Dispenser re-designed

Dispenser re-designed

/o oduc Borden range is Casco SLP-13, a starch-based 'jelly' adhesive for use on high- and low-speed labelling machines which may also be used for pu...

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Borden range is Casco SLP-13, a starch-based 'jelly' adhesive for use on high- and low-speed labelling machines which may also be used for pumping on re-circulatory machines. It has aggressive wet tack, may be used on coated bottles, and dries to a 'near" colourless film. Also recently available from Borden is Cascomelt HM-339, a hot-melt adhesive developed to give improved resistance to the residual solvents in printing inks. It exhibits good adhesion to a range of cover boards and paper stocks and may be used on multi-station binding equipment. It also claims good opening and lay-flat properties to aid the readability of soft-covered books and magazines. Further technical information on all the above products may be obtained from: A.E. Department,

Borden (UK) Limited, North Baddesley, Southampton, SO5 9ZB, England.

Dispenser re-designed The Pyles Division of Kent-Moore UK Limited, Birmingham, have recently re-designed their model 2700 series dispensing equipment. Previously used for such substances as epoxy resins, polyurethane elastomers, polysulphides, and silicones, the Py/es 2700 will now provide a compact system for dispensing multi-component sealants and adhesives. The main feature of the re-design is the facia mounting of the controls for all operations of the system including that of the pumps or pressure vessels. The equipment offers both shot-type or continuous dispensing in ratios varying from 1 : 1 to 30 : 1. Optional extras to the equipment include timed shot control, a shot counting mechanism, heating system s , and an auto-purge system. Also available from the Pyles Division is bulk hot melt equipment for hot-melt sealants. The equipment allows the hot-melt to be pumped from 5 or 45 gallon (22.5 or 202.5 litre) drums through

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dual hoses. Thus two operators may work independently from the same machine. A typical application would be sealing freezer cabinet seams and attaching glass fibre insulation to the inside of the cabinet, during manufacture.

Pyles Division, Kent-Moore UK Limited, 19-21 Stockfield Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 6A J, England.

Invitation to


The Goodyear Company, USA, have issued an invitation to scientists to experiment with two aromatic diolefins which they have available. The chemicals have been derived

from feedstocks used in a manufacturing process at a company plant. Identified as m-diisopropenylbenzene and p-diisopropenytbenzene, both will function as alkylating agents. Goodyear believe that they may be used to improve the properties of many chemical compounds. Possible applications range from building blocks for new polyester and nylon speciality plastics, ultraviolet or electron beam curable multi-functional monomers, or use as homopolymers, block copolymers, elastomers, or cross-linking agents for ion exchange resins. Further details may be obtained from: Goodyear Chemical Data

Center, PC) Box 9115, Akron, OH 44305, USA.

Preview The following is a preview of some forthcoming e v e n t s - conferences, e x h i b i t i o n s arranged in chronological order. Further details can be obtained from the address given at the end of each item. A full list of future meetings is given in the Calendar.

The programme for the first technical conference on Polyimides, sponsored by the Mid-Hudson Section of The Society of Plastics Engineers, due to take place on 10-12 November 1982, at the Nevele Country Club, Ellenville, NY, USA has been finalized. Starting at 8.30 on Wednesday, 10 November, will be a presentation of eight papers under the general heading of Synthetic aspects. This will be followed in the afternoon by ten papers concerned with Properties and characterization. In the evening of that day there will be a poster session at which it is intended that there will be some twenty-five subjects covered. The session on Properties and characterization will be continued on the Thursday morning with a further five papers, including "Evaluation of polyimide structural adhesives for extended service'. Following this will be the presentation of five papers on Interfacial aspects, which will include 'The inner layer adhesion of

polyimide multilayer printing wiring boards'. The Thursday afternoon will be devoted to a study of Microelectronic applications (eight papers). The conference will conclude on the Friday morning with nine papers on Aerospace and other appfications. This will include "The development of aerospace polyimide adhesives'. The organizers intend that the proceedings will be published in two volumes by Plenum Press, to be available in September 1983. Further information may be obtained from the programme chairman: Dr K.L. Mittal, IBM Cor-

poration, Zip T50, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533, USA. The German Metallurgical Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft ffir Metallkunde), the German Ceramic Society (Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft), and the Committee for Powder Metallurgy (Ausschuss f~r Pulvermetallurgie) are jointly organizing a Symposium on:

Interface phenomena in metals, ceramics, and metal-ceramic bonds, to be held in Bad Nauheim, FRG, on 21-22 April 1983. The overall theme of the meeting will