Blood pressure in the newborn

Blood pressure in the newborn

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Selected Abstracts Wiggers, C. J., aad Cotton, F. S.: Stndies on the Ooromuy Circubtion. f%‘OllM’y ~RSUWI Rlkies and Their I~~terpretcLtion. .411t. J. Phywiol.

I. The 106:


1933. l’mmrc pulwa wcrc simultoncourly rrvordd frotti the aortn anil either frim the! central ml or froui H latwfd brrnwh of the rntc~rior tliwciiding muus of the! left mrouery artwp of the dog. (.~alibratc~tl opticd u~anoui~ters tlc*iguc!d and Tlyv 11ul H high figure of merit when tlcncribcd by one of the authors wore uml. t.c!stc!d antler wntlit.ion* 0e wtuul IIIC. A twhnict WHI ~IrwloJ~stl Iy which rrtefrctrt tluc Do niotious of the Iicxirt wtro c~liiiiiiistc~l. Hush wiiuultancous records giw ii0 intlirut ion tliiit the priwuri! rClatioiir 01 furru of the coronary prerauripulnc~ nrv uio*lifiv4l Iby iwy .fador vxcqt tliv prv.*wurv HX occur in othcl c~hangw in thn aorta. ‘l%v niiuor ~11~11gi~s iiotc:tl tcrv rwh !l’ho conduaionx of Hoehwin nnc’l Urorr, that in utltlitiou hranchcs of the aorta. heart rate, capacity r~~cl dnrtieity of the clortn, w’ldicw w14 friction tint? to HII ‘J’ho authors unusually wd-davolopcsl int.inm arta not auplmrtctl by i hcwc studies. regal thcso wucrlunion~ iumlitl .Cor (1 ) wml~urixonx of coronary and c*arotitl pulsi~4 do not scrvc for tho duily of ihc! problcrii twiw~w lhi! contour and prrseure valuas of. the latti~r tliffw i5sc!utitrlJy .f,oiu lhoro in tlic uorta. rind (2) vvidoncre indkatcs t hut thcs rcvortlr cm which ronvluaious nrc IMNVI coutnin many artcfaetn and hsnci: tlo not pirlurv ttw cwrrwt fom 4 ~~rcwrurc~ tluctuatiour iGthw in the coronary or r$t rot icl urtcvicx

Bowman, James B.:

Blood Pressure

In the



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I!):~% Ttkb literaturr The tension life, nvoraging

ou rrt.criwl in n groul) sucv.csnivcly


I~loocl prc*ssurc iii Ihc iicwburn iw mviewecl. 100 I)alGx WHS rcc*ortl~vl for thu tircit four clays 55 systolic, 38 cliratolii:; 150 wyrctolic, 41 tlirstoJic*; 172



systolic, d:! cliaxtolir, ad 60 systolic, +I4 dia.*tolic. The cl~~tc~ritiitratiI),ls were IIIH& with the I’achon osdloudcr, with IL 5 by 20 VIII. roff placed ubout the right Icg. In gcncrnl, the systolic blood pressure is highcbr iu the brbics of greater weight at birth, while the diastolic caric*r littlc. Thrrc! was little differcme in the 1~100~1 pressure of 15 brhics of the X~IIIIC weight gronp (front i to 8 l~oun(lN) born spantallc’ouPly.

.I’ntcrcsting obwcrvations wcrc nobctl on wxuprixoii of tension bcforo and uftrr clrniuu~c of *piad fluid iii 4 in fuutn n-ith ccrebrnl hcuiorrhr~gc.

Bohning, Anne, Jochim, Kenneth, and Katz, Louis N.: The Thebesian Vessels as 8 Source of Nourishment for the Myocatdium Am. .J. l’hyniol. 106: 183, 1x13. kiisnmth

was eonwyc~d

front thv heart, rhunibcvs

into the cwronttry sinus bloo,-I

‘In preI~arationx of beating hrartx with u ~*oiilplc~tc~l~ ixcdatcd roroiisry eircqilutioq a wspcnsion of R pure rulturcl of killed f)ac*trrir was injec?tad into t.ho SUIWrior wna eava. The RUIIP baetcrin ~oulcl !W &mmnstratd i II 111~sinu.soidtrl spa~~~~.~. th(* capillaric~, the Snldl intrtunural urtcrirs mil veins, the supcriic~ial branches of t.hc coronary arterirx untl veins, HII~I also in the blood front the c:oronary sinus. ‘1’11~~ csprimcntw. thcw*Corc, indicate that llic lhehcaian ~~Nt!ls do form H prthway in the functioning hc*:trt by which hlootl WIII lw w~nvcyvl from the heart rhrmbcrx to the mtranmrul eorcmary YVSPCIS. 1Tn4Icrr normal wutlitiunN, the ntnount of blow1 convCyc~11 11y this pltllwtty al)pears to bc c~oriil~f~ruLi\ely srlmll but in some Ix~t.hologi(+aI conditions, whcrc the roronary arteric are oeclutlc~tl. enough blooil n:rry find its way into the eclronary cq4piII~rjpN to aill iqqlrwiat~ly in ilie nourirIiinc~nt of llw hoart.

Wright, Irving Sherwood, and Duryee, A. Wilbur: and in Disease. Awh. Int. Bl’ctl. 52: 4!)5? 39:X

Human Capillaries in Health

In this artiela an endeavor has bcwu IIIH~P to rc*viow the prescd knowlrdgc~ concerning human caldlnrirs in IIPulth md in many specific tlisc~nxcx The fiehl in ralativoly nntlcwlq~c~l, an!1 it. is bc?liwwl that. 1wcNent tltwric~s will bc dixc~srdetl in the near future and that WIII~ utltlitinnul I~~tholoI$rnl I)roc(‘sxes will bc studied Tlic? authors have uxril from the point of view of the c:apillaric~x unil virrulrttitrn. HII yqbaratux drvincil ly tiiw~ :itlcl prcvinusly A*rcrild. In the lirst scr.tion of lhc lqlcr the-rc ix II full Ilircc*uxsion ot’ the unatoilliral rippcarancc iinil the I~hgrciot~~giral funrtion of tlto noriitwl ~apillrric~rc. TIJ the .swonrl Nwt.ion. cfq~illary C'tlilll~W it) vririoun ~IisWsi! conditions :Lr(’ Ilrsc*ril)c~il iin cliNtww~l.

Stainsby, We&all J., and Nicholls, Edith E.: The Clinical Significance of the ErythrocyUc Sedimentation tion 12: 1041, 1933.

Test in Rheumatoid


J. Clin. Invostjgw

Tho urythrncytie rc~ili,l~c~llt~tiolI twt WM pcrfortwll on llw huntlwl and ninctyseven patjcntn with rhcwnurtoid arthritis in or&I tcl ~l~!tcwiinr its rigiiilirancro rtdiin this diacasc!. The- rc*rult.n of the invcM igutioll intliratcr that tbt! wwrtwttvl n)(!utatjun jntles jr 11 rc*lirt)Iu rritwiotl of thv wtivity or wtrwrity of the arthritic process at tho time of tedinK, r111il I hut HI),\’ .funch~mc*t~tul cliang~- in t.he c-linicrl in ttlc! re~limc~ntatiori rate. (*ondition produces in)utdiate c,llrrc~rlloiitlili~ c-llSlll~C ]‘ntiontp with grentc*r tlcgrces ol’ joint inwlwwcnt untl a lunger disease duration