Compressed-air piping system

Compressed-air piping system

MANUFACTURERS’ LITERATURE Abrasive Belts 3M, Abrasive Systems Div. St. Paul, Minn. A 6-page, color brochure highlights 3M’s Trizact Abrasive belts, wh...

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MANUFACTURERS’ LITERATURE Abrasive Belts 3M, Abrasive Systems Div. St. Paul, Minn. A 6-page, color brochure highlights 3M’s Trizact Abrasive belts, which feature an aluminum oxide mineral or durable silicon carbide mineral with a grinding aid to keep them running cooler. Circle 301 on the reader service card

Treatment and Recovery Systems Water Treatment Technologies Milford, Mass.


Water Treatment Technologies water and wastewater treatment systems are the subject of a 2-page, color flyer. The systems are designed to each customer’s specifications. Circle 302 on the reader service card

Compressed-Air Treatment Products Van Air Systems Inc. Lake Cifv Pa. A 4-page, color brochure outlines Van Air’s complete line of compressed-air treatment products. The brochure highlights all three dryer types including single tower (deliquescent) desiccant dryers, regenerative desiccant dryers, and refrigerated dryers. Models are available for flows from 3 to 16,000 scfm at 100 psig. A full line of accessory products is also covered including compressed air filters and elements, aftercoolers, drain valves, oil/water separators, and highquality desiccants. Circle 303 on the reader service card

Vacuum Coating Pumps Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology Inc. Hudson, N. H. Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology has introduced an interactive vacuum catalog on CD-ROM. The catalog section of the disk presents over 3,000 products, accessories, and components in a clear and informative manner, along with current prices. Users simply click their way through catalog menus and selection pages to find the vacuum compo-

Zinc-Cobalt Alloy Plating Process

nents that fit their requirements. The CD-ROM also contains information about the company, a glossary of technical terms, and technical data that can assist the user in determining their specific requirements for vacuum products and performance.

Aldoa Co. Detroit A 2-page Technical Bulletin describes Aldoa’s Novalyte COZ, a cobalt complex concentrate developed to be added to most alkaline zinc plating systems to electroplate zinc-cobalt alloy. Discussed are application, concentration, and maintenance and control.

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Cleaners Albemarle Corp. Baton Rouge, La.

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Albemarle Corp. has prepared a comprehensive User’s Guide detailing the proper use and handling procedures for Abzol LS and VG cleaners used for liquid and vapor-phase cleaning. Discussed in the literature is the Albemarle Workplace Exposure Guideline (AWEG) for Abzol cleaner at 100 ppm. The AWEG refers to an 8-hr time-weighted-average airborne concentration.

Compressed-Air Piping System AsahUAmerica Inc. Malden, Mass. A lZpage, color brochure features Asahi/America’s Air-Pro compressedair piping system. Discussed in the literature are the materials used in making the system, engineering and design considerations, thermal expan-


SLUDGEDRYERS - l-75 capacity

* 5-200 cu.t.

9Uses lowcost steam,

capacity - Automatrc hydrauhc closure or our cost saving manual closure - Heavy duty steel construction * Polypro gasket or draphram membrane plates * Standard sizes or custom burb to your specs 0 Used in EPA approved treatment systems

hot water or electrical heat source to reduce sludge up to 75% - Mess steel internal parts - Meets EPA requrrements for sludge reductron * Space savrng design allows unit to frtunder the hlter press or

CLARIFIERS * 24lMl GPM Row * Parallel plate design

elsewear in the plant


for efficient

- l-300

GPM llow *Skid mounted or component rnstallation in your plant -EPA compliance our speciahty

setbng with removable plate racks

- Floculagon tank with mixer IS standard * Optional catwalk and ladder available. . Heavy duty epoxy coated steel constructron

* Meets

EPA discharge limits for

industrral waste water

*FAST DELIVERY* 777 E. 82 St., Cleveland, Ohio 44103

218-881-7900 Fax 218-881-8950 Web Site: E-mail: Info at ??

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MAY 1997


control, ability to build a database for statistical process control, and an information center that can be accessed from remote locations. Circle 310 on the reader service card

pH Adjustment System Digital Analysis Corp. Marcel/us, N. I! A 6-page, color brochure highlights Digital Analysis Corp.‘s PHASE pH Adjustment Systems, which are specifically oriented toward the industrial wastewater treatment market. A color photo of the system is included along with specifications and features and options. Circle 311 on the reader service card

Sputter Coating Process Engelhard-CLA L L P Carteret, NJ.

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We clean industry’s


Engelhard-CLAL’s 4-page brochure compares the three major processes for applying technical coatings to wire or ribbon-the company’s SCX sputter coating process versus traditional plating and mechanical cladding. Highlighted in the literature are the unique characteristics and properties of each process method, which lend themselves to specific applications. The text is supported by photomicrographs, which illustrate the proven results of each coating application in a number of categories. Circle 312 on the reader service card

Circle 036 on reader informationcard

sion and flexibility analysis, installation, and sample specification. Circle 307 on the reader service card

Specialty Chemicals Ashland Co. Columbus, Ohio Ashland’s Product Capabilities Guide 1996- 1997 offers information on the company’s full line of products, services, operating divisions, and manufacturing and distribution locations. Ashland produces and distributes a broad range of chemicals and specialty chemicals including process chemicals; specialty chemicals for microelectronics and water treatment, and coatings. Circle 309 on the reader service card


Wastewater Treatment Carbtrol Corp., Water Treatment Div. Westport, Conn.

Pretreatment Oil Contaminant Control Environmental Recovery Resources Inc. Bedford Hills, N. K

Carbtrol Corp.‘s 2-page color brochure discusses the cost benefits and applications of the company’s washwater recycle system. Also featured are ion exchange systems, activated carbon systems, oil/water separators, and solid filter.

The stainless steel Suprator Series 84 separation systems are the subject of a 4-page flyer. Discussed in the literature are key features, available options, specifications, and applications matrix.

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Chemical Control System Coral Chemical Co. Waukegan, /I/. A 4-page, color brochure describes Coral Chemical’s GL Series Controller System, which provides total integrated monitoring and control throughout your finishing department. The system provides total monitoring and

Electrochemical Products and Processes Faraday Technology Inc. C/ay!on, Ohio A capabilities brochure outlines the company’s mission; research interest in electroplating, electrochemical machining, polishing and deburring, envicorrosion ronmental technologies,



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