Coating apparatus and shroud

Coating apparatus and shroud

ing within a range of 10 to 1,500 mg/m 2 ; a ratio of an iron content relative to a total quantity of iron and nickel content within a range of 0.0035...

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ing within a range of 10 to 1,500 mg/m 2 ; a ratio of an iron content relative to a total quantity of iron and nickel content within a range of 0.0035 to under 1.0; and an oxygen content being within a range of 0.5 to under 30% by weight. PLAnD NICKILIGOLD DI.UCTRIC INnIIJIAC.

U.S. Patent 5,861,341. Jan. 19, 1999 C.P. Wen et al., assignors to Raytheon Co., El Segundo, Calif An improved process for forming

a gallium arsenide monolithic microwave integrated circuit comprising a plurality of devices, which include an electrolytically plated gold layer as a conductive contact, said plurality of devices being encapsulated by a passivating dielectric layer, wherein the improvement comprises electrolytically plating the gold layer; electrolytically plating a nickel film on the gold layer; and depositing the passivating dielectric

layer over the nickel film so as to encapsulate side and top portions of the plurality of devices, whereby the passivating dielectric layer remains adhered to the nickel layer when exposed to changes in temperature. SPRAY NOZZU MAIlIIPOLD

defining an annular inner member adapted to be positioned colinearly next to an injection manifold of the coating apparatus; and a second piece defining an annular outer member shrouded over and removably positioned over the inner member.

U.S. Patent 5,862,987. Jan. 26, 1999 S.C. Rei!, assignor to Spraying Systems Co., Wheaton, Ill.


A header for transporting fluid to a plurality of spray nozzles in a spraying system comprising a tubular header body of generally cylindrical form made of a nonmetallic material, said body having an inner cylindrical bore through which the fluid is directed.

A cover for a spray gun compris-

COATING ....ARAtU. AND . . .OUD U.S. Patent 5,862,988. Jan. 26, 1999

G. van der Steur, EFC Systems Inc., Havre de Grace, Md. A two-piece shroud for a coating

apparatus comprising a first piece

U.S. Patent 5,862,989. Jan. 26, 1999 J.C. Cirillo, Bothell, Wash.

ing a panel made of flexible material capable of being folded to form an enclosure designed to cover a spray gun; a rear opening formed on the panel enabling a spray gun to be placed inside the panel when folded; a front opening formed on the panel enabling the tip of the spray gun to extend from the panel; and a top opening formed on the panel, said top opening enabling a hook element on the spray gun to extend through the panel when the spray gun is placed therein. MICIIOPINISHING AND IIOLUII _ _ _I_MACHIN.


Handbook of Phyllical Vapor Depo8itioD (PVD) b1 D.III. 1I""alI '17...,..


Thia new volume, lubtitled Film Formula·

tiOll, AdM'ioll, Surfa« Preparatioll cuad ColltamilUltiollControl, coven all the u-

pecta of PVD proceaa technology. Intended

to be both an introduction to the field and a

valuable reaource for thOle already involved, the book describee aubetrate characterization, adhealon, cleaning, proceaeing, vacuum technology, and the fundamentale of individual depoeition procealee.

SEMIao Dh'lalon,

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U.S. Patent 5,863,239. Jan. 26, 1999 K.A. Barton, 11, Haslett, Mich.

A surface finishing tool for use with a power means for rotating a workpiece about a central axis comprising a microfinishing assembly adapted to be positioned adjacent the workpiece and having at least one finishing means lying in a plane generally perpendicular to the central axis ofrotation of the workpiece; and a burnishing assembly positioned adjacent the workpiece and spaced apart from the microfinishing assembly. BLAST CLIIANI_ ....ARAtU.

U.S. Patent 5,863,240. Jan. 26, 1999 J.A. Pedersen, Oakville, Onto

A blast apparatus for cleaning a wire comprising a blast cleaning chamber, a wire coil support 10-

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