Communication--Law 0590 Levln, l{. J. Fact and fancy in television regulation: an economic study of policy alternatives. New York: Russell Sage Fund, ...

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Communication--Law 0590 Levln, l{. J. Fact and fancy in television regulation: an economic study of policy alternatives. New York: Russell Sage Fund, 505 pp. Covers regulations, o~mership, public and private funding and other complex Issues. 0591Lofton, John. The press as guardian of the First Amendment. Columbia, SC: University Press, 358 pp. An hlstorlcal record. 0592 Simon, J. F. Independent Journey: the llfe of William O. Douglas. New York: Harper & Row, 504 pp. The first full biography of the protector of Civil Rights. DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS 0593 Conover, P. D. The pay television controversy: an analysis of federal and New York state regulation of subscription television, pay cable and multlpoint distribution service. (~isconsln) 0594 Hart, M. J. Privacy and media encroachment. (Denver) Investigates the Individual's claim to privacy. Primary legal documents used. 0595 Crane, J. S. Supreme Court Interpretations of 'public interest' in broadcast decisions: 1927-1979. (~ssaehusetts) 0596 Netteburg, Kermlt. Cameras in the courtrooms: Is a picture worth a thousand words? (Minnesota) Study of the fairness of trials conducted before TV cameras. }~TER'S


0597 Bruk, L. M. The press and Nevada's access to public records law. ([~evada) Ambiguity limits right to know. 0598 ~Mrtin, K. D. Designation of newspapers for public notice advertising. (Georgia) A study of the limitations imposed by a state statute setting dowm conditions for public notice advertising. 0599 Mullen, N. D. Citizen committee v. FCC: WGKA precedent format change case. (Georgia) An In-depth documentation of a precedent-settlng court case. 0600 Rider, C. L. Free press/falr trial: the aftermath of Gannett v. DePasquale. (Kansas) A study of the effect of giving Judges discretionary power to close pre-trlal bearings to the public.


0601 Auger, B. Y. Visuals can make your meetings better. Assn Mgt (Jul) 74. The type of visual aids needed for certain meetings and the proper do's and donets when utilizing them. 0602 Baron, A. S. & R. L. Witte. The new work dynamic: men and women in the work force. Bus H (Aug) 56. A perspective on social interaction In the work force from both male and fe2.ale viewpoints. 0603 DlGaetanl, J. L. The business of listening. Bus H (Oct) 40. Suggestions for improving listening skills. 0604 Meadows, I. S. G. Organic structure and innovation in smell work groups, lIum Rel {Jun} 369. Develops the Burns and Stalker (1961) concept of organic structure, applying It to small work groups. 0605 }~lac, Anthony & T. L. Lundell. Differential perceptions created by syntactlc-semantlc productions of male and female speakers. Corm M (Jun) III. Explains how a speaker's vocal quality may affect the listener. 0606 Sahl, R. J. Should & can loan officers improve their humnn-relations skills? J Co=m Bank Lending (Apt) 54. Ability to deal effectively with others could prove Just as important as the other skills a financial analyst possesses.


Communication--Oral 0607 Smith, R. N. Explolt your speaking opportunities - tips on how to deliver a good talk and get the press to cover it. Pin Plan (Jan) 41. Recommends that public speakers work on the basics. 0608 . Public speaking: how to feel at home on the podium. Assn ~ t (Aug) 12S. The tricks used by professional speakers to appear at e a s e and c o n f i d e n t . 0609 Warnlck, D e l l & Glenn S a n d e r s . The e f f e c t s of g r o u p d i s c u s s i o n on e y e w i t n e s s a c c u r a c y . J App Soc P s y c h ( ~ y / J u n ) 249. Group d e c i s i o n s s u p e r i o r to i n d i v i d u a l d e c i s i o n s . BOOKS 0610 Sale, Klrkpatrlck. Hu=an scale. New York: Coward, 558 pp. making and action by groups wlth few, selective m~mbers.


DOCTORAL DISSERTATION 0611 DeStephens, H. R. S. Interaction analysis of groups wlth varying levels of consensus. (Utah) A comparison of the first and final meetings of groups of low and high consensus. MASTER'S THESIS 0612 Ferrand, C. R. The role of interpersonal co-munleatlon in determining media consumption. (South Carolina) Positive results were generated by the study.



0613 ACT conference on health, TV dwells more on FTC proceeding. Brdst (Pmr 24) 28. Action for Chlldren's TV conference panel discusses how TV will address the needs and interests of children over the next five years. 0614 Agostlno, Don. Cable television's impact on the audience of public television. J Brdcst (Sum) 347. Data and analysis concerning the influence of cable television on the audience of public television. 0615 . New tec~mologles: problem or solution? J Con-~ {Sum) 198. Effects from competition of cable, video recorders and a variety of innovative media services. 0616 Andrews, Peter. A PBS triumph. SR (Jul) 72. Review of a television documentary series 'U.S. Chronicle' as a trend in public television. 0617 . Peddling prime ti~e. SR (Jun) 64. Importance of television as a marketing medium and how this affects programlng decisions. 0618 Award-wlnnlng ways of broadcasting and cable. Brdst (Jul 14) 26. The periodical's 4th annual round-up of national awards to broadcast and broadcast-related winners. 0619 Banks, Seymour. Children's TV viewing behavior. J Mkt (Spr) 48. Study of saturation of TV vlewlng by children and effects. 0620 Bernstein, P. W. The man who brought you Milton Friedman. Fort (Feb 25) 108. How the producer of a tiny public broadcasting station brought the economist to millions of viewers. 0621 Broadcast coverage of trials on trial. Brdst (Apt 28) 52. The Florlda Supreme Court's decision to open court proceedings to TV coverage by the U.S. Supreme Court. 0622 Broadcasting years, the. Brdst (Oct 13) 79. Wlth this issue, the magazine starts a weekly year-by-year report of the times, people and events that shaped the history of radio, television and allied fields. Continues each week through Dose=bet.