Compressed air system

Compressed air system

SEALLESS MAGNETIC-DRIVE PUMPS Magnatex Pumps Inc., Houston; Magnatex Pumps has released a new technical brochure on its comple...

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Magnatex Pumps Inc., Houston;

Magnatex Pumps has released a new technical brochure on its complete line of Texel fluoropolymerlined sealless magnetic-drive pumps. The 4-page, full-color brochure describes the features and benefits of the Texel line of pumps and offers testimonial confirmations on the pumps’ costeffective performance in a variety of applications. Featured within the brochure are descriptions of product performance characteristics and full-color photographs of the ME and MTA series of pumps. Pump specification charts and performance curves also accompany the product line descriptions. The brochure also includes detailed, cut-away graphic illustrations showing the key features of the internal design used in the ME and MTA pumps. Information on the extensive range of customer service and support available from Magnatex is also provided. Circle 301 on reader service card LIQUID/GAS SEPARATORS

Hayward Industrial Products Inc., Elizabeth, N.d;

A new color brochure from Hayward Industrial Products


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describes the complete line of Wright-Austin Gas/Liquid Separators. The brochure explains how the gas/liquid separators remove over 99% of liquid and particulate matter from air, gas, and steam lines thereby protecting expensive system components and parts from damage or premature failure. Numerous examples clearly show how these separators can pay for themselves over time. Hayward’s complete line of Wright-Austin separators are showcased with informative cut-away illustrations. Also described and illustrated are Exhaust Heads that remove water and oil from exhaust gases to reduce roof maintenance and Wright-Austin drain traps designed especially for gas/liquid separator applications.

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Kaeser Compressors, Fredericksburg, Vu.;

Kaeser’s &page “Designing Your Compressed Air System” guide takes the reader step-by-step through the process of selecting and determining the system needed. Listed in the guide are valuable engineering references such as the Compressed air Glossary, Rules of Thumb, and Conversion Formulas. Circle 304 on reader service card VACUUM

MKS Instruments Inc., HPS Products, has recently published a revised and expanded version of the HPS Series 88 Catalog of CF ultrahigh vacuum components. The 32-page catalog includes an expanded product description, detailed installation notes, CAD drawings, product dimensions and specifications, as well as part numbers and prices. The HPS Series 88 components comprise a full line of metal sealed CF flanges and fit-


VSM Abrasives Corp., O’Fallon,


MKS Instruments Inc., Boulder, Colo.;

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VSM Abrasives has released a new product guide highlighting the features and benefits of Zirconia grain. The full-color guide provides information on how to choose zirconia alumina products based upon the type of application. Full-color illustrations highlight some of the more common zirconia applications.

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Zirconia alumina is a coated abrasive that is longer lasting, faster cutting, and more economical than aluminum oxide in demanding stock removal applications.

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