Disk-type powder coating apparatus

Disk-type powder coating apparatus

Coating Apparatus U.S. Patent 5,529,627. June 25, 1996 B. Ocker and M. Saunders, assignors to Leybold AG, Hanau, Germany A coating apparatus comprisin...

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Coating Apparatus U.S. Patent 5,529,627. June 25, 1996 B. Ocker and M. Saunders, assignors to Leybold AG, Hanau, Germany A coating apparatus comprising a sputtering cathode bearing a set of magnets and disposed within a coating chamber,

Ultrasonic Cleaning of Interior Surfaces

Mechanically Joined Sputtering Target

thickness range of 1.64-150 pm shows no crack under microscopic examination.

U.S. Patent 5,529,673. June 25, 1996 D.P. Strauss et al., assignors to Sony Corp., Tokyo and Materials Research Corp., Orangeburg, N.Y.

Removing Oil From Cleaning Solution U.S. Patent 5,529,702. June 25, 1996 T.J. Segrave and W.D, White, assignors to American Coating Technologies Inc., Greenville, N.C.

A target assembly removably mountable in an opening in a wall of a vacuum chamber for processing a substrate by causing sputtering material to be ejected from the target assembly onto the substrate.

A method of continuously removing oil from a large metal parts cleaning tank and a cleaning solution contained therein.

Platinum Electroforming

U.S. Patent 5,529,635. June 25, 1996 D.M.C. Odell, assignor to The United States of America as represented by the United States Department of Energy, Washington

U,S. Patent 5,529,680. June 25, 1996 K. Kitada and S. Yarita, assignors to Electroplating Engineers of Japan Ltd., Japan

A method for cleaning an interior surface of a tube having a first end and an opposing second end comprising coupling an ultrasonic wave generator to the first end of the tube; coupling a sound reflector to the second end of the tube, said sound reflector and ultrasonic wave generator being spaced a distance apart; filling the tube with a fluid; generating an ultrasonic standing wave in the fluid causing cavitation at the nodes; and moving the nodes with respect to the tube by varying the distance between the ultrasonic wave generator and the sound reflector.

A method for preparing a hollow platinum product comprising electroforming a layer of platinum material onto a mandrel in a platinum electrolyte bath, wherein the platinum electrolyte bath comprises at least one compound selected from the group consisting of chloroplatinic acid, chloroplatinates of alkali metals, hydrogen hexahydroxyplatinate, and hexahydroxyplatinates of alkali metals, 2-1000 g/L as platinum; and a hydroxylated alkali metal, 20-100 g/L, and a soluble carboxylate; and releasing the layer of platinum material from the mandrel; said layer throughout a

Hot-Dip Zinc Plating Method U.S. Patent 5,529,810. June 25, 1996 N. Sugawara, assignor to Nippon Mining & Metals Co. Ltd., Tokyo A hot-dip zinc plating method, comprising subjecting a rimmed steel to plating in a first zinc bath at a temperature of 460 to 490°C and for a dipping time of from 1 to 1.5 min, said first zinc bath being selected from the group consisting of a zinc bath consisting essentially of zinc having a purity of at least 99.7% by weight and a zinc bath consisting essentially o f zinc and 0.05% by weight or less of aluminum; and subjecting to plating in a second zinc bath at a temperature of 400 to 430°C and for a

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