Carotenoids other than vitamin A

Carotenoids other than vitamin A

Comp. Biochem. Physiol., 1974, Vol. 48B, pp. 671 to 672. Pergamon Press. Printed in Great Britain BOOK REVIEWS L u m i n e s c e n c e o f Crystals, ...

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Comp. Biochem. Physiol., 1974, Vol. 48B, pp. 671 to 672. Pergamon Press. Printed in Great Britain

BOOK REVIEWS L u m i n e s c e n c e o f Crystals, Molecules and S o l u t i o n s . By FRED WILLIAMS. 732 pp. Plenum Publishing Corporation. 1973. $32.00. THIS IS the proceedings of the International Conference on luminescence held in Leningrad, U.S.S.R., 1972. There are 94 papers presented. T h e y are grouped into sections as follows: 1. Cooperative phenomena. 2. High density excitation. 3. Excitons. 4. Relaxation and donor acceptor interactions. 5. I I - V I compounds. 6. Molecular crystals and solutions. 7. Energy transfer and triplet state. 8. Electron-phonon interactions. 9. Semi-conducting crystals. 10. Impurity centres and defects. 11. Inorganic crystals. 12. Electronic processes in inorganic crystals. 13. Applications.

C h e m i l u m i n e s c e n c e and Bioluminescence. By M. J. CORMI~m, E. M. HERCULES& J. LEE. 515 pp. Plenum Publishing Corporation. 1973. $27.15. THIS VOLUME is a collection of papers presented at the International Conference on Chemiluminescence held in Georgia, U.S.A., October 1972. There are 33 chapters grouped under the following headings: 1. Theory and gas phase reactions. 2. Oxygen reactions. 3. Radical ions. 4. Organic reaction mechanisms. 5. Chemical mechanism in bioluminescence. 6. Applications of chemical luminescence.

Carotenoids other than V i t a m i n A. Plenary Lectures presented at the Third International Symposium held at Cluj. Romania. 1972. 130pp. Butterworths. 1973. £3.80. THE CHAPTERSin this book are: 1. Carotene biosynthesis in fungi--B. H. Davies. 2. Recent studies on carotenoid biosynthesis in bacteria--J. C. B. McDermott, A. Ben Azis, R. K. Singh, G. Brihon and T. W. Goodwin. 3. Investigation of the violaxanthin cycle---D. I. Sapozhnikov. 4. Photoregulated carotenoid biosynthesis in non-photosynthetic micro organisms--O. B. Weeks, F. K. Ssleh, N. Wirahadiku-Sumah and R. A. Berry. 5. Structural elucidation of carotenoids. A progress r e p o r t - - S . L. Jensen. 6. Some recent studies on carotenoids and related compounds--B. C. L. Weedon.

B i o c h e m i s t r y o f Bacterial G r o w t h . By J. MANDELSTAM& K. MCQUILLEM. 582 pp. John Wiley and Sons, Halsted Press Division. 2nd edn. 1973. Paperback price $19.95. THIS IS a second edition of a well-known book. As the editors state it is not intended to be a comprehensive textbook on the biochemistry of bacteria, though any student who knows and understands the contents will have a very good knowledge and appreciation of the subject. There are twelve separate authors who contribute the chapters.

A m n i o t i c Fluid. Research and Clinical Application. By D. V. I. FAIRWEATHER& T. K. A. B. ESK~S. 343 pp. Elsevier Publishing Co. 1973. $31.00. THIS VOLUME, with contributions by twenty-five different authors, presents an up-to-date summary of most aspects of research on amniotic fluid and its clinical application. This includes the origin and circulation of the amniotic fluid; anmiocentesis; biochemical studies on amniotic fluid; hormones; enzymes; prostaglandins; gas tensions and embolism.

C o n t e m p o r a r y Topics in Molecular I m m u n o l o g y , Vol. 2. By R. A. REISFIELD & W. J. MANDY. 276 pp. Plenum Publishing Corporation. 1973. $16.50. THE CHAPTERS are as follows: 1. X-ray crystallographic studies of immunoglobulins-Roberto J. Poljack. 2. Structural analysis of the anti-body combining s i t e - - D a v i d Givol. 671