Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Continuing Education The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science will conduct a continuing education seminar on diabetes on February 20, 1973, s...

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Continuing Education

The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science will conduct a continuing education seminar on diabetes on February 20, 1973, starting at 9 a.m. The seminar will include considerations of the ·pathophysiology of diabetes, the basic pharmacology of the oral hypoglycemics, pharmaceutically important characteristics of these agents including drug interactions of clinical significance and the influence of diet on diabetes. FQllowing the general discussions, those attending the seminar will form small groups for the examination of actual case histories. The lecturers will be members of the clinical pharmacy staff of the college. The seminar will be conducted at the College at 43rd Street and Kingsessing Mall in West Philadelphia. The registration fee of $20 includes parking and luncheon. Credits are applicable to relicensure requirements. The seminar will be repeated in its entirety on Tuesday, February 27. For registration applications write to Michael Ostrowsky, Continuing Education Office, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, 43rd Street and Kingsessing Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

University of Wisconsin Extension Services in Pharmacy are making available five independent study courses in the form of cassette tape lectures. Courses include "Selected Topics in Pharmacology," "Overthe-Counter Preparations-Dermatologicals," "Clinical Drug Interactions," "Pharmacologic Approaches to Disease States" and "Introductory Aspects of Clinical Pharmacy." Each of the cassette tape courses provides the basic attributes of the teaching-learning situation-illustrated lectures by teacher-experts, periodic selfexaminations to determine progress, a final examination to determine subject matter competency and recognition of accomplishment. For further information, write to University of Wisconsin-Extension, Extension Services in Pharmacy, 425 N. Charter St., Madison, WI 53706.

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University of Southern California and Pharmasea Services will sponsor workshop on pharmacy principles and practice during seven-day cruise of the Mexican Riviera aboard the Island Princess. Departing from Los Angeles on April 6, the cruise will provide a program which will satisfy the state of California requirement for continuing education. The workshop will be held for five hours each day the Island Princess is at sea. Further information on the 20-hour program is available from Bruce H. Woolley; University of Southern California School of Pharmacy, 306 Keith Bldg., 2025 Zonal St., Los Angeles, CA 90033.

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