Catalytic report on zeolites

Catalytic report on zeolites

380 Recent Patents on Catalyst Supports A number of patents on catalyst carriers and supports have appeared recently and these are listed below: Mal...

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380 Recent Patents on Catalyst


A number of patents on catalyst carriers and supports have appeared recently and these are listed below: Mallinckrodt Inc. have claimed (U.S. Patent 4,617,060) a procedure for preparing a support from amorphous silica powder and a binder. Shell Internationale Research Mij. B.V. have claimed (European Patent 201, 949) a procedure for preparing smallpore aluminas useful as carriers in hydrocarbon converion processes; also (European Patent 208,357) a procedure for preparing an alumina of high surface area and containing wide pores; Shell Oil Co. have claimed (U.S. Patent 4,624, 938) a method for preparing an improved support for a hydrocarbon hydroprocessing catalyst involving an alumina containing specified proportions of wide and narrow pores; and Shell Oil have claimed (U.S. Patent 4,629,716) a method to give aluminas with pores with diameters less than 5 mm. T. Wakui and T. Handa have claimed (U.S. Patent 4,622,311) methods of preparing aluminas and silicas having narrow pore-size distributions in the range 1 - 10 mm. Corning Glass Works have claimed (U.S. Patent 4,631,267-69) a method for preparing a strong monolithic support of high surface area from oxides of Al, Si, Ti, and/or Zr. Interatom GmbH has claimed (European Patent 210,546) a support for automotive catalysts made by winding together a flat and corrugated steel strip in a specified manner. RSC Annual Congress The Annual Chemical Congress of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry is to be held this year at University College, Swansea, from 13th - 16th April, at about the time that this issue appears. Three of the sessions may be of interest to some of our readers: "The Chemistry and Physics of Intercalation", "Intracrystalline Catalysts as Aids ot Organic Synthesis"; and "Solid Supported Catalysts as Aids to Organic synthesis". The first of these, sponsored by the Faraday Division, includes contributions by A. Weiss of the University of Munich (The mechanism of intercalation into kaolinite), A.W. Sleight of Du Pont (Studies of intercalation with molybdenum oxide


Volume 30 No. 2 - April 1987

and vanadium oxide hosts), A.J. Jacobson of Exxon (Inter-layerchemistry of vanadium phosphates and organophosphates), and D.E.W. Vaughan, also of Exxon (Modified pillared clays). The second session, sponsored jointly by the Faraday and Perkin Divisions, comprises of papers by P.A. Jacobs, of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Zeolites as intercrystalline catalysts for substitution reactions on phenol), J.A. Ballantine of University College, Swansea, (Modified montmorillonite clays as catalysts for organic reactions), J.J. Fripiat of the University of Wisconsin (Acid sites in clays and pillared clays): and P. Diddams, also of University College, Swansea (Structural features of smectite clays that influence their catalytic activity). The third session, of which no details are available, is sponsored by the Perkin Division. Catalytic Report on Zeolites A recent report from Catalytica Associates, 430 Ferguson Drive, Building 3, Mountain View, CA 94043, U.S.A., (report no. 41857) discusses molecular sieve materials newly-developed by industry. Of particular interest, say Catalytica, are materials prepared by dry routes. The report examines the new materials against existing technologies and evaluates new applications for old and new zeolites. (Source: Chemistry in Britain, 23(1987) No-l, p.16).) Selective Oxidation of Methane I have on a number of occasions in the last year or so given details of papers and patents appearing in, or related to, this increasingly popular research topic. During the period of preparation for this issue of News Brief, I have come across a remarkably large number of new items, all of which have appeared in the primary journals or abstracting services which I read. I give below a list of these for those readers who have some interest in this subject. The journal items which I have noted are as follows: S.P. Mehandru, A.B. Anderson and J.F. Brazdil, J.Chem.Soc., Faraday I, 83 (1987) 463; CH bond activation and radical surface reactions for propylene and rtha;;a;;;; ;lpha-Bf203. . Moriyama, N. Takasaki .