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Current world literature

327 Bibliography Current World Literature This bibliography is compiled by specialists from the journals listed at the end of this publication. It i...

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Bibliography Current World Literature

This bibliography is compiled by specialists from the journals listed at the end of this publication. It is based on literature entered into our database between 1st Febuary 1997 and 31 st January 1998 (articles are generally added to the database about two and a half months after publication). The bibliography has peen grouped into topics that relate to the reviews in this issue.


Scattering and surface forces

Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects


Interfacial adsorption using optical and surface forces techniques

Computer simulations of colloids and interfaces


Complex fluids and dispersions


Wetting and spreading


Phenomena of aggregation - colloid interactions


Thermodynamic theories of amphiphiles


Dynamical processes


Spectroscopic techniques


Monolayers and multilayers




Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 1998,3:327-345


Phase behaviour of block copolymers


Stability of emulsions and their thermodynamic theories

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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects Computer simulations of colloids and interfaces Related review: Computer simulation studies of amphiphilic interfaces (pp 242-246) Adachi M, Shioi A, Harada M: Anomalous water extraction fate and mechanism between the sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate water-in-oil microemulsion phase and coexisting aqueous solution. Langmuir 1997, 13:4280-4286. Anton RE. Garces N, Yajure A: A correlation for three' phase behavior of cationic surfactant-oil-water systems.) Disper Sci Tech 1997, 18:539-555. Aramaki K, Kunieda H, Ishitobi M, Tagawa T: Effect of added salt on three-phase behavior in a sucrose monoalkanoate system. Langmuir1997, 13:2266-2270.

Baggerjorgensen H, Coppola

L. Thuresson K. Olsson U,

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Nanoparticles and their formation



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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects Welling and spreading

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Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects Thermodynamic theories of amphiphiles·Phase behaviour of block copolymers

Thermodynamic theories of amphiphiles Related reviews: Thermodynamic and theoretical aspects of cubic mesophases in nature and biological amphiphiles (pp 255-263) Alexandridis P, Olsson U, Lindman B: Structural polymorphism of amphiphilic copolymers: Six lyotropic liquid crystalline and two solution phasas in a poly(oxybutylene)-b-poly(oxyethylene)-water ·xylene system. Langmuir 1997, 13:23-34. Altinok H, Yu GE, Nixon SK, Gorry PA, Attwood 0, Booth C: Effect of block architecture on the self'assembly of copolymers of ethylene oxide

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Scattering and surface forces Dynamical processes

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Scattering and surface forces Miscellaneous

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