKA K, Wu% K, TAMIIRATA, RlRIlICHl T. M,KOSHIRA K: Stncture of the 68-a Neur&kunent Gene and Rqulation of Its Expression. J Bid them 1990.265~197619791 NAM+?,! JR, FRANX$ RG. HU S. Cwsw? ST: The SingleMImIed Gene of Drosophila is Required for the Eqression of Genes Important for the Development of CNS Midline Cells. Cell 1990 696375. NARANJO ,R MEUSTROM8, ACHAVAL M. LUCASJ,. DEWO J, SASSONECO~I P: Co-Induction of Jun B and C-fos in a Subset of Ne”mt18 in the StUnal Cord. tiopene 1991,6:22>227. NMOJR, MEUSTROMB. ACHAVAL M. S~NECOPSI P: Molecular Rthwnys of t?Un - Fos/Jun-Mediated Activation of a No-~canoniad A&‘-l Site in the Fvodvnombin Gene. Neuron 1991.6607417. NEW K4 i, it, FIDE,. s,,ANox5w A HIGGINS GA lncreascd Abundance of Alternatively spuced Forms of D2 Dopamlne Receptor Messeqer RNA Pm Nat/Acad Sci US A 1991, after Denenation. 88:2802-2&I taGHORNA HE&Y MJ, DAMS RL The cycuc AMF Phosphodlesterase Encoded by the Drosophila Dunce Gene is Concentrated in the Mushroom Body Neuropil. Neuron 1991.6 455-467. N~HIDA H. Induction of Brain and Sensory k’i~ment Cells In the Ascldian Embryo Analyzed by Expetimenu with lsokited Bkatomeres. Deu&mmmr 1991.112:3S’+395. NOBE M: Points of Controversy in the 0-2A Lineage Clocks and Type-2 Astmcytes. GIia 1991, 4:157-164 NORNES HO, DRESSIER GR, KNAPIK IT.‘, DEUTSCHL!. Grass P Spatially and Temporally Restricted Expression of ppr2 DutiR Mutie Neurqenesls. Dt&qnnent 1990,109:797809 ORR~EN MA SCHNEIDER LE. TAGHERTPH Insitu llybrldht10n Amlysl.9 of the FMRFamlde NeumpepUde Gene in DrosoplUla.2. ConstatCy in the Cellular Pattern of Expression During Metamorphosis. J [email protected] Neurd 1991,304:62MUI OWI S, .Qln H: lnilammntory Factors StbnuLte Erpressloa of Group-D PhospboUprvc A2 In Rat Cultured Astmcytcs mo Dlstlnct Fathways of the Gene Expression. J Bid Ch 1991.266:9956-9960. OKAMOTOY, MINAMoTo S, SHIMIZUK, MOGAMIH. T~~uCHI T: Interleukin-2 Receptor Bea-Chain Erpressed it, an OUgOaendrq&oma Line Binds ~nterleulin-2 and Delivers Growth S&ml. Pmc Na,l Acad Sci ,I S A 1990,87:65134-6588 OIENM C, m A, MMR DK: E&cta of Unlkiteral Cortex Lesions on Gene Fqressbm of Rat cortical Ch&cystokb,,n Neurons. Brarn Res Md Brain Res 1991,10 259-265.



In the Apical Cap of Axolotl [email protected]=ten Rem&es Nerves and Mesettcbyme. J [email protected] Zd


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Development RErlH AD, BERNSTEINA MOlecUku fasis of Mouse Developmental Mutants. cenes Lku 1991, 5111~1123. REPRESA J, W4Cm.z h MDan C. LLvIIsJ, GIRAIDV.F: Acid ModulaUon of the ~nrly Development of the Inner Enr Is Associated with the Control of c&s Expressioo. &?x&menr 1990,110:1081~1090. RBOADESRW, ENFWAN HJ+ CHINANI, hkxo~ GJ, MlUER MW, MCCANN P. GoDDiulDCM: Blnhdntes of Wgemhal Gaglion Cells Contributing Axons to the Ittfraorbltal Nerve pod Specific Vlbrbsnl Fo”lcles In the Rat., Co”zj,Neurd ,991. 307:163175. Rols HP, J.+a DA, F.w H, PETFRSR An Acetylcholhe Receptor Alpha Subunlt Protnoter &nferring P&erenUal svlaotic Rxtwession in Muscle of Tt-ansgettlc Mice.‘EMBOjl991, 10:63-O ROBMOWS, Wta’n K Charactetization and Spat&l Distrlbutltm of the RL4V Protebt During DmSopbika-Mekutoguter Development. J Neumbid1991,22-4&&l. RODnlcIlnZI, HEw%hx.Z R MODOLEUJ, Ruv.-GCIMU M: Competence to Develop Sensory Oqpm is Temporally aad Swtially Rermbtted in EMBO J 1990, Dn+bI& E&e&l Frb&&a. 935833592 Ross 1 PARRY T. Fsn~ SS JR Axonogenesis and . Morphogenesls in the lbttbtyonic Zebratisb Bmin.JNeun*~cr1991,inPnsr.[4]. Roa/~ A, F.&w NSC, Bixcuu PM, A Member of the RXlt Nuclear Receptor Family is Expressed In NeuralCrest-Derived Cells of the Developing Chick F-erlpheral Nervous System. Develapmenl1991, 111:77-776.


lmmuttohhtacltemistry of Gfm in Mouse Brain Durlns Postnatal Develotxnettt: E&sal Levels and Cht&g Response to M&azol and RaInate [email protected] EurJ Neumccr 1991,3:764770 SALTONSRJ, F~HBERG DJ, Dew Kw- struchlm of the Gene IZttcodlng VGF, a Ne.rvous System-Specitic Messenttez RNA that is Raoldlv and Selectivelv Inducea by Nerve Grow& F&r In PC12 Celis [Review]. Md Cdl B*J 1991,11.2335-2349. Sav K, MOTOW T. N,uw.wu H, MATwl Y. Tww+wu Y, Tw Y. Dltretential Expresslou of the Nmyc, C-fos. and Smg FZ5A Genes In Human Newoblastomn Cells During Neuronal and Schannnlnn DU&re,,tkttion. Md Brarn Res ,991. 9:14’+152. SArnRwrn A, HOESCHEC, cxctwm R, KluMArw hlw: fie 5’.PLnnklng Region of the Synapsln-I Gene a G+c-Rich, Tata-Less and Cat-Less, Phyl~neUally conserved Sequmce with Cell Typ-Specific Promoter FtmcUon. J Bid o’mn 1990, 265:14932-14937 XHMm v. PuCKEmG: The Proportion Altering Factor (PAF) and the Invitro TnasdUTerentiatior of Isobtted Strbtted Muscle of Jellylish into Nerve Ce”s. D&znMhOn 1990,% 95-102 SCHNXLXRLE, OB~N M4 TAGHEWPH- Insit” Hybridization Analysis of the FmRFamlde Newopeptlde Gene in Dmsopblla.1. Resticted Fxprcssion In Embryonic and Larnl Stages. ,, conv, Newd 1991.304:60%622 XHOENWO~ GC, AWARE% 1s. specitication of Neuroepithelium and Surface Epithellum In Adrn Ttanspkuttatiott Cblmeras. Developmpnr 1991,112~713722 SCHOLMCK SB, CARUSOP& K,_?MENCIC J. M+_mCKGS, M.,,,% c, ROTENBERG M Mutathls witbin the Ihic PIVtnoter Alter Its Neuron-SpefUic F%tern of Expression. Dev Biol1991. 1%:423437. ScHmARTz LM. MYERA Kcsz 1 ENGELS~~M M, MATER C AcUvaUon of F’olyublqultin Gene Expression During Developmentally Programmed Cell Death. Neuron 1990,5:411-419. seu.twow M, S”U c. HARTMAN RD. BARRAC~~IGH CA, PElEFsEN SL Tyrosine fiydroxylase md POMC Messenger RNA ln the Arcuate Region art Increased by Castration md ~~~acUnemla Brain Res Md Bran Res 1991, SEROOGY KB, HAN ‘KM, Im DC: Repional Exoresslon of Tnnsfortnbtg Gmwth Fact&alpha hi-nger RNA in the Bat Central Nervous System. Neunxr Len 1991.125~241-245. SHANKlAND M. leech SegmentaUon - Cell LIneage and the Formation of Complex Body patterns [Revtew]. Dev Bid 1991. 144:221-231. SHARPECR GuruXm IB. The Induction of Anterb,r and Ftwterlor Neud Genes in [email protected]:76~774. SHENW. DETMERK. S,“omH-F.AXXi TA, LAUYaENCE HJ, LUGMANc: Al-uve splicing of the HOX 2.2 HOmeoboX Gene In Human Hematqwietic



Cells and Murlne Embryonic and Adult Tissues. Nudnc Acids Res 1991,19:53+545. SHMATAK, HA”WS”CK DM. BANNONMJ: Tachyklnln Gene Expresslot, in Rat Lbnbic Nuclei - Modulation by Dopamlne Antngonists. J Pharmawl E.q, T&r 1990. 255:s392. SHIHJC, GnrhtsBYJ, CHEN K. Tbe Expressfon of Human Mao-A and -6 Genes. J Neural Tramm St&d 1990. SuppI 32.41-U SH~OTA C, LKENAUK, MIKOSHIBA K. Developmental Erpresslon of Myelltt Protein Genes In by Dysmyellnatittg Mutant Mice - An&& Nuclear Run-Off Tranxrlptlon Assay, Insit,, Hybridlzatlon, and lmmunohlstochemistry. J Neurahem 1991, 56818-826. SII~OUI SS. CULm-n IG: Examination of Neurons in wild Type aad- Mutants of CaenorbabdlUs [email protected] Usbtg Antibodies to Honemdish Peroxldase. JNeurogene, 1991.~193-211 SIEBERHLUM M: Role of the Neurotropblc Factors BDNF and NGF In the Commitment of Pluripotent NeurPL Crest Cells. Neunm 1991.6:94+955 Expression in Aggregating Fed-Rat Brain Cells. CeN Md Neurabid 1991.11:24>251 SU.~NCN 1 MOODY WJ. Dependence of Caz+ and Kt Development on RNA and Frotein svotbesis In Muscle-llneatte Cells Of the Ascidian B&enia Vilosa. J Neumsci%91. 11 141P1420 SLWSON P, CAmwET c: Proneural clusters Equivalence Gt’out,s in the Eplthelium of DrosophUa Devel&wr 1990:110.927-932 S-n! JB. CARRou SB. Regulation of A&mete-Sate Gene Expresslou and sensory Organ Pattern Formatioo In the Drowphtla Wing. *es Iler’ 1991, 5:9s995 SKOFFRI’ KNAPPPE. Divisiot, of Astroblasts and OUgodettdroblasts in Patnatal Rodent Brain -Rvidence for Separate Astrocyte and ougodendrocyte Lineages. Glra 1991. 4:165 174 SMOUR D, FRIEDEI.C, SCHMn,A. BrrT,.?.R D, LAM!_ YEDYORN~CK B- The DtosopMla Neurogenic Locus mastundnd Encodes a Nuclear Protein Unusually Rich in Amino Acid Honopolymers. Genes Des 1990,4:161ut1700. WOMERS DI,, BEC~OTEAD Rht. Strlatal Reprotachykinin and Preproenkephalin Messen& RNA Levels and the Levels of Nianl Substance P and Pallidal Met5 Fdcepbalin De&d ott Corticostriatal Axons that use the Excitatory Amino Acid Neurotransmltters Aspartate and Glutamate Quaatltatlve Radiobnmunocytochemical and InsiN Hybridlzatlon Evidence. Md Brain Res 1990. 8:1431W SONNFNRERGJL Fuivrz GD. LEE SH, HEICKA, CHU C, TOBINAJ, CHRISTAKOS 5. Wclum Binding Rotein (calhindbt-DZSk) aad Glutamate Decarboxylase Gene Expression after Klndllng Induced Selzwes. Md Brain Ra 1991,9.17!+190. SoWQ H, BEN-Anz R PROW CA, SEIDMAN S, GraTr A, NE’.‘IUF.r, hMAN-HURW’Ix J, LN-UHMANE. GINZBERC. D, WLDOT LIMN Y, zAK,rr H, Molecular Cloning and Construction of the Coding Region for Humvl Acetylcholinesterase Reveals a G + Crich Attenuating SVucNre. Pm Natl Acad Scr 0 S A 1990,87:9&+%92. Snwm 0, TOwa ER, ToMAswn R Lnnww E Neuronal Actlvlty Up-Regulntes Astroglial Gene Expression. Pm NatI Acad Scr I, S A 199,. 88:681+6823. STRONGMJ, SVEDMYR & GA~ISEK DC. G.mwm RM The Temporal Expression of Amyloid Precursor Protein Messenger RNA hwltro in Dissociated lilppocampal Neuron Cultures. @ Neurd 1990. 109:171~179. Snim GW, VEII(IND JR, MCMURRAY Jv, ~ES~ERFLFLDM: ?? Stable Lines of Transuenic Zebrafish Fxhlbit Reproducible Patterns of TxansRene Expression. [email protected] 1990,109:577-554 rm. S,,G~YYA N. EKSlRANDA,. l-s CD, ComS VP Identical Splicing of Abe&t Epldermal Growth Factor &ceptor T-rlpts f&m AmpllBed Rearranged Genes La Human Gllobkwtomas. &x N&l Aud Scr us‘4 1990. Rw6o2-8606 Suzlno N, RoHDnvo”ID H, NEWMANT. GRUSSP, SC”0,m HR POU Tmnscriptlon Factor Expressed in Embryonal Stem Cells and io Developing Brain. EMBO J 1990,9:37233733. TACKER GoRIDls C: Alterartlve SPLiCing In the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecuk Pr&ti: Regttlatioa of Exon 18 Skbmlm7 Detxmis on the 5’ Solice site. cam Deyib9l~5.l4i&i429 TAN Y, SALVATERRA PM: Sequence of Cholltte Acetyltransferase Temperature-sensitive Mutants Determined by the F’olymChain Reactlou. Neumrcrence 1990, 39.245250 Gene



of gene expression

and neural


TAKAHAFHI Y. BoNrOLIx M. lz Wum NM: Epitbell,,. mescttchymal btteractlons are txltlcal for Quor 7 Rxpreaslon and MembAne Bone DUTerentlatlon in the Neural Crest Derived Mattdlbulat Mesenchyme. FMBO J 1991, 10:2387-23%. TAMW T-4 SuhUm K, H-E S, MlKowm~ K: Core Promoter of the Mouee Myelltt B&c Pt’otela Gene Governs Btabt-specilic T-rlptlon hr Vti LMBO 11990.9:3101-3108. Tm SS, PR~TO AL,“N~REEN DF, Cmxm KI+ EDELMAN GM: Cytotactln Expression In Somites after Dorsal Neural Tube and Neural Crest Ablntlon In Chicken Embryos. Pnx Nat/ Acad Sci US A 1991, 88:639&402 ~RRIEN M, DROUMf Pituitary Fro0pkmtelamcorUtt Gene Expression ReqtUrea Synergistic Ittteractlons of Several Regulatory Elements. Md G?ll Bid 1991, 1134923503. TmEL G, GREENGARD P, S”D”OF TC: Chyacterizatlon of Tlssue-speciBc Trahscrlption by the Human Synapsin I Gene Fromoter. Pm Nat1 Acad Sci Cl S A 1991.88:3431-3435 THoMhs D, GROWUSCATELII B, K,,Is MB, CARUEUEJP. STmmm D, BARWTAULT D, BOUm B. Dcvelqmentd Chml(es of Acldk Flhrablgst .Growth Factor (a&~) T-rlptran a&, E&rkssiott in Mow Bela. Brain Res Dev B&n Acs991. 59117-122 Tlio~& JH. S’n%iv MJ.~%Kx?‘nz HR Cell lnteractlotts Cmrdlnate the Development of the C-Rlegatts Ege-laying System. Cdl 1990,62:104~1052. THOREYIS, ZlPjER B: The Se~mentatlon of the Leech Nervous System Is Prefigured by Myogenlc Cells at the Embryonic Midline Fxwessbut a Mnscle-spcdlic M&x Rot&. J N&?.%i l&l, 11.178&1799 Toml GP, PAROD,MT, DuaX,m 0 D, “ARESK, L Expression of Rotein Kblase GAlpba (PKCalpha) and MVCN Messenger RNAs in Human Neuroblastoma Cells and Modulation During Morpltologlcal Differentiation Induced by Rctlnolc Acid. FEBS Len 1991. 2130 221.224. Tm.CY MN. HE X. Rmemlo MG. I-POU - a PDU-D.,malo Protein that Inhibits Neuron-Specific Gene Actlvxtlon. Nature 1991, 350:57+584 TwX.WvZ” B, MmKS DL, KLMMEI. CB Organlzatlon of Hindbrain Seftments in the Zebtatish Embryo. Neuron 1990.4:66%79 Neurogenesis in the Olfactory Epltbellum. NeuroDbvsidom 1990. 22.372-377 TbwX& j, P&&K ]A, H.W.&W I, TAiv‘xIyE MA Expression of ,on cbatme1 Genes in Drosopblla J Neumgenef 1991,7:229. TSUNEI~HI S. T&mm S, M0TOIKET, OH*SHIT, SAN0 K, NAKAhnllRA H: Elfecu of Dexamethasone on the Expression of Myelln Basic Protein, Ptweollpid Protein, and GUal Fibrillary Acidic FToteln Genes In Developing Rat Brain. Brain Res Lkw Brarn Res 1991, 61:117-123 11: GF, ACHIN MG, AmRED AR_SOUmW’EILRR. SCHRELBER G The Distribution of Cetebral ExpressIon of the Trausferrln Gene is Species Specilic. .I Bid Gxm 1991, 2666201-62(#1. Tr GF, COE T. sOu17-(\vEuBR. Scmmxc? G Erpresslon of the Genes for Transthyretitt, CystnUn-C and Beta-A4 Amylold Precursor RoteIn in Sheep Choroid Plexus During Development. Dev Brain Res 1990, 55:203-208 “ANDAa,! S. NORDQUIST DT, FEDDEllSmWI, ~T&WXF I, FWmsoh’ AC, Om HT Purkhje Cell Protein-2 Regulatory Regions and Ttansgene Expreaslon In Cerebelku Gxnpartments. Genes LkL 1991, 5:113&1148 “ANEEKELEN JAM, BOHNMC, DF.WET ER t’ostoltd Ontogeny of Mbteralocorticold and Glucocotticoid Receptor Gene Expression In Rgions of the Rat Tekncephalon and DiencephnlOO. Brain Res Dev Bran Res 1991, 613H3. VuwGwm T. KOBIEma 1 COMBM, SE. llte BEect of Depolarizauon on ExpressIon of the Human Proenketlballn Gene is sylwndsuc with CAMP and edent Upon P c&D’-Gduclble Fabattcer. J Neunxi 1990,10:282>2833. VERBEECKMAE, BURBACHJPH The Cholecystoldnin Gene is Abundantly co-fkpmeed with Gastrbt-Releasing Peptlde, Fakephalln and Neuropeptlde-V Genes in P Clonal Human Neuroepithelloma Cell Line. FEBS Len 1990. 26Re&9a VERBEECK MAE, DRWJER M, BURBACHJPH, Selective DownRzgulat10n of the Pro-F.&ephaun Gene Durtng DlfferenUaUon of P Multiple NeuropepUdCu)-Expressing Cell Line. J Bid them 1990. 2691Ho87-1M90





of organs

and systems

MRDl JM, CwUwGNoNI AT: Ttanskxtioarl Reguiation by Steroida - Idet~i5caUon of a Steroid Mvdulrtoty Riemeltt in the y-UtUransbUed Region of the MyeIIn IlMic Iwotein Mewenger RNA. JBidBem 1990, 26S:2031&20320. “ON BUNKENFELD G. TRorrrR J, KE’nw,MANNH, and Deveiopmentai Regukation of P GARA,+ Receptor in ctdtured Murine CeIis of the OIisoaendrocyte LIneage. EurJ Neumi 1991, 33lMl6. WmR PD, GREENTL, J0rx.m GM, HmT RP: A Coatpaulson of Substance-P F’eptide and Fretwotachvklnin M-m RNA Leveis Durina De&pm&t of Rat Med&ty Raphe and 1991,9:47-55. NeostrIatum. In:/ Dev Neumi W-R PD. S~HOTLAND S, m RP,JO&%KA!T GM: Trvptophrn Hydroxykxse Inhibition IncReprotachyLinin Messenger RNA In Developing and Adult Me&,&r,’ Raphe Nuclei. Md Bra,,, Res 19% 8:11~120. WANAKAA, MUBJ, JOHNSONEM. I!xpeession of FGF Receptor Gene In Rat Development. [email protected] 1991,111:45*. WARINGDA, KEWON C: Rguiation of CeiIubu Resp0nsiveness to InducUve SignaIs in the Deveiqlng C EIe&wu Nervous System [letter]. Nature 1991, 350~712-714. WATAN~E M. y&ium~RA N, Kom H: Fat’Ud DownRgulntiom at Post-Tmmcriptiod Level of the Gene f!xprcariott for ReplvenkephaIbl in the superior GxvIcaI GamgIIon of the Maturing Rat. Rrain Res Dw Brain Res 1991,~9:llfll6. WAMA, MuB&uwr J: Rxpression of the Nerve Growth Factor-Regxdated Ngti-A and Ngf-B Genes in the Developing Rat. Dewlapmenf 1990, [email protected] WEISINGER G, DECR~STOFARO JD, LAGAMMAEP, Multiple ReproenkephaiIa T-riptionaI Start Site8 are Induced by Stress and ChoIIneqic Pathways. J BidBern 1990, 26S:l738%17392. WEuwEIN A, DOBRENSKI AF. RAWNOVlC” MN, BRADYJF, -GEL AT: of FO-B, a Roreln that Has Increased AtEnity for the Ro-opiomeianoc0rtin Gene promoter tier DepImsphot’ylation. J Bid C-hem 1!?91,266:12234-12241. WevENMAND B, M,mm KG, sC”l”mG J, Sc”EUER RH: DUTerentIaI Erprcsslon of the F6S Gene Family. Neunm 1991,6:991tloO7 WHnIYzU I. mYxEN A, NECKERS UI: episomeGmmted N-myc Antknae RNA Restrictp the DIITerentiatioo PotentiaI of Rimitive NeumectodermaI CeIi Lbtes. Mot Cdl Bid 1991, 11.1360-1371. W-o P, McKEniuw RM. ,VERSEN LL:Another Mechanism for Creating Diversity In yamblobutyrate lype P Receptors: RNA splicing DIrecta Expression of m Forms of yZ Subunit, one of which C0lwaitLs a Rofeln IKInase c phosphorybttion Site. Pm NatI Acad Sci ” S A 1990 87:[email protected]%9970 Wu%Zo~K DF, HUGHESSR DeveiopmentaIiy Regulated CDNA Expressed ExcIushwiy in Neumi Tissue. Brain Res Md Brain Res 1991,10:3Ml WILCOXJN, AuGusm A GOEDDELD”, u)\vE DG: DIKerenUal Regiotui expression of Tblve Natriuretic Peptide Genes WitbIn primate Tissues. Md Cdl Bid 1991,11:3454-3462. WnSON SW, EASTER SSJ” A ploneeting Growth Cone in . the Embryonic ZebraIish Brain. Pnx Nat! Acad SC, USA 1991,S&229?-22% 1261. WnSoN SW, F&-n SSJR:Stereotyped PathsndIng by . Gmw%b Cones of I%riy Epiphysial Neurons In the Embryonic Zebntish. Dew&menr 1991, 112.121&145. 1271. WESON TE, FAHRNR(lj, JOHNnON M, M,lBRANwTJ. IdetUUic%km of the DNA Binding Site for [email protected] by Genetic Selection in Yeast. Scrmce 1991, 2s2:12%L1300 WnwC W, BAR, K-EL Cq l.w A, SCANGOSG4 TRllp~BD. UrazwECK AJ: Regulatory Region of IiAmylokI precursor Rofcbl (AFT) Gene Rotnotes Neuron SpeciUc Gene Expression in the CNS of T~lsgmic Mice. EM60 J 1991, 10:28p-2%. Wwmmta KE, KIDAE: Proteinme Inhibitor Aipha-lAmkhymotlypsin Has DUferetU Rxpression in Varlow F&ins of Neumnnl Ceroid LIoofuseinoskx I% Neurd 19%. 110:121-126 wi-lmim v, sB: DUh-enUd [email protected] of MyoD aad Myogenin Messenger RNA Levels by Nenr Induced MuscIe Activity. FEBS Len 1991, 2832:259261. WLENSCHEUCW, MESSER 4 TOBw AJ: Lurcher Purkinje Cells Express Glutamic Acid Decarboxykxse and cnlblndln Messenger RNA% J Neunaui Res 1990, 2lz6570



GP. C.uVEnr & Mows RJ:ExprcsSiw of the Neurcmai Sawface Giycoprotein Thy-l is Under Post-T-rlptional Control, and is Spatbdiy Reguiated, In the Developing Oifactoxy System. DeixQr?&?zr 1990,10!&851. XW GP, RNZROBP, MORRIS RJ:The Surface Giycoprotela Thy-l is Excluded from Growing Axons During Develovnent - a Study of the Expression of Thy-1 &ring Axoge&sit in Hip&pus and 112:16lb176. HindbraIn. Darelcpmentl991. XUE ZG, GEHR~VG WJ, LTwum NM: Quox-1, a Qdi Homeobox Gene Fxpressed in tile Embrvonic Centtal Nervous Svstem. Inciudiw the F&ebrain. Pnx Nafl Aud & US A 1991, 8&2427-2431. YANGG, KoIs~WAHOJ: Age-Rektted Incin C-fos Erpression in the Sympathetic Neuroas of the Rat Superior CervIaI GangIIon. Brain Res 1990. 533:338-343. YVSTAB, 0 RllwRO J, BEDO G, PA5CuAL 4 ARAm%A Rguiation of Thyroid Hormone Receptor md C-e&A Messenger RNA Levels by Butyrate In Neui-obkwtoma (NZA) and GIioma (C6) Ceiis. J Neumxi Res 1990, 271-9. ZACKDJ, BENNET J, WANG YS, DAVENPORT C, KLAuNBERG B. Gur+uRT J. NATHANS J: Unusual Topography of Bovine Rhodopsin Pmmoter-Iacz Fusion Gene Rxpression in Ttwsgenlc Mouse Retbaas. Neuron 1991.6:187-199 Uau NH, MATTlACJ, BONDV SC DilTerentbd Rffects of Ditluotwmethylornithinee on BasaI and Induced Activity of Cerebral DmithIne Decarboxyiae and Messenger RNA. Neurrphawna‘[email protected] 1991. 30 337-343. X”E

Development of organs and systems Related ieview: Contr
M, KlMvIu H: GAM-Like Immnn0=c%tfdt,. in the DewlopIng Chick Retina of GAMergic Horizotttal Cell and Ita porible Cnntacts with pbotoreceptom. J Neuocytoi 1991, 20.34+355. AVO” M: EpiiepUform D&chnges Md P Syncbn.,nous GARAerRic potentlpl Induced by 4-Amlnopyrldhle Rat Ittlmature Iiicmocamaus. Narnsci Len 1990.117:93+8 Az”t.u F”,wm S: Changea of F&g Retbtcdd8 During the Development of Xenopub Iaevis. “fib Res 19!%,30:139Cr1400. BACONE, DEBARRY J, GOMBOSG: DitTeretUIaI OntogenesIs of Type-1 and --Il BewxxUazeobte Receutors in Mouse CerebeUum. Brain Res & Brain R& 1991. 58:283287. BACONE, DEBARR(J, GOMBOSG. St~ichion~tt’y Of Murimol and Rer”.odlwpioc BIndIng Sites it, Developing Mouse Cerebellum. Neunweport1991, 2.261-264. Bm P: Handedness and MatermU Smoking During pregnancy. Inl J Neumwi 1991, %:161-168 BAKERNE. Mm~m M. RUBINGM: splcins . . DUTerentlation in the DeveIopitw fhw@bUa Eye: a Fibrinogen-Related Iat&iInhibi~r Encoded bv Scabrous. Science 1990. 250:137&1377 Art.W

- Dl5xcntbtlon


k SEW T:

1371. ’ BARRloSv, RODRIGUEZSANCHEZ MN, AKulA E: EIfect of Maternal I?xtmsure to Nicotine in the Rat on Level and Binaing of Somatostptln in Brain of Developing Offiprbtg. Neurqoharmacdogy 1991, 30-579-584 J, Lmmm M. Pu,oL R, RECASENS HAKTOLAMI S, Gmatam M: Carbachol-Induced Inositol Phosphate Formation D&g Rat Cochlea ~elopment. Hear Res 1’%0,4722%234 B,w.ERK, CHR~S~FN B, HAFENE: Liguld-Iade&wndent . Activation of the saenkxs Receptor l,wsine Rioase Changes the Fate of C&s in the Rye. cdi 1991, Developing mwqala 64106~1081 [36]. of hlsuun-Like BA=~NET~S. BEEBE DC LocpLiution Growth Factor-I Binding Sites in the Embryonic Chicken Eve. IntieSIC%&balmd Vfi Sci 1990. 31.1637-1643 BECIM-BOS D, LACAUMENGIDO lM, LIBEC: Ontopertic Studin of the Neurnl CcmVol of Aden~hypophyseai Hormones in the Rat [Review]. Cdl Mal Neumbid l!EQ. 10:4734fl4 “EUN MF, FE”!~~.,ON~AN<~E M. R8BoIJL4 DII)IERB&%S M, EHRETM, m M, TRY M: k’rlmary Dissocinted CeU Culture of Bmbwmic Rat Metencevhakm Pmence of GARA in Serotoaetgic Neurons. Neumcci Len 1991, 125:101-106. BENNETTCLARKE CA, CHlAlANL, CRlsSMAN RS, RHOADES RW: The Source of the Transient Semtoninerglc Input to the Developing Visual and Somatosenso~ Canices in Rat. Neunxcience 191, 43~163183. BFHGEKW, HORSTMANN G4 DIETZV: Interlimb Cootdination of Stance in Chiidren - Divergent Modulation of Spinai Retlex Responses and Cerebrai Evoked Potenti& in Terms of Age. Neumw Len 1990,116:11~122 BERNARD M. “0,s~~ P, GuERWT~?J. COun%JP: Molecuku and Cellular Asnects of HvdroxvindoIe-DMethyltnuufer& Expre&ion i the Developing Chick F’Ineai Gland. Rrain Res Lku Brain Res 1591, 59c75-81. BERNOCCF” G. S~HERIME. GL&COME~~S, MARESV: Fremitotic DNA Synthesis in the Brain Of the Adult Fmn (Rum- Fscuienta I) - ul Autoradiogn&ic 3H-Tbymidine &udy. Amf Ret 1990, 228:461&470. BERNOCCHI G, ScmmI E, Nmo R Developmenti Patterns in the CerebeiIum after CisdichIomdIamminepIatinum Treatment. Neumccierue 1990.39:17~1%3. BIGBEEJW, Yu DS. Y” RK: Morphomettic AnaIysIS of the Deveiotdtu, Dtnic Nerve of the FI Iietemtic Mouse andits’&&ai Strains. Neumrci Len 1990 11917e1a1. B”x,MFIEU) S4 H~TCHCOCK PF. Den&tic Arbors Of Iarge-field Gangiioa Ceiis Show Saded Growth During Expansion of the G&lRsh Retina: e Study of Morpbometric and RIectrotonlc properties. J Neumsci 1991,1191&917 BOBBINRP, FAU~N M, U I, BERUNCl. Guinea p4rs Show Post-NataI StabiIIty lo Frequency MapPing at the Basai Turn. Hear Ret 1991, 51:231-234. BODEGREUEL KM. SAGERW: DeveiopmentZd Chat&w Of Calcium Currents in the VIsuaI Cortex of the Cat. Ew Brain Res 1991, 84:311-318. Bcmm!&m C, LE~oux P, GONULU. BJ, “AUDRYH. Transient eXpression of Somatostatin Receptors In the Rat




Development VIsttd System 1991,41:5w.




F. MEDEWJM. WIUIAMWN DH: Inhlbltltm of Sterol But not Fatty Acid S~=ntbesls by Valprcate in Lhzveloplng Rat Btabt Invlvo. Biochem/ 1990, 272251~253. BOW J. JOHNSONM: Sensory Tempbxtea Mechanism or Metaphor. B&au Brain Sci 1991. 14:349. BOv#‘I’w.DDI, Lilr\T, MICHAEL WM. HACKETID. RUBINGM: Anal+si of the Enhancer Element that Controls Expre&ott of Sevenless lo the Dcvelotdnn Dmaophlh Eye. Pm, Natl Acad Sci US Am199i, SBa3536857. BRADYRJ,SMIIH KL, SWANNJw: Calebma Modulation of the N-Methyl-D--partate @MDA) Response attd Elwhlc Sehureslnlmmahlre Hlppocampus. Nnrmsci Len 1991.124:92-$6. BRANGOCW, WHISNANT CS, GOODMANRI; A Role of cueChObUnbtergk Neurons In the Su~ressfon of Pnlsmlle LuteltUzbIg Hormone Secretion lo the Prepubertal Ezwe Iamb. Neumoldoc,i~dogy 1990,52:448-454. BRNJNK, SCHEICH H, Hmxuw CW, Hutmmx nnd CPLblndin-D26K W: pupllbumin Jmmun~~ as Developmental Markers of Auditory and Vocal Motor Nuclei of the Zebra pinch. Neumrcimce 1991,40:853869 B~DBACH 0: Reclq@mtkm of Persbaent Bom

M~tonawonsia~Metamorphosin~( Tenebrh Bfdftor I., coleoptem) . J Co,,@ Neurd 1!+90.302:173 BROCKES JP: Some Current problems in Amphlblan Umb Regenemtlon. Pbilm Trms R Sot Lmzd [B,o,j 1991,331:287-290 BROWNAM: Development of Visual Sensltlvlt-, to Llht

BROWNJ1 BR&ES PC:~Development of the Anterior Olfactory Nucleus In Normal and Unilaterally Odor Deptived Rats., Gnn@ Neurd 1990,301~1F22 B~RCHFIELD DJ, GRAHAhl EM, &RAMS KM, GEn,uo~ KJ. cocpine Alters Behavlond States in Fetal Sheep. Dev Brain Res 1950, 56A-45 Bum GD: Development of the Olfactory Nerve In the African Clawed Proa Xmoms Iaevis. 1. Normal Derc1opmettt. J Cm& Net& 1991,3Q4:123 134 BUW~ R, BIGLERP, STRAEHL P, POSSES, Comma JP, HEILscHmwTz N: Brain Development. H-I Mn(lncUC IteeOnvlce SpeWoscopy of Rat Brain Earacts Compared wltb Chromatograpblc Methods. Neumbem Res 1990,15:1~1016 BWE E. DEG~ H: Gmeratlon of Developmeaal FWtenw in the Neuroeplthelbtm of the sfammaG Eye - the Pigment Epitbellum of the Eye. Neuxwi Len 1991, 126:6W. Bu-rr AM, JONESHC, ABBOTTNJ: Blectrlcal Reslsfvlce Acrass the Blood Brain Barrier lo Amwsthetlzed Rats - a Developmental Study. J P&id &md) 1990,429:47A2. BYEFSMR Segregathm of NGP Receptor In Sensory Receptors, Nerves aad Local Cells of Teeth and Perlodontlum Demonstrated by FM lmmunocytochemlstry. J Neumcytd ,990, 19:765775 CABOCHE J, RCX?ARD M. BESSONMJ Comparative Development of Dl-Dopamlne &td MuOPkW Receptors In NormaI and in 6 Ii&oxy+iae-Lesionca NeonntaI Rat -Doprminergic Fibem Regulate Mu But tmt Dl-Receptor Dlstrlbutlon. Brain Res Da, Brain R&1991, 58:111-122. CM(ERONWE, JODKO~KI JS, FANGHE, GVIHRIEP.D: Electrophyslologlcal Properties of Deve1opiag phrrnic Motone~roar lo the Cat. J Neun&& 1991,65 671679. CAMpocW PA, H&Km-r SF, CONWAYBP Retbmlc Acid prcattmtea Jknslty-Dependent Growth Arrest In Humam Retbul Pllpnent EpUheUal Cells. hwsl Flnwl Vti Sci 1991,32:6>72. CARUIRS: The periphery of the Ferret I’ostmtalWevelqment of Acoustic Proper&s. Hear Res 1991. 5X:265277 CA&SONu, WEAVEROR, REPPERTSM: Mekatotth, itecepton and Slgmtl Trarwductlon During Development In Slb&an Hamster9 (Pbodopus. Sungtmts). Brain Res Des Brain Res 1991,598~. CUUCEUET P, VAMalECOM H, VANDAMME J, BILUAUA_ DENEF c: Release of Ittterleukln~ from Attterlor PlhUtmy Cell Aggregates - Developmental Pattern and Modtitlon bv Glucacortkoida and QomkoUn. Neuroendocn+ 1991.53~29-34 cuu(IGNox) G, COME”, MC, CANDEOP, C~vlcck”o” ,, YW Q. MERlGHlA, MAmEl L Exprraslon of NGP Receptor and NGF Receptor-M-ger RNA In the Developlttg and Adult Rat Retbut. E+? Neuml 1991,111.302-311.




MC, KANN S. NOKUBO M, KrrANl K: (-) Deprenyl Induces Actlvltles of Both Supaoxlde Dlsmutase and Catalne But not of Gl&blotte Peroxldase ltt the Strkaum of Young Male Rats. Life Sci 1991. b&517-521. C-R D4 MURPHYD: Rgulntlon of C-Pas and C-Jut, Expresslot, In the Rat Suptwptk Nucleus. Cell Md Neu&iol1%0.10:435-#5. CARTHI?W I&V. Rmm GM. Seven tn Absml% P Gene . . Requked for spdliuUon of It7 cell Pate In The Dms@bUa Eye. Cell 19%. 63:571-577. 1401. C&SEUS B, CO!,mS RL, WA,,-N D: Path AdysrS of Sex DlIYmnce, Forebnln Commlssure Area and Brain Size in Relntlon to Dewee of LatenUlt~ in Srlectlvely Bred Mice. Eraink 1990, 529:5&<6. CAZALTTS JR, MmAm I. CREhlIEuxJ, Cmc F: Vdabluty as a Cbaracterlstlc of Immatttre Motor Systems -an F&xtromyograpblc Study of Swlmmlng In the N&m Rat. B&u Brain Res 1990. &21%225. CS, SMA AAP, lm J, BWmT P, D,COu E: Nerve Growth Pactor (NGF), Pro@ and NGF Receptorlike Immunoreactl~ty In BB Rat Retina. Brain Res 1990, 523.11-15. CHANDRARAJ S, BRIGGSCA MulUple Growth cvtllyles in the Neural Arch. An& Ret 1991.230:114-120 CHANImG T, STONEJ: Pacton Detemlnlng the Mlgratlon of Aamcytcs into the Developing Retina Migtatlon Does not Depend on Intact Axons or Pntent Vessels. / Cnnp Neurd 1991, 303375-3s CHERRY J4 B.&SHAM ME, BAUM MJ. Neonatal Testosterone MascttlbUzes Sexual Behavior whbout Alfectlng the Morphology of the Dorsal PreopUc Anterior llypothrlnmic Area of Female Ferrets. Brarn Res 1991, 5&:321&328. CHlGRF, Ns%,WlM, LEDUQUEP, CmW J4 BOWER R, KOPP N Anatomicd Dlstrlbutlon of Substance-PImmunoreactlve Neurons In Human Bralnstem During the Plrst Postnatal Year. Rrain Res Bull 1991, 26:515-523. CHO SS. HYNDMAN AG: The Os~tqteny of Transferrln Recepton, in the Embryonic &lck Retina - an Immunotitochemlcal Studv. Brain Res 1991. %9327-331. CUUIXI 4 AmLm C, Coumols Y, JFANNYJC. Lodlzation of BaUc Flbroblnst Growth Pactor Binding Sites In the Chick Ett,bryo,.lc Neural Ret&. DUkrentration 1990.45-161-167. CUNT iiT, M: The DifferentId In6uence of Protein Rlnase Inhlblton oo ltetlonl Arbor Morphology and Eye-Specllic Stripes In the Frog Retbwtectal System. Neuron 19% 4.69+m3. COFFMANC, HARIUS W, Knirm C. Xotch, the Xenopus . HomologofDnu+& Notch Science 1990, 24914%1441 [28]. COHENAH, DOBROVT4 Gum I+ KIEMELT, BAKERMT The Development of the Iamprey Pattern Generator for Incomotion. J Neurchid 19!XI, 21:95&969 COL~ADOP, 4 VNENCIA4 SEGO~ S: Sexual Dlmort~hlsm In the Bed Nucleus of the Accc& 0Ifmtcm-y Tract In the Rat. De” Brain Res 1990. 56263268. CONNEILG, BASCOMR, Mo”X,’ L, RI,,, D, MC-S RR, MOIDAY Rs: Photoreceptor Peripherln Is the Normal Pmduct of the Gene Resoonslble for Rethad Degeneration in the RdsMo,,se. Pm Narl /iad Sci us A 1991,88.723726 COMT?STABUE 4 VIRGO M. BARNABEI 0: Developmental Pro6le.s of Chollnerglc Actlvlty In the Habenulae and Interpedtmcular Nucleus of the Rat. lnlj Dew Neumui 1990, B561-564 O.X’ANCHE04 Corn JT S-Uhty Bundles Reorkxtt During Hsllr Cd Dwelopment and Regeneration In the Chick Cochlea. “ear Res 1991 52-379402 COULTERCL, YOUNGIR, BROWNECA, MCMIUF%IC: Ditrerent Roles for the Pltultaty and Adrenal Cnrtex In the Control of Wtkephalln Peptlde Iocallzatlon and Cortlco- Medulku’y Interaction In the Sheep Adrenal During Development. Neuroendocnnob~ 1991.53%31. COUSINSSW, MCCABEMM, DANIELPOUR D, ST?.EILEIN JW: of rransformlttg Growth FactorBeta as an Immtmosuppresalve Factor in Aqueous Humor. lnuesf @+~tbalmoi Vis Sci 1991, 32:220-2211 CRANERSL RAYRH: of the Neomtd Plg.1. T opqpaphlc Organlauon of osens0ry cortex ($1). thePrlmawSomat Neuml1991;306.:2&38 CRANER SI, RAYIw Somatosensory Cortex of the Neonatal Plg.2. T opogmpblc Orgal7auon of the Secomiary Somrtosenso ry Cortex @II). / cur??@ Neural 1991, 306:3%8 CREWTHERDP, CREU’IHERSG phnrmncologid ModlRcaUcm of Eye Growth in Normally Reared C-




somatosen3oly cortex

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of organs and systems

and Visually Deprived Chicks. Curr Eye Rer 1990, 9733740. CSWAG A, BOURNERC. S?EW~ MG: Dlstrlbutlon of Mu, Delta, and Knppo Oplold Receptor Blttdlng sites In the Braltt of the Otte&y~,Ld Dome&c Cblck (cdlur Donvrffnu): an in vitro Quanutatlve AutoradlottmtWc Study. I ComD Neumll990. 3023543551. DAME”,, B, MA%“XI M, DlMEG”OM, CwlclA G, RsTw.X of Gwad&opbl-Reknlttg RK: Dlstrlbutlw Ilormone-Like Peptides in the Brain During Development of Juvenile Male Rana-Rwtlettta. Cell T&w Res 1991, 2655-55. DAM AA_WHlDBYDE, P-m T. “OuSToN IL HUNT RC. se1ecuve of Growltlg Plgmettt EplthelbU Cells by a Receptor-DlrecWd Immunotoxln. invest ~t/x&nc4 VieSci 1990, 31:251&2519 DE CEUSJF, MARIBEFFA M, GARCIA-BEUIDO A: Cellautonomous Role of Notch, M Epldermal Growth Pactor Iiomologue, lo Sensory Organ DlEerentlaUon in Dmsophlbt. Pm NatlAud Sci U S A 1991, S&632436 DECARVALHO RP, BRAW KM. SNYDER;H, ADLERR: Adyais of Adenoslne lmmun?regctivity, Uptake, and Rekase lo Pull34 C&bTes of Developing Chick Embryo ReUmU’l(leumnb yd Photoreceptors., Neumhem 1990, 55.160316fl: DECUKTIS I, Qu.4Ru?t%~, TAMS RN, REICHARMLF: Latninln Receptors in the Itetlna - Sequence Analysis of the Chick Integrln-alpha-6 Subunit - Evidence for T-rlptlonal and Postttanslatlonal Regulation. J Cdl Bid 1991. 113340~16. DElONGHRu: A Qunntltntlve I”trasaUct,tral Study of Motor and Sensory Lumbosacral Nerve Roots lo the Thalidomide-Treated Rabbit Petus. / Neumpllhd .Erp Neu?wl1990,4!+564581 DElcERROM, YEH HH, MARRERORODRIG~4 m E, DEUXRROC lnttaocular Trauspla~~tatlon of Cell layers Derived from Neonatal Rat Retina Brain Res 19% 535.2532. DEMSKILS:Neural Substrates for Pbotlc Control of Elasmobrauch Sexual Development and Behavior. IEmZml1990,Sutml 5.121-129 DERERP, DERERh- C&al-Ret&s &il Ontogene& and Death in Mouse Bnln Vlsuallzed wltb Horsemdlsh F’eroxldase and El-n Mlcrcmcopy. Neunxience 1990, 36:839-856 DESPRES G. H.uml A, ROMAND R Immunohlstochemlcal Incailzatlon of Nerve Growth Factor Receptor In the Cochlea and In the Brabtstem of the PerlmWaI Rat. Hear Res 1991, 52:157-165. DEVCXXDTJ Recent Flndlngs on the Development of Dlmorphlc Aaatomy In the Avkin Song System. / ,?@ Zcd 1990, Sup~l4:183186 “EVOR M. GoyRlMl~m‘bw R Neurqenesls In Adult Rat Dorsal Root Ganglia - on Countlng and the Count. SomalosensMel Res 1991, S:!+l2. D”RES RM, SCHENKLM, JC: Developmental ChanRes In the Processing of ACTI, In the Anterior Pltultary of the Amphlbkau, AmbystomaTlgrlnum. JE.q Zml1990, Suppl4:15~156 DOSS-S RODRIGUES P, W-G JE Dopnmlne Induces Neurite Retnctlon In ReUttal Horizontal Cells Via D&cylgtyceml and Rotein Rlnase C. Pnx .WIl Amd scr ” s A lm,al%93%97. DMBA J. PLERCEM, LEMM~N“, Studies of the Developing Chick Retina Using Monoclomtl &ttlbody 8A2 that Recognizes a Novel Set of Gangllosldes. De0 Bid 1991, 145:15Cl63. DIIMESICD4 C~5TmmRH, BRIDSONWE: fncrease lo Follicle SUmubxtlng Hormone Content Occurs in cu1hued Human Petal plhdtaly cells Exposed to GotmdouOpin- Releasing Hormone. Lif Sci 1991, 4&111~1122. DIIRONB, KHATERBO,ImJ: The Post-Potenth, Modulation of Alpha-Nerve and PxcitabUky Muscle Plbers in Human Newborn and Adult. Neunxu Len 1991, 124:122%124. EBBESSONSOE, Mm?% DL_Ma? CR Bmn GT, Ontogeny of the Olhrto-Retbulls Projection In Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus-Rlsutch). , w Z&1991. 257:22&222 EBuW FJP,KUSHLER RH, Pcmm DL PuktUe I.” During Sexual Maturatlw in the Pentale Sheep - Photoperlodlc Regulation In the Presence and Absence of Ovarian Steroid Peedback as DeternUtted In the Same Indlvldual. Neuroendocrindogy 1990, 52:22+237. EU~SIH RICHARDS DE, ROGERSR1: Cdretldn and &lblndln lo the Ret& of the Developlog Chick. Cell Tissue Res 1991. 264:197-208. ENGUSHAw: Development of Compnrtmettta”Zed Innerv-atlon of the Rat Glutcur MaxlmuS Muscle. J COmp Neuml1990, 301:lL?k113.





Development Development

of organs

and systems

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t571. FARBMAN AL MIXEM.JP: F&y Development and I”nervaUo” of Taste Bud Bearing Papillae on the Rat Tongue. JcOmp Newvl1991, 3714:172-l%. FWXILOVA SA, KOSTWK PG. VEsnQYSKYNS: Ionic Mechnnlsms of JZbxttical ExcitabUity in Rat Sensory Neurons Dutig p”stnatal dntogenesis. Neumrctence 1991.4130~3W

T, MAWS1 E, BECKER J, ROMUGUW.M, RF(Es A, FERNANDUHARMONY T: BEG and Skeletal Dcvelopmeut In UUklrcn dth Different Psycbomclnl Chaacterlalcs. InrJ h’eum~ct 1991, 5s:lOcrlll. FERRIERO DM, W V& EDWARDS RH, SAGA SMS”mat”staUn Messeqet RNA aad Molecuk Forms During Development of the Rat Retina Llw Brain ReJ 1990, 57:1F19 FIM(EISIFM R. ShK)uSED, CAPACITM. SPRADUNG AC, PERRLMON N: The Ortbodentic1e Gene Enc”des a Novel Home” Domain F+mteln Involved in the Development of the Diosophllia N-us System and Ocelku V&ual smlct”rcs. Gales De& 1990, 4:151&1527 FTK‘CH RH, CO&‘w PE, SCHRolTLM, DENENBERG “H: Corpw Calkw3”rn J Da Neumcci 1991,9:3%3X. FxvxRAlD M: A F+bysiol”gkal Study of the prenatal ~lOpme”f of C”ta”e”“S Sens”ly Inputs to (Lo&) 1991, Doraal Horn CeUs in the Rat. J P&id 432:4734-482. “IZXRAU, M, WOOL= CJ, SHORllANDP Co”atend Sprouting of the Centi TemUmUs of Cutlneous Prb”ary Merent Neurons in the Rat Spinal Cord: ppttrm, Mo~hohol”~y, and Ineuence of T-et.% J Cm@ Newd l-&X, 300:37&385 FlTDAmCKhuEUIm s. CARD TP.OKANETM. BAIDLNO F: Ont”geny of S”t”&t& MessenRer RNAContaitUng FMkarya In the Rat Cc&al System. SvMDse 1991,7:123134 hussoM Be&v&uo M. SPREAF~CO Ii_SANCHEZMP, PUEUESL FAO~EN A Postnatal Development of Wbindin and Rrpllbumin Immunoreactivity in the Thplunus of the Rat. Brain Res Dew Brain Res 1991,5R:24>249. mW E, KANDERK: A&tory pn+zcUons t” the Iuferfor cdlIculus of the tit are Pnsent by Birth. Neumcci Len 19?W.l20:5E61. FRrIZSCH B, CrupOivDE CApRow M-D, CLAR~ZPGH: Lwel”pment of Tw” Morphological Types of Retin”petal Flbefs I” Chick Embryos, a Shown by the DIff”sIon Akmg Axons of 6 e Dye In the Plxed ReU”a. J Camp Neurd 1990, 300&5421. of P M”lUpIe-c”ntact sy-oapae WselnR a N”mm”y Oblipetorv poStwna”tic NC”&-mEI& buuoscoplcstudy-inthe Comp”und Eye of Musts-DomestIca Synqxe 1990, 6:211-220 Fw KR. CHFNNX, Gwnwvzor PA, LMI DMK: pOet”atal Development of Gmnttlkm Cells In the Rabbit Iktlna --Gons with AB5 and GABA AnUb”dles. Brain Res Dn, Brain Res 1991,61.4>53 FUCHSJL [‘*‘I]@B”ng~t”xb, Bb,dit,g M.arLs Rimpy Semmy Arc&a of Developing Rat Neocorter. Brarn Res 1989,501:223234 FUCHSPA, EVANSMG. potas5l”m currents in Hair Cells lsolnted fmm the Cnchlen of the Chkk. J P&id (Lmd) lWJ, 429529-551.

- Demascu~tlon via perlnntalAmuAdrogen.Inl



FRcHulCH A Analysis

FUCH.5 P& SoKOlDwsKlBHA The Acq”isitloa

D”rl”g Development of CA-Acthated Potnssium Currents by Cochleat Hair Cella of the Chick. Pnx R Sot Lmzd [Eid] 1990,241:122-126 GABELRR,KUE~~L WJ: Neural StruAssociated wltb Re,-x”ducUve Develwment and Phot~dc Elfecta I” chkks (GauusDomesUcusL Brain Res BUN 1991.26:721&725 Gmsur AP, C.45~ JA, RN& l%, Wmet&xi JA The BlTect of Ca2 + Chatmel AntPgonlsts (Cdmium, Omega- Ccmotorln GNA, aad Nitrmdiplne) on the Release of A”&otensin-II fmm Fetal Rat Brnln Invitro. Neumxi Leti 1991, 1239-94 GARCWNA 4, PAlAclos JM. GowlD C, Go~sos G: A”toradi”gmptUc chanlcterlzntlon of [H-3]C Glutamate BinSites In Developing Cerrbe”ar Cortex. Neumccience 1991,41:24~255. GONULEZ NN, ALnEJ, Dwuu\s SF: Glutantic Acid Decaiwxykwz in DilTerent Arcas of the Developing Chick Central Nervous System. Neumhem Res 1990,15~917-921. GONUIEZFERNANDVF, HEALYJl Early Expressioo of the Gene for Interphotoreceptor RetinalBinding Protein During photoreceptor Differentiation Sug@z& ii Critlal Role for the Interphotoreceptor Matrix in Rethul Development. J CeriEioi 1990,111.2775-2784 GrxGEI.5TGMF: OutPronth of the Fvramldal Tract lo the Rat Spinal C&l Growth Cone UttRstructure and Guklance. J Corn@ Neuml1991, 30695-116 GOULDSJ,HOWAN, S, PAPADAK~ L The Development of Ependymn ia the Humno Fetal Brain a” lmmunohistologlal and Electmn Micmscoplc Study. Oev Brain Res 1990,55:25%267. G&&w S, Om~‘.‘ma F, BAMBAG,ON~ D: VwalizatlonRekated Staoedlus Muscle Actlvbv in Different Age Chkke-is (Gdlus-GaUus), &d Ifs Role in Vml Development. Brain Res 1990, 529 15&164. GRAYL Development of Temporrl Integration in Noabom Chickens. Hear Res 1990,45:16p-177 GREGORY JE, PROSKEIJ Extrafusal and lntrnfusal Motor Units in the Riften. IntJ Da Neumsci 1991, 9:101-109 GRIEGGL S, WISE K, K~ND~ERRoHRBORN A, RAIRISKY MF: lnvltnl Di6ere”UaUo” of IiuRetlnoblastoma Cells bat” Neuronal Phenotypes. D@ermtiatwn 1990.45.25&257. Glrerwol~ R, G+x JM: Es-n-Independent and Esuqlen-Induced Fmgesterone Receptors, and Their Regukitkm by pmgestios in the HrpoUukunus and pltuita’y of the Chick Embryo llnmunohistochemical Sandy. LIer, Brain Res 1990.55:151-159. GUERMAHM, C~aivT! P, L+uG~?R D. DEZEI&EP. BI~)o\JL P&s% B, C.uonn’ G T-rlption of a Qwll Gene Ex”rcssed In Embrvonlc Retinal Cells is Shut OiShvply at Hatcl;lng. Pm Nat/ Acad Sci ” S A 1991,88:45O+t507. GUIIARIF.TR, tvWXURC, MORANTH Developmental Effects of Vita”Un-B6 Restrkti”” on the LDEomotor Rebavkx of Rats. Brain Res BuN 1991, 26:857&l. HA&XCA, DEGENNARO LJ,Muuxn M, HOUANDERH: Synap&n-I Expprcssio” in the Rat Retina During Postnatal Development. Ep, Brain Res 1990, 82:2Cr32. HADDONCM, l,%‘ls JN: Hyal”i-“nnn a P Rope&“at for EolthelkU Movement - the Develooment of S&circ”kir can& la the Inner I?& of xeaop”s. Developmenf 1991,112541. Hs-a E. BASK K. Mechnnisms of Pos~tiooal SignaIlIng in Devclopln~ Eye of DmwphUa Studled by Ectqdc ExpressI& of Seve”l& and Rough. J Cell Sci 1990, Suppl13:157-163. ml h DESPRES G. ROMANDR: Cncblear in lnnetvation in the Developing Bat: no I”un”n”cyt”chemlcal Study of NeumtUament md SDerrrln Rotein.% I Con@ Neun119W,300:153161. HAWER GS. ToKARsKITR, KLPPJ: Changes in the MlcrcwUlus Cytmkeleton During Rhabd”m Pormatlon In the Retbu of the CRyash Rocnmbclrus-ClarkU. J Neimxytd 1991,20.585-5% HAGEMANGS, KIRCHOFFREMPE M& lEws GP, “SHER SK, ANDERSON DH. Sequatt-ation of flak Flbrobht Gmwth Factor in the l’rimate Retti Interphotoreceptot Mavlx. Prw NatI Ati Sci U S A 1991,RR:67C&6710. W JO, LANGDONRB, SURM: Disruptlo” of Rethn”Rettkulate Afferent s*lrrsntlon by lrnugonlsts to NMDA Recepton [letter]. Nature 1991.351:56f+569 HAMMEFSCHIAG & AND2 M, MNNES s: Loss of Reap”nsc to Thymld Hormone I” Developing N-us Tissue Comktteta with Bnbaaced Syntheels of




- an


a 25.Kllodalton Stress protdn. Deu Neurmi 1991. 13:*73 HA0 c. rwHARDsoN4 FEWROPFs: racropbaRc-LUU Cells OrlRlnate from Neumepithellum In culture -taamcterimtkm and R”penks of the 1991. Mncrophpee- IlLe C.&s. Inf J Da Neumi 91-14. HARANLSHLMURA I, MhTsuMoTOT. Mo~l H, NISB&ww M, W R, H,ua T, Cl”“@ and NucleoUde Sequence of CDNA f”r Retlnochromc, Retlanl photoisomeax from the Squid Retina. FEES Len 1990.27l:l(MllO.

H.wa AC, KRA~(ER H, V,w VAC~ORDLJ. PA~DHUNGAT . . M, ZLPURTKY SL Inductlou of Cell Fate In Tbe Dmaopbua Retina the Bride of SevetUua pmtein Is predIcted t” conal” a large Bxtracellulnr DomnlnmdSeven TrPnsmembrvle Segments. Genes L%o 1990, 4.18351847 [26]_ HAKTENSTEM v. PosAKow Jw: A Dual PuncUon of the Notch Gene in DmwpbUa SenslU”m Development. Dee Bid 1990,142:13M H.+~EGAWA N, Tmo T, SAKUMAY. DUYere”Ual Regulntron of l?stmgen-Dependent Sexual Development of Bat Braln by Gmwtb Factor% Newwci L&l 1991, 123:183186 HAnMAN RE, S.&ARGDV, SW” BH, Initkd ChoUneglc DifTereatiaUon In Embtyonlc Chick Retina Is Responsive to Imad& and Cell Cell Interactions. Brain Res Da Brain Re 1991,59:31-37 HEBER~E,N U, M”,ovK M, RUBINGM: Cc,,-Fate . Detemlblatlon In the Dcvel”plng Dmsqaua Eye; Role of the Rou~b Gene. Develqomenf 1991. 112.703712 [25]. Hw~RlflN U. RABINGM: Stu Is Reauti it, P Subset Dmsophila ietfm and Dlspklya 6 Sensitlvc Interactioos with Rouph. Deu Bwll991. 14435>361. FA~VREBAUMAN 4 KORD~NC, Louvs C. RAXILO~~ S, EPEIBAuMJ. Functloarl Maturation of S”mat”statl” Neumns a”d Somatostatin Receptors During Dwelopment of Mouse Hytwtb&“tus I”viv” nnd I”vitm. LIez Brain Ra l&i, 57:8=2 HwIG JS, FREEMAN M, L,VF.RTY ‘I‘, UE KJ.CAMpos AR, R”BIN GM, S~FUERH. LPoLUon and Chamcterizntio” of the Disconnected Gene of Dmsopbikx Mebmoguter. EMBOJ 1991,lo:@+816 HEuxnoM Ll, ScwaDT RA Compouttd AcUon Potent&l Input-(lutput Functions fn Youq a”d Quiet&ed GerbUs. Hear Res 19?W5Oz163-174 HEMONDSG, Mows DK: FormAw of the Gxblen in the Chicken Embryo - Sequence of lnmxvatkm and LouUzaUon of Basal Ipmlnn-Aawriated Molecules. Brain Res Lku Brain Res 1991,61:87-% HENDERSON Z. Is Nt.xve Gr”wth FRequbvd fax the Surplval of RetInaI GanglIon Cella During Development. Brarn Res 1991.549322-326 HENDWXWN AE. VANBREDERODE JFM, MUUGAN KA, CEUO MR Development of the Calcium-Binding Proteins Pnrrrnlbumin and Calblndi” in Monkey Striate Cortex. J coml Neumll991,307:62&546 HERRMANN K, ARNOLDAR Tbe Development of NTere”t Pnwjestiws to the Robust Archistriatal Nucleas in ilale Zebra Pinches: P Quantitative Blectm” Micmscopic Study. J Neumsci 1991,11:20632074. Hm= KW, GAYMESCH. NW Cl, ROSSBA, THOMPSON RP, BUCK&s DS. GUIETIX PC: Celluku ElectroDhvslolopv of Neonnta, and Adult Rabbit kt&ven&ulu Node. Am J P&xkd 1991, 260:~1674-~1684 HIU CE, JONESRSG, HIllsTGDS, EnwFlL Development of P P”nctlotul h”letvwion of the lrls Dilator Muscle by Sympathetic Netve Pibrea In the Rat. J Aufon Nem Syst 1991,32:21-29 HCWX JN. VEw ALM, Gmnvo PF. DEMEW FG: Developmental lmm”noreact~vlty for GARA nod GAD in the Avian Retina - Mble AlternatIve Rtbway for GABA Synthesb. Brain Rer 1990. 532:197-202 HOLDERN, CLWCEJDW, STEPHENS iv,WILSONSW, on?1c, BLDOMERT, T0w.X DA Continuous Grorth of the Motor System In the AxoloU. J Camp Newd 1991, 303534-550 H0l.W D. MwARlAND EW. JAcOSSD, 0Fnn.r MC, NEURINGER LJ:D(rtu~tlon.l lncLn Mouse Brnlo CreaUne lCb”nae ReactIon Rates Shown by Phosphorus WetIc Resoarn ce. Brain Res Lh Brain Res 1991.S&181-163 HOLTZMAN04 HALPew M- lncorporrtio” of H-3 Tltymidlne In TelencephaUc Structurea of the Vomemnnsnl and Olfactory Systems of



Bmbryotdc Garter Snakes. / Cow@ Neurd 1991, 304:45@4a H”ra”N TH, S-N MH Maternal FWgmmmhg of the Fetal Brain DfeOtes the Rnponsc of J”venUe SUrerian namstm to Photoperi~ - Di.wc&g the frdixmatkm Transfer System. / rtp M 1990, SUppI 4:20&202 HOSKINS SG: Metamorphosis of the Amphibian flye [gevkw]. J Neurc4ti 1990, 21:970-989. Hovr RF, MCMUX W MCCOWTUEM, S”R”KINSP. NeurapltheUal Bodks Stimulntc RoUferation of Aftway gpitbelium In Fetal Hamster fang. Am J P&id (Lung Cell Md P&id) 1991,26O:U34-L240 HUBAR, HOFMANN HD Identfficatfon of GAMeqic Amacrhe Cd-Lfke Neurons Developing in chick Rethal Monolayer Cultures. Neurosci tin 1990. 11737-42. HUBER & SMITHDP, ZUKER CS, PALIIS~N R Opsh of Gdlfpbon Peripheral Photoreceptors ~1. 6. Homology wltb Dmsopbibx llhl and Posttnmkttio~~I Processing. J Bid Uxm 1990, 265:17906-17910. HUEIHER G. LAJMAA Cban~ea In Free Amino Acid Gmcentnti~~ In S&urn, Bti, and CSF Tluoughout Embtyqenesis. Neum&m Res 1991. 16:145-150. HUTCHINS JB. CA%CRANDE VA: Development of the Iatenl Geniculate Nucleus - fnteractions Between getbxd A&rent, Cytoarcbltectonfc, and Cl&l Cell Process fambmtion in Ferrets and Tree SM. J CO??@Ne~rd 1990,298:113128. C: F.ffects of Changea In the HUITENUKHERPR, EONNTER Perlphety on Development of the ConlcospbIal Motor System In the Itat. Brain Res Deu Brarn Rex 1991,60:2532&l IACOPINO AM. RIr”Tw WB, CHRLSTAKOS S: Calcium BbxUng Protein (Calbindin-D2Bk) Gene eXprrssion in the Developing and Aging Mouse Cerebellum. Md Brain Res 1990,8:283290 lhw.nRA K. IT” M, su,zuMuRAA, *w J, TAKAHASHI A. Generatfon and Chamcterbztfoa of Monoclooal Antibodies Agabnst Bat Micmglki and Ontqlcnic Distribution of p0slth.e Cells. Lab huesi 1990, 63:853&l. INIGUEZC, DEJUANJ. AUAAJDNA~A, GAYM MJ- Postnatal of Striatal Co~ectkms in the Rat Development - P Transport Study with W&at Gzrm Agglutinin Hotsemdkah Pemxidase. Da Brain Res 1990, 57:4353. JSAYAMA T. MCLAUGHUN PJ,ZAGON IS: lbtdogenow Oplolds flegulate Cell PmUferatiolon in the Retina of Developing Itat. Brnin Res 1991, 544:7’+85. 1T.w~ SK, M”L”TCHMKOFFS: 1st Appearan ce of FlashEvoked PoMtlals in the Neonatal fiat Superior CoUiculus. Neumxr Res Gxnmun 1990.77382. ~WAKI A, ~WAKI T. GOLDMAN JE, DEMRKH Multlple Messenger ftNAs of Rat Brain Afpha-CrystaUb~B Chain l&sub from AUemative Transcrlptlonal fnitlatfw. J Bid C&m 1990.265~22197-22203. JAMPELHD, RCCHEN, STARKWJ, ROBERTSAB Tnusforming Growth fbctor-Bet-a In Human Aq”eo”S Humor. Cur, Eye Res 1$$0,9:%3%9. JANSENHG, AGUIRRE GD, V~A’EEA T. S.4rw.u S: Development and Degenetation of Retina in Rdr Mutant Mice -Ultndmmunobfstochemlal fncaUzatfon of S-Antigen. Cur Eye Res 1990. 99+911. ,kNXXN R. SC~-WE~~Z?R ,, JENSEN KF: Glutamate NeurotoxlcUy In the Developing Rat Cochlea Pbysiologlcal and Morphologifnl Approaches. Brain Rer 1991, 552253264 JlANGZD, ZawG MS, SUN OK, LIu XY: Brainstem Auditory Bvoked Responsa from Birth to Adulthood Normative Data of Iatency and Interval. Hear Res 1991, 5467-74. JOHNSTON TD: Developmental Fqlnnation and the Otttogeny of Birdsong - Nature N”*re Redux. L&&w Brain Sci 1991,14349. JUBEUNBC, KANNw MS: Neurons from Neonata, Hypcrw~ive Rnta Fxhlbit Abtmrmal Membratu properties Invitro. Am J Plqowl1990, 25!?C38+C3%. JlMG D, P”M F, LLGER JJ.AUNISD, REMX)NA Dystmphin in Ceatrai Nervous System - a Developmental, Begtonal Dlstrlbutiw and Subcellubw LnaUzatkm Study. Neumsci Len 1991, 124:87-91 K~cxhu H, SALU H, URW K. KANEMT, SAUNAKAM: of rymsitte ffydmxykase-face fmmur~~ Structures In the Cbfck Retina - Three-Dtmensional An+& J Cbq Neud 1991, 308:35&370. -DAY: fmmunucytochemicpL Lncaflptlon nod Development of Multiple Kbxh of Neuropeptfdes and Ne-docrine Roteim in the Chick UUimobrpnchlnl Gland. J Camp Neurd 1991,304:3733%


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of organs and systems

sewnk?a ‘fyrcwine-Klonsc Receptor. Nafure 1991, 352:207-212. [35]. KRIEGER C, PUlL E, KIMSU: of ltestfng Membmae Potentti of Embryonic Murlae spblal Cord Cells gvablated by Flow Cytometftc Analysis. Dev Neumcci 1991. 1311-19. KROGERS, NLEHORSTER L fsolatlott, chnrrterlutlw, and Substrate Prqxrtles of the Bxtemal Limiting Membrane from the Avian F.mbtyonic Optic Tectum. / Neurmi Res 1990, 27:16+183 KLNS S, STEILER H: Ablation of Droaqhlfa F%otoreceptor ceils by of P Toxin Gene. Genes Dev 1991, 5:97@983. KURATANI S. BOCKMANDE: Impaired Development Of the Tlnymic Rlmordium at?er Neural Crest Ahbttion. Anat Ret 1990,22.9 185190. KURATANI S. BOCKMAN DE: Capacity of New-al Great Cells from vnrlous Axkll Levels to Farticicae In Thymk Devek.pment. Cell Tissue Res 1991, 263:9+105. uF”m RA, ME~vll.@ S, CHUNGK, C-ESRE Ab!+e~Xe of Neumgenesls of Adult Rat Dorsal Boot Ganglion-Cells. Somafawns Mot Res 1991,8:37. LU ZN. EMINERM. ROOSP. ERG 6 chnrpctcrtzntlon of Futatlve Growth Hormone Receptors In Human Cbomid Plexus. Braiw~&!&‘l,, %646:222-226. LAKESHANAN R. POUACRGS, i+xrr~ DJ. Prom Embryo of P to Adult - Anatomy and D&elopment Sensory tXgan. in Pbormka-fteginn Me&en (Insecta, Dlpten).l. Anatomy and physiology of a Larvaj Leg Sensory Organ. J Cm?@ Neurd 1991, 308:18&199. LAKESKUUAN R, P”uvx GS, MERRITTDJ: From Embryo to Adult - Anatomy and Development of a Leg Sensory Organ in Phomda-Regina, ~eigen @secta, Diptera).Z. Development and Persistence of Sensory Neumar. J Con@ Neural 1gg1,308:200-208. LAMPERTH I_ MANUEUDIS l, WEBSTI?RHD: PO Glycqn’otein Messenger RNA Distribution In Myeti-Forming Schwaon Cells of the Developing Rnt Trlgeminal Gz”@on. J Neunxyfd 1990,19:75&764 LANDR,’ CF, Y”uS”&’JH, BROW LR Expression of the Beta-S100 Gene in Brain and Cranlofacfal Car&age of the Embryonic &at. Derj Neumcci 1930, 12:22F234 IAM., G, FAZZ 8, GERARDO A, Ohln’r” A, PLA%?A F, R0rirnr.1 G Early PredIcton of Neumdevelopmentll Outcome At 12-36 Months In Vety Lowbirthweight Infants. Brain Da’ 19%. 12:482-487 Law”~ N, R”z D, DURONB- Postntnl Development of Small and farge Dorsal Root GaqUon Neurons in the Cat a Study on Cervical Lerels (C5C6) and on Phrenic ABerents Neumsa Len 1991, 121.93% LAVAI MM, RAPAP”~ DH. lwac P: CytogCncSis io the . Monkey Retha. J Camp Neuml1991,309:8&114.


coditimtal Espmlnton

t121. LAV,NMA_DRUCKERC”&~I+ Ontogeny of the F,lectmphysiolosiol Actfvlty of Dopaminergic Cells nlth Specti Reference to the-fntluen~e of Adrenal MeduUaq Grphs on Aging. Brain Res 1991, 545.1~170. Leo 0. SINGH AK, SINGH L: postnatal Development and Isolation of Pemxisomes from Brain. I Neumhnn 1991, 56.13431353 ,B~ERHENDLER ll, ETCHEBERNGARAY R, YA&,“~ EN, MATZEL LD, AMON DL Outgrowths from Hermissenda Photoreceptor Somata are Asswlated with Activation of Protein Kinase-C. Brain Res 1990, 53419Cr200. LEE KJ, FREEMAN M, STE”IR H: Fxpression of the Disco~ected Gene Durbq Development of Drosophila Mekanopnster. EM60 ,1991, 10817-826 LLGRAND C. PERRAZC, CL&L MC, R,,B,EA Distribution of Gelsolin In the Retina of the Developing ftabbit. Cell Tissue Res 1991. 264.335338 IEM J, APPLTBURY ML Fu JD F~ANNERY JG, S~M”NMI: Tissue-SpecUic and Developmental Regulatiot~ of Rod Opsln Chfmeric Genes in Transgenic Mice. Neuron 1991, 6-201&210. LEONJA, BWrr JM, HOPP RH. Mwz RP. MILU.IAH etfects of FluoroutacU and Fluorouridh~e on Protein synthesis in Rabbit Retina. ,nvesf @5#mlmd “is Xi 1990, 31:17091716 LER”llXNlC”UTTI, DARCHEN F, SCHERMAN D, CoST’B.‘“N J: postnatd Development of the Man-he Vesiculnr Transporter in Mesencephpuc aad TelencephaUc Re@oar of the flat Bnin - 1 Quantitative Autondiognphlc Study with [H-3]Dihydmtet mbenaine. Neumscr Len 1990, 117:1-7 LEsC,zY KH, HINESJ. SWGERJH, HACKETTSF, CAMPOCHlAR” PA. fnhfbition of Growth Factor Bfiects In Retinal Pilpncnt Epithelial C&s. hwsl mti/d VisSci 1991.32.177&1778.



Development Development

of organs

and systems

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- E6ecl



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of organs and systems

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of organs

[I-lZS]Pmgestln. Brain Res Dm Brain Res 1991, 5!314>155. Phrenic Nerve and SlcA Alq GANC+IIt.!R Eff-t Llesplmtory Neurtm Activltles In the DeveloplnB Kitten -Spontaneous Dlschrrges md Hyporlc Responses. Brarn Res 1990, 524~254-262. SIDMANRD, MhJORDJ. FORDMR, RAMSN GG, SCHUCHTLNG c: AReaelated Features of the ResflnS PatternRev&al Visual Evoked Response IJ& the Dipole Loullzntlon Method and cortical lmagbtg Technltlue. J Neumxr Me&da 1991, 37~27-36 SlMWN TA, KUDUCZ EM, LwPl SE, TAYYEBMI, SEID~R FJ petal Terbutallne Exposure Gwses Selective postnatal Increases in Cerebellar AlpbaAdrenerglc Receptor Blndlng. Life S‘, 1990. 47:2051-2057. Sm MM: Putative Skeletal Neural Crest Cells in Rarly Jate Ordovickm verteblates from Colorado. Science 1991,251:301&303 SM’“nH”?.t&!z Lc, Jot(NsoN AR, FAuiCETTJw: Tl,e ,?&cts of Embryottlc Retinal Neurons on Neural Crest Cell Dlffemntlatlon into schwatm Cells. Dwe@lmenr 1990,109:925-934. S~XHERMANWp, ROBINSON SR: Olfactory Bulb T-tlon Altem Fetal Behavior after Cbemosettsory But not Tactile Stlmulatloo. Dw Brarn Res 1990, 57:17>180. and NonS”FFE SR Centrally Generated Rhythmic Behavloural Respomes In RanaTemporarka Embryos. J E.-q Wd 1991.156.81-99 S”mELMER H, RANSOMBR, CORNEUBEUAH, B,xK JA WAXMANSG: Na+Current Erpresslon lo Rat Hippocampal Astmcytes bwltro Development. J-Neuropbysid 1991, 65:fll SOOD PP. RlCH”“XJP, PANlGELM, B”UHNO(J, WEGMANNR: Aqlote&twgetl In the Developlug Rat petal Hbadbtaln and Spinal Cord from lsth to 20th Day of Gestation - au Immutmcytocbemlcal Study. Neumscimce 1990,37517-522. wTEL” c. W&sEF ht. cerebelku Development - Afferent ognnlutlon and Purklnje Cell Hetemgenelty. Philas Trans RScc lmd [Bid! 1991, 331:W7-313 S”UI?,A&, E, E,.STSJ.G.aX+wJ: Excitatory Amino Acid Recepton Coupled to the Nitric Oxlde/CycUc GMP Fathway in Rat Cerebellum Durlq Development. J Neumhem 1991. 562072-2081. SPEISER2, UZLELJ, DEFRlNAssA R GIIXR S, “RCA G, DlBerent BehavIoral Deficits are Induced by Atmxln/Hyporin In Neonatal and Senescent Rats - Blockade by MK.BOl. Be/xxvBrarn Res 1391. 42:181&l& SPRINGER AD, SABBANEl, MORELKD, BEFX MF. VOGELJR, Wns0~ BR Enhanced LabeUng of Mltotlc Retltul Cells with an Intraocular [Ii-3]l’bymldbte Injection. Neurosn Len 1990,118:1-4. STONEDM, WESSEL T, J”H TH, BAKERH: Decrease In ‘Qrwlne Iiydmxylase, But ttot Aromatic L Ambw Acid Decarboxykwe, M-ger RNA In Rat 0Lactm-y Bulb Pollowlttg Neonatal, Unilateral Odor Deprivation. Mel Brain Res 1930, 829-300. S-ADLU M, l&Zm”m M, SCHWAR~PJ: PostmUd Development of Cardiac ltmerpltlon and Susceptiblllty to Mallguam Arrhythmias In the Dog. JAuton Neru Syst 1990, 30 (suppl):S153S154. SUIlIvANAF, DICKENS”NAH: Rlectrqhyslolt,glc Studies on the splnal Antlnociceptlve Action of KappaOploid Agot&ts In the Adult and 21.Day-Old Rat.JPhatmacd~ 7Iw1991, 256:111+1125 SURMEIER DJ, STEFLNI4 FOEHRINCRC, Kmu ST -lopmental Regukitlon of a Slowlylmwtlvatlng Potassium Conductance in Rat Necmtrlatal Neurons. Neumcci Len 1991,122:41-46 Sl”T”N D, HAMWAY OY, SEB T, SPELMAN FA. Macaque Anterovmti Cocblear Nucleus Developmental Anatomy. Brain Res Da Brarn Res 1991,58:5%5. SUZUKIY, TAKEDAM: Raatins in the Developing OlEactoty Eplthella. Brarn Res De% Brain Res 1991, 59:171b178 Actlvadon of Fetal EEG SZT” HH: Morphine-Induced Is Mediated Via Central Muscarlnlc IJathways. Am JPb.wiol1991, 26O:R5O+R517 TANXJRIH. HAY&~ Y, MIKI N: possible Involvement of Neurlte Outmxwtb Factor (Non Recentor In Axonal Out&nvth from L&el&.lnR &lck Retina. Neumcci Res 1990. Suppl 13:SiO2-s105. TAMURAH. KU” CH. HAYASHI Y. MIKIN. and Cbmctedmtioon of an 82.kD Membrane Protein as a Neurite Outgmwtb Factor Blttding Pmteln - Possible Itwohwnent of NOF Bindlttg Roteln In Axonal Outgrowth In Developbag Retbu. J Cd Bid 1991, 112:313322.

and systems



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Campvlson to

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serotoneglc Modulation


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of neuronal cerebral


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in vertebrates

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19% 3OZlF28. TEMPLEs: cm

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the Dew&p@

and Cell Migntion in Cerebral CoRex. @erienria 1991I,

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Inhibitory Neuro-mitters.

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of Hamster

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. .








in invertebrates

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Pmjections in anrdentied.u”t”“e”r”“. tJrarn Res 1990, 535 147-150.





cues in axon guidance

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Neurotropism and neurotrophic factors Related

review: Axon guidance




(pp 6065)

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and Dlfferentlated Functions of Rat Septal CboUuerglc Neurons In Culture. Neuron 1990. 5~297-306. &TAR CA, BAKHITC- Receptor-Medinted Tt-auspot’t Of ““man Recot”b%,,a”t Nerve Gmwth Factor from Olfactory Bulb to Forebrain Cbolhteglc Nuclei. Brain Res 1991, 541.R2-88. ALTARcq B~wrcw LE, BENNXITGL DUGICHDJORD-C Nerve Growth Factor M: Recombinant Huis B~ologicaUy Active aud labels Novel High AfUoUy Binding Sites in Rat Brai”. pnx NnP Acad Sci USA 1991, tJt3281-285. ALTAR Cq DUGICI-~D,O~J.&K M, Aiuavwl M, BAKHrrc. MedIal-tohtetal Gradient of Neosthtal NGF Recep,o,s . Relatioushlp to Cbolbteglc Neurous aud NGF-Like ,u,m”noreactivity. jNeunuc~1991, 11:82=36. J,_ SnUrrh%%llFR WJ Wi” APPELSH. MCMANAMAN Neurovophic Agents be “armful in Ahbeimer’s Diseae? Neurobid@zg 1989, 10 5x0. -VIA Y, SE-R M, THOENEN H. Survival F.&cc of CUhy Neurotrophic Factor (CNTF) on Chick Embyouic Motoueumus In Culture: Comparbo” with Other NeurouOpbiC Factors and Cytokioes. J Neumccz 1990,lO 3507-3515. AruMATsl, Y. Mlw.MOToM: S”rvinl-l4omothtt Eaect of NGF on Invitro Septohippocampial Ne&,os with Cbolfnerglc aud GABAerglc Phenotypes. Brain Res De” Brain Res 1991. 58:189-201. AYXRIL~~XI C, STAHLBOM PA, .Sm VR: Expression of IGFI aud IGF-U Messenger RNA In the Brain sod Crwlofacial Betdoo of the Rat Fetus. Da&Y?menl 1991,111:10~115. BALER H, BONHOEFFER F Axe” Guldaoce by Gradients of . . a Target-Derived Component. 1%X, Submitted.. 1451. CE, MEYER M. ~.NDHOI.U D, S~aticen M, HEUMANNR, THHOENEN H: Regional and Cellular Codistrlbudon of lntcrleulin-l-Beta sod Nerve Growth Factor Messenger RNA in the Adult Rat Brain Possible Rekationsbip to the Regulatlo” of Nerve Growth Factor Synthesis. J Cell Bd 1990. 111:1701~1711. BARLNA~M: 0” the Right Ttack to the NGF Receptor [Fditorial]. Science 1991, 252505505, BAECKER P, ROUIIEDGNVARD C, Bu~SZP(NPE,TTG~ H, CHOWJ, NGLMN B, BACHC, CHAN H, ‘TIVZYI%~MH, Y~HIDA K, RClBALCAVA R, GACZ FH: Huma,, Beta-Nerve Groxah Factor Obtained from a Baculovirus Expression System Has Potent Invitro aad fuvivo Neumtropbic Actlvlty. Q!J Neural 1990,110.11-24. RAK~ISRT. NeurotmphlC Factors - cao the Degeuenttve Bra%” be Induced to Heal Itself. Neuv’&dA@ng 1989.10~513514. B,wn,s RT: Neurotropb‘c Factors - the Good, the Bad or the U&? Neurobiol Aging 1989,lO 555556. BlGoN E. SORANLO c. MINOZZIc. SKAPER SD. CAUEGARO L. hrge Scale Ptu-iBcatlon and Immunological Characterhatlo” of Human Placental Nerve Growth Factor. Neumhpm Res 19$Q, 15:1197-1202 BlASERPF, CATSICAS S, CLARKE PGH Retmgtade Modulation of DeudrltIc Geometry lo the Vertebrate Braiu During Develo”me”t. Da’ Brutn Res1990,5713~142 BLLXRUD MD, LEED& WwEEBhVKAJ,BR~,NDEN KR. Khtetics of Production of a Novel Growth Factor aUer Perlpberal NIujury. J New01 Sci 1990. 98:207-299 H, XLEFK, TrnkK.~ BKxXGAUEGCIE, HucHETM, ELMHhMDl H, HENDERSON CE: Survival Invitro of Motoneurons Identbied or put4lied by Novel Antibody-Based ~etbod.s Is Selectively Enhamced by MuscleDerived Fata,rs. &zslqpment 1991,111:221-232. BOLLJ, NO”.w N, GOTZ M, BONHOEmR T: Formation of TarRet-SoecUic Neuronal Rojectious In . 0rga”*typ,c Ske Cultures from Rat visual Cortex. Natwe 1990, 346:359-362 [32]. Bo,?.%vIG, P~zzm A, R~ARU El, Fana 4 ScARlATO G. BARAUE FE, SUAN,V. Human petal BraIn Beta-Nerve Growth Factor CDNA - Moleculv Cloni”~ Of 5’ and 3’ Untx-auslated Regions. Neumccr Le~l991. 127117-120 BORUM G, PIZZUTI & R,,r,~ El, FAINIA, SluM V, SlIxx A, %auwro G. BARAUTFE. cDNA Sequence of H”““I” p-NGF. nucleic acids R~S l9w, ieio20. BOTHWELL M: Kee”lnn Tmck of Neurotrooblo Receptors. &/i&l, 65:915-918 BOULTON TG. NYESH, ROBBwSDJ, 1~ NY, RUXIEJEW%A E. MORGENBESSER SD, DEPINHO F..%PANAYOTATOS N. COBtl MH, YANCO~~IIL~~ GD, ERRS . a Family of ProtelnIUuases that are Activated sod Serioe/l%reo”i”e Tyrosloe Pbospborylated in Response to I”s”lin and NGP. CeN 1991,65:6&675 BOVOLENTA P. DODDJ. I’erturbrrtio” of Neurotxd . Differentiation aud Axon Guidaoce i” the Spiad


cord of mouse Ernblyos Iackiug a floor Platea Atmlysls of Daofortb’s Short-Tail Mutntlon. ~ewlqpment 1991, 113:62%39. 1201. R, SHCOTER EM, TIROM F Molec”~ BRADB~IYA, PCISSENTI Cl”“iq of PC3, a Putatively Secreted Pmtel” whose MRNA Is Induced by Nerve ciovth Factor aud DepoluizPtlo”. Pnx N&t Arid Sci Li S A 1991, BB33533357. RRAND~~Y BK, SHAPER JH, SCHNMRI& Tumor Cell ???? Haptotaxis on IutmobiUzed N-Acety&hxoaaodoe tiradients. rev i+id 1990, 140:161-171. [431. BRESNAHAN PA, IEDK R THOMWI, THORNER J, GtBSONHL BRAW AJ, BAF%PJ, THOt&? G: Hut”atI Fur Gcnc Eucodes a Yeast REaLike Eodoproteae that Clezwes Pr&xta-NGF Invivo. 1 ceil Btd 1990, 111:2851-2859. BRCIWXMC, PERRY VH, IJJNKE& GORDONS, HEUMANNR ~acmpbage Dependence of Peripheral Seusory Nerve Regeneration Possible bwolvemeut of Nerve Growth Pactor. Neuw 1991,6:35M70. BRLINEW N, REYN~~ M. WRATHAU.JR, MOCCHETTI I: lncreaxd Nerve Growth Ftior Receptor hiesseuger RNA lo Contused Rat Spin?l Cord. Neurosn Leti 1990,118.23&24a BUCKMKYIZR A. NOBESCD, ED~ANX SN, TOu(O’.5w AM: Nerve Growth Factor is Required for by Serum, lnductron of C-fos lmmunorca~tbity Lk”“laui7dlon.




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KU&Z ~omaio from the Alzbelmers Amyloid zeta- Protein Fvectu-sor lnhiblt a RaUUueiu Responslhk for Post- Translatioual Pmcesslng of Nelve Growth Factor Precursor. FEBS Len 1990. 267 207-212.,w~o E, MCKAYR Proliferatlo” aud DUfereutiatio” of Neuronal Stem Cells Regulated by Nerve Growth Factor. Nature 1990, 341762-765. CAVICCHIOU I. FLAMGAN TP. DICKSON JG, VNQIM G, DAlxxo R, F,KO M, WA!_w FS, ITONA cbolhe AcetyltransfMessenger RNA Erpression lo Developlug aud Adult Rat Brai” - Re@zttio” by Nerve Growth Factor. Brain Rej Mel Brain Res 1991, 9:31%325. CHAKRABAR~ S, S,MAAAF. LEEJ, BRACKET P, DlCOu E: Nerve Grow?b Factor (NGF), aud NGF Receptorlike lmmunoreactivity In BB Rat Retina. Brain Res 19% 523 11-15. CHAN CLH, WKXEY CB, BERRY M. OUgodeudmcyteType.2 ~tmcyte (0-U) Pmgenltor Cells from Neooata, sod Adult Rat Optic Nerve Dltrer I” Their Resuoosiveness to Platelet-Derived Growth Pa&r. Lh Brain Res 1990, 55 27>282 CHIN KS, ‘lUnws~~ MH, GAGE FH: Role of Neurotropbic Factors In Alzbelmer’s Dhease. Neu&iol&-0 --x3 1989, 10 545. COHEN D~~17vs CF, BLACKB- NGF uld Excitatory Neurotrausminen Regulnte S”nri=t sod Morphogette& of Cultured ‘%&teUar PurLlnie Cells. r Neumrci 1991.11462471