Diary of the Week

Diary of the Week

774 University of London Dr. Geoffrey Edsall has been appointed to the chair of microbiology tenable at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Med...

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University of London Dr. Geoffrey Edsall has been appointed to the chair of microbiology tenable at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Development Administration Dr. P. W. Dill-Russell has been appointed chief medical adviser in succession to Dr. J. M. Liston.

Dr. Edsall, who is 63, graduated M.D. at Harvard University and held research fellowships there until 1939. In 1939-49 he was assistant director and later director of the Division of Biological Laboratories of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. He was also instructor in bacteriology and immunology - at Harvard Medical School and assistant professor of public health bacteriology at the Harvard School of Public Health. In 1949-52 he was professor of bacteriology at Boston University School of Medicine. He became director of the immunology - division of the Walter Reed Medical Center in 1951, and was later appointed director of the division of communicable diseases at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Since 1961 he has been professor of applied microbiology at the Harvard School of Public Health and superintendent of the Institute of Laboratories, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Occupational Health Services in Hospitals This is the subject of an all-day meeting to be held jointly by the Section of Occupational Medicine of the Royal Society of Medicine, the Society of Occupational Medicine, and the Royal College of Nursing, on Thursday, Oct. 28, at 1 Wimpole Street, London W1M 8AE. Details and application forms may be had from the sections officer

The title of professor of tumour pathology has been conferred on Dr. N. G. C. Gowing in respect of his post at the Institute of Cancer Research, Royal Cancer Hospital. Dr. Gowing, who is 54, graduated M.B. from St. George’s Hospital, London, in 1946 and proceeded M.D. in 1948. He became F.R.C.PATH. in 1964. After house-appointments at St. George’s Hospital, he served in the R.A.M.C. in 1942-46, and in 1946-48 was resident medical officer at Atkinson Morley’s Hospital. He was then appointed demonstrator at St. George’s Hospital Medical School and was lecturer in 1948-52 and senior lecturer in 1952-56. Since 1957 he has been consultant pathologist to the Royal Marsden Hospital and director of the department of histopathology at the Institute of Cancer Research.

The title of professor of clinical neurology has been conferred on Dr. John Marshall in respect of his post at the Institute of Neurology. Dr. Marshall, who is 49, graduated M.B. from the University of Manchester in 1946 and M.D. in 1951. He obtained the D.P.M. in 1952, and became F.R.C.P. in 1966. After house-appointments he was senior registrar in the university department of neurology, Manchester, until 1949, when he joined the R.A.M.C. and was posted to the Military Hospital for Head Injuries, Wheatley. In 1951 he was appointed registrar at the Institute of Psychiatry and in 1952 he worked in the M.R.C. Neurological Research Unit at the National Hospital, Queen Square. He received a grant from the M.R.C. in 1953 and continued his research in Oxford. In 1954 he was appointed senior lecturer in neurology at the University of Edinburgh, consultant neurologist to the South-East Scotland Regional Hospital Board, and associate neurologist to the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. He became reader in clinical neurology at the Institute of Neurology in 1956.

The title of reader in surgery has been conferred on Mr. J. H. Wyllie in respect of his post at University College Hospital Medical School.

Testing in Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular Diseases An international symposium on this subject is to be held in Bratislava on July 10-13, 1972. Details may be had from Dr. Miroslav Palat, Department of Rehabilitation, DererHospital, Bratislava-Kramáre, Czechoslovakia. U.K. MEDLARS Service Monthly selection searches,

previously provided as an experimental service, are now generally available. Profiles are constructed by MEDLARS Service staff to users’ requirements; and, for an annual fee, the user receives twelve printouts drawn from consecutive monthly tapes. Up to three modifications to alter the retrieval may be made, free of charge, in any one year. The minimum annual subscription is S15. A quotation will be given when the profile has been constructed, and the subscription will be reviewed annually. Inquiries should be addressed to the U.K. MEDLARS Service, National Lending Library for Science & Technology, Boston Spa, Yorkshire LS23 7BQ.


of the Royal Society of Medicine





The first Eric Garland Collins lecture will be given by Dr. Arnold Gillespie at the Harold Wood Hospital, Romford, Essex, on Oct. 8, at 8.45 P.M. The subject will be the role of the prostaglandins in human reproduction.

CORRIGENDUM: Levodopa in Acne Vulgaris.-In the last para. graph of the letter from Dr. Burton and his co-workers (Aug. 14, p. 370), the personal communication should be attributed to Dr. Pochi and his colleagues.

Diary of the Week OCTOBER 3 TO9

Tuesday, 5th ROYAL POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL, Hammersmith London W.12 6 P.M. Dr. G. W. Black: The Treatment Of R.D.S. ROYAL ARmY MEDICAL COLLEGE, Millbank, London S.W.1 5 P.M. Prof. J. G. Scadding: Smoking.




ROYAL POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL 2 P.M. Prof. K. W. Walton: Serum Lipoproteins in Atherogenesis. INSTITUTE OF DISEASES OF THE CHEST, Brompton, London S.W.3 5 P.M. Mr. Matthias Paneth: Pulmonary Embolism-Diagnosis and

Management. INSTITUTE OF ORTHOPEDICS, 234 Great Portland Street, London WIN 6AD 6 P.M. Dr. F. J. C. Millard: Antibiotics in the Treatment of Pyogenic Bone and Joint Infection. 8.15 P.M. Mr. N. J. Blockey, Mr. N. H. Harris: The Treatment of Acute Osteomyelitis. INSTITUTE OF PSYCHIATRY, De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill, London S.E.5 5.30 P.M. Mr. Murray Falconer: The Place of Surgery in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy of Childhood and Adolescence. INSTITUTE OF UROLOGY, 172 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W.C.2 5 P.M. Dr. A. R. Harrison: Acute Renal Failure of Surgical Origin. ROYAL FREE HOSPITAL, Gray’s Inn Road, London W.C.1 5.15 P.M. Prof. Reginald Hall: Clinical Applications of T.s.H. and T.R.H.

WEST LONDON HOSPITAL MEDICAL TRUST 5.30 P.M. (West London Hospital, Hammersmith, W.6.) Mr. Hilary Wade: Clinical Research in Thyroid Surgery. (Alex Simpson Smith lecture.) MEDICO-CHIRURGICAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH it 8 P.M. (Pfizer Institute.) Prof. B. G. Maegraith: Jet Age—Changes




ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF ENGLAND, Lincoln’s Inn Fields. London WC2A 3PN 5 P.M. Mr. L. E. Edwards: The Investigation and Management of Incontinence of Urine in Women. (Hunterian lecture.) ROYAL POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL 4 P.M. Dr. M. E. Turner-Warwick: Immunology in Lung Disease. INSTITUTE OF CHILD HEALTH, 30 Guilford Street, London W.C.1 5.30 P.M. Dr. C. Everett Koop: Neuroblastoma. (Alex Simpson Smith

lecture.) ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL, London W.2 5.15 P.M. Dr. M. C. Anderson: Aspects of the Pathology of Ovarian Tumours. (Aleck Bourne lecture.)

Friday, 8th ROYAL POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL 6 P.M. Prof. S. W. Weitzner: A History of Laboratory Bvahiationof Ventilators.