Comparative biochemistry and physiology

Comparative biochemistry and physiology

COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY I915 Minireviee : RONALD CHASE: The electrophysiology of transduction. retinal interaction and axonal con...

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RONALD CHASE: The electrophysiology of transduction. retinal interaction and axonal conduction in invertebrate photoreceptors RAGNARFANGE and MAJ-LIS JOHANSSON-SJOBECK: The effect of splenectomy on the hematology and on the activity of &aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALA-D) in hemopoietic tissues of the dogfish, Sc~~liorhinu.s crtniculu (Elasmobranchlil HUGO AR~CHIGA and FLAVIO MENA: Circadian variations of hormonal content in the nervous system of the crayfish. JOHN C. FERGUSON: Fatty acid and carbohydrate storage in the annual reproductive cycle of Echinu.srrr JAMES S. JAVOR and HARRY S. MCDONALD: Temperature preferences and electrocardiography of Elaphr ~bsoletn (Serpentes) K. RUBSAMENand W. v, ENGELHARDT: Water metabolism in the llama RIC‘HARD A. LEVY, RICHARU A. NYSTROM and IRVING NADELHAFT: Geographical and electrical features of large neurons in Limulus abdominal ganglia N. S. AGAR and TANYA STEPHENS: Reduced glutathione--a comparative study of erythrocytes from various species of marsupials in Australia DAVIII J. PRIOR: A study of the electrophysiological properties of the incurrent siphonal valve muscle of the surf clam, Spi.\u/a solitlfs,simu J. 9. JENNINGS and ALICE DELJTSCH: Occurrence and possible adaptive significance of /I-glucuronidase and arylamidase (“leucine aminopeptidase”) activity in two species of marine nematodes G. Y. LII. J. D. GAKLI~H and G. C. ROCK: Protein and energy utilization by the insect, Argyroraeniu [)rlurinana (Walker). fed diets containing graded levels of an amino acid mixture S. HINI)IR~R and W. v. ENC;FLHARIIT: Urea metabolism in the llama GILUERT SAN*;(.H~~Z and JOHN F. ALI)LR~TC: The effect of host adrenalectomq on the physiology of Trypcrnosomu rhodrsicww

A. M. VA(.(.ARO. R. RASCH~TTI. G. RIC(‘IAKI)I and G. MORPI RC~): Temperature adaptation at the hemoglobin level in Crrruwius uun7tu.s Y. JAMMfiS and P. BCXJVEROT: Direct P co1 measurements m the dorso-bronchial gas of awake Peking ducks: evidence for a physiological role of the neopulmo in respiratory gas exchanges JOHN H. YOUSON: Absorption and transport of exogenous protein in the archinephric duct of the opisthonephric kidney of the sea lamprey. Perromyzon murirw L. T. F. DAVISON and D. R. LANC;SLOW: Changes in plasma glucose and liver glycogen following the administration of gluconeogenic precursors to the starving fowl ELLIOT A. LAPAN: Studies on the chemistry of the octopus renal system and an observation of the symbiotic relationship of the dicyemid mesozoa BENNY SABROE WELINDER: The crustacean cuticle- III. Composition of the individual layers in Cuncer payuru.s cuticle WILLIAM W. REYNOLDS: Salinity tolerance of the tidepooi shrimp f’uicrenzon rittrri Holmes D. W. ENGEL, R. L. FERGUSON and L. D. E~XERT: Respiration rates and ATP concentrations in the excised gills of the blue crab as a function of salinity RICHARII C. ROSEN: Ontogeny of homeothermy in Microrus pmn.~~~/w~icu.s and Oddon degus FRANKLIN H. EPSTEIN, PATRICIO SILVA, JOHN N. FORREST and RICHARD J. SOLOMON: Chloride transport and its inhibition by thiocyanate in gills of seawater teleosts A. M. SCOFIELII: Intestinal absorption of amino acids in rats infected with Nrmutospiroidrs duhius MORRIS STEFFIN: An oxygen dependent current in Ap/J.sirr neurons: an approach to the question of cellular hypoxic adaptation J. EMIL MORHARDT and P. MOLT: Body temperatures and heart rates of laboratory rats and gelding squirrels (SprrmophiLus heldingi) during behavioral thermoregulation ELIZABETH R. KIRKSEY, JOHN F. PAGELS and CHARLES R. BLEM: The role of the tail in temperature regulation of the cotton rat, Sigmodon hispirlu.r KATHRYN E. MASHITER and M. R. J. MOR(;AN: Carbonic anhydrase levels in the tissues of flounders adapted to sea water and fresh water Short Communication JOF. WILLIAM GRIM: Observations on the distribution of visual pigments in Amphibia



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