Diagram for construction control of embankment on soft ground

Diagram for construction control of embankment on soft ground


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1978 793169 ~ E T AND STABILITY OF EARTH E M B A N ~ N 2 S ON SOF9 FOUNDATIONS Transport amd Road Research Lab supplementary report 399, 1978, 71P The proceedings of a Symposium held at the TRRL, Crowthcrne, on 23 April 1976. There are 4 papers on the following topics: I) settlement of embankments, which outli.~es a new method for predicting the rate and n~gnitude of settlement on com!~essib!e st~soilss 2) stability of embankments, which critically reviews current methods of assessing stability, 3 ) predicted performance of soft clay urger a trial embankment loading based on the Cam-Clay model, 4) the centrifuge test as part of the design system for road embankments. Avail: TRRL, Old Wokingham Road, Crowthorne, B~ks, UK