Design of structural steelwork, 2nd edition

Design of structural steelwork, 2nd edition

J. Construct. Steel Research 9 (1988) 75-76 Book Review Design of Structural Steelwork, 2nd Edition. By P. R. Knowles. 1987. Surrey University Press...

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J. Construct. Steel Research 9 (1988) 75-76

Book Review

Design of Structural Steelwork, 2nd Edition. By P. R. Knowles. 1987. Surrey University Press, London, UK. 196 pp. Price: £16.95 paperback (ISBN 0-903384-59-0) This book is aimed at students and young consulting engineers seeking a presentation of the basics of modern structural steel design, mainly to BS 5950. It has been written by Peter Knowles, who is a Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Surrey University, and a consulting engineer himself. The main part of the book (147 pages) covers the design of structural elements in bending and/or axial load, and the design of the connections between them. The instruction it gives is by a blend of textual description and worked examples in a hand-written calculation sheet format. Often it is left to the latter (or to the British Standard) to present the detailed m e t h o d , while the text concentrates on an overview. This usually consists of an explanation of the phenomena, and a general introduction to the provisions in BS 5950. An objection to the book is that, in places, not enough text is given over to describing the code's provisions. A little less brevity in these places would have added value to the book considerably. Certainly, the format of the book requires the reader to follow through the worked examples to get the intended benefit, or at least to have BS 5950 at hand. Nonetheless, the text is very readable, and the content is interesting and relevant. Perhaps to clutter it up with equations and detailed discussion of them would reduce the readability of the text, and this may have been the author's view. There is much good ~stuff in this book. The chapter on connections comes to mind as being particularly useful. In the chapter on beams is a novel and interesting section on the effect of the relative proportions of web and 75 J. Construct. Steel Research (9) (1988)---O 1988 Elsevier Applied Science Publishers Ltd,

England. Printed in Great Britain


Book review

flanges on the bending efficiency of an I beam. This leads to a discussion of the geometries found in rolled Universal Beams. I can see this appealing to the book's readership. The calculation sheet format of the worked examples is also useful in a book to be used by undergraduates. I also like the practical advice that is found throughout the book. The last chapter, entitled 'Design of Element Assemblies', is basically a distillation of such advice pertaining to lattice girders and portal frames. Overall, then, this is a solid book, readable and interesting. Not all readers will mind the absence of a more detailed text, and I feel sure that even those who would will still derive much of value from this book. P. C. Davidson