Cyclopropane Anesthesia (2nd edition)

Cyclopropane Anesthesia (2nd edition)

BOOK REVIEW In this second edition of his monograph on cyclopropane Dr. Robbins presents what may now be regarded as a definitive study based on a co...

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In this second edition of his monograph on cyclopropane Dr. Robbins presents what may now be regarded as a definitive study based on a considerable accumulation of experimental and clinical investigation. Even without the author's sustained advocacy over the years the general merits of cyclopropane are recognized by all who have taken the trouble to apply the careful and vigilant measures necessary for efficacy and safety so particularly enunciated by Waters in 1945 and Griffith in 1951. Cyclopropane is explosive and, in certain circumstances, most of which are avoidable nowadays, disturbance of cardiac action may be associated with its use. These adverse features have been in the main responsible for its decline in popularity in some clinics, although a significant increase in the quantity manufactured appears to indicate that such a decline is not general. Being primarily a pharmacologist the author has devoted much time to investigation of the cardiovascular effects of cyclopropane and quite appropriately by far the largest chapter deals in thorough fashion with the circulatory problems involved. Careful study of this well-documented section may readily create fresh interest in the agent and encourage its more frequent and more intelligent use. In the reviewer's opinion this otherwise excellent monograph has been slightly marred by an

attempt at a comprehensive bur "omewhat scrappy and .seemingly hurriedly written description of too many relaxant drugs. It would have been sufficient and more appropriate to have dealt broadly with the principle of relaxation of muscle by specific agents in relation to modifications in the administration of cyclopropane as a general anaesthetic. Prompting the foregoing criticism are the repeated misspelling of Professor Zaimis's name, the incorrect crediting of the first clinical use of gallamine with a variance in the dates in the text and in the list of references, and an untidy departure from alphabetic order on the last page of the bibliography. In a book whose second edition has just appeared nineteen years after the first, it is unfortunate that such errata, minor as they may be, may stand uncorrected for 'an indefinite period. The format, illustrations and general production are of the highest standard and to all senior students, teachers and specialists in anaesthetics, Dr. Robbins's authoritative monograph can be highly commended. John Gillies

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Cyclopropane Anesthesia (2nd edition). By Benjamin Howard Robbins, B.A., M.S., M.D. Published by Bailliere, Tindall and Cox, London, 1958. Pp. xii + 293; figs. 74. Price 72s.