Effect of surface on the behaviour of metals

Effect of surface on the behaviour of metals

Jan., 1959.1 BOOK NOTES TRANSFORM METHOD IN LINEAR SYSTEM ANALYSIS, by John .4. AseItine. 300 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9 in. New York, McGrawHill Book C...

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Jan., 1959.1


TRANSFORM METHOD IN LINEAR SYSTEM ANALYSIS, by John .4. AseItine. 300 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9 in. New York, McGrawHill Book Co., Inc., 1958. Price, $8.50. A senior or graduate level text, this book concerns the application of integral transforms to the analysis of physical systems described by linear differential equations. The author uses the transform method to explain and to solve engineering problems in electrical network analysis, in mechanical systems and in systems with random inputs (both direct and frequency descriptions). Discussed in detail are Laplace transforms, Fourier series, Fourier transforms, z-transforms and (briefly) Mellin trarrsforms. The author emphasizes the unitie,1 approach to linear systems (electrical, Inechanical, thermal) through use of the transTWIII method, and shows how the transform (nethod can give an understanding of physical phenomena. ‘I’aE JUNCTWN TRANSISTOR, edited by E. \\:olfendale. 394 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9% in. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1958. Price, $7.50. Written by engineers and physicists of the Mullard Radio Valve Co., Ltd., this book covers the physics of transistors, the design of transistor circuits and their applications. Aimed at physicists, engineers and students, the book will be of most use to designers of all types of circuits. The various chapters treat the characteristics of junction transistors, four-terminal networks and the transistor equivalent circuit, direct current biasing and audiofrequency amplification, class C amplification, sinusoidal oscillators, amplitude modulation and demodulation, the junction transistor in nonlinear circuits, and transistor d.c. converters. There is an appendix on transistor measurements. SIMPLED-DATA CONTROL SYSTEMS, by John R. Ragazzini and Gene F. Franklin. 331 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9 in. New York, McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 19.58. Price, $9.50. Intended as a graduate text or a self-study text for practicing engineers, this new book brings together much material previously found only in scattered sources. It deals primarily with the theory of sampled-data sys-

terns, which can be used in control

89 and com-

munications systems. The authors have assumed that the reader is well versed in differential equations, the Laplace transformation, linear feedback control theory, and have some knowledge of probability and statistics. The z-transform method is used extensively and methods for the time domain synthesis of single-rate and multi-rate sampled-data systems are presented (these latter were developed under the direction of Dr. Ragazzini). Design and analysis methods are illustrated by completely worked-out examples. CONTRIBUTIONS IN GEOPHYSICS. \JOLUMB I ON EARTH SCIENCES, edited by Hugo Benioff, Maurice Ewing, B. J. Howell, Jr. and Frank Press. 244 pages, diagrams, .S+ X 8$ in. New York and London, Pergamon Press Inc., 1958. Price, $9.00. This first volume of a new series on Earth Sciences honors Beno Gutenberg for his contributions to geophysics during a lifetime of teaching and research. The authors are the world’s outstanding geophysicists. Seventeen papers (one in French and one in German) represent work from twelve countries and deal authoritatively with al! phases of geophysical research. They include studies of seismic body waves, energy in earthquakes, seismic activities in Japan, free oscillations of the Earth, gravity formulas, data-processing iu geophysics, geomagnetic drift, etc. The volume is a scholarly testimonial to the man who inspired and taught many of the contributors. EFFECT OF SURFACE ON THE BEHAVIOKJR 01: METALS. 100 pages, plates, diagrams, St X 84 in. London, Iliffe & Sons Ltd.: New York, Philosophical Library ; 1958. Price, $10.00. The four lectures delivered at the 1957 Institution of Metallurgists Refresher Course comprise the contents of this small volume. In the first paper, G. L. J. Bailey discusses modern methods of preparing and examining surfaces, and of studying their structures, both on the microscopic and atomic scales. T. P. Hoar then deals with the effects which surface treating has on the future chemical and electrochemical behavior of metals. The third paper, by F. T. Barwell, summarizes the present state of knowledge on the relationship among



surface condition, frictional resistance and wear. In the final paper, R. W. B. Stephens covers the influence of surface on the physical properties of a metal, including optical properties, skin effect, thermal properties, etc. THE WORLD OF SCIENCE, by Jane

Werner Watson. 216 pages, illustrations, 8 X 11 in. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1958. Price, $4.95.

A deluxe edition of one of the Golden Book series for young people. Beautifully illustrated with 265 color photographs and explanatory diagrams, this volume gives an exciting insight into the operation of today’s modern laboratories. Encompassed are seven major fields of science: geology, astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. The activities of scientists rather than a survey of the history and achievements of science is the theme of this book. KINETIC THEORYOF GASES, by R. D. Present. 280 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9 in. New York, McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1958. Price, $7.75. This text provides an introduction to the kinetic theory of gases for students of physics which can also be helpful to students of chemistry and the engineering sciences. Salient features include stress on limitations of the mean-free-path method ; extensive use of momentum-transfer method ; an evaluation of collision dynamics; introduction to Boltzmann’s equation; discussion of knudsen flow The and H-theorem and its consequences. treatment of viscosity is approached at three different levels of sophistication. Each chapter ends with a selection of problems. MAGNETICAMPLIFIERS: THEORY AND APPLICATION,by Sidney Platt. 238 pages, illustrations, 6 X 9 in. New York, PrenticeHall, Inc., 1958. Price, $7.00. With a logical and thorough approach to the expanding field of magnetic amplifiers, this up to date book is designed to be especially useful to the technician and engineer. In the early chapters the fundamentals of magnetic induction and electromagnetic induction are discussed in detail. There follows a description of the theory, operation and application of


/J. F. I.

saturable reactors and magnetic amplifiers in both feedback and nonfeedback cases. ANALOG SIMULATION,by Cl;alter J. Karplus. 434 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9 in. New York, McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1958. Price, $10.00. This text devoted completely to the solution of field problems by analog techniques, is divided into three major sections. Part I, Mathematical Models, deals with the techniques of solving partial differential equations by electric analogs, and also includes a treatment of finite integral transformations. Analog Systems, the second part of the book, describes the various methods of simulating field problems by analogs. Part III gives a comprehensive account of the application of the mathematical techniques of Part I and the utilization of the analog systems of Part II to the solution of engineering problems. BIBLIOGRAFIAMARCONIANA,compiled by Giovanni di Venedetto. 243 pages, 69 X 9) in. Spolete (Italy), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, 1958. Price, 2000 lire (paper). The Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche has published this volume as a supplement to La Ricerca Scientifia. The bibliography begins with a dated account of Marconi’s own life-his works, the honors accorded to him -and other important dates connected with Marconi’s inventions. Then follows a list of the societies to which he belonged, the honorary degrees he received, the medals he was awarded, and other honors conferred on him. The main section of the bibliography contains 2662 references, in chronological order within two groups-first, Marconi’s own writings (scientific and otherwise) and second, the books and articles about Marconi. An index includes authors’ names as well as subjects. THE INTERFERENCE MICROSCOPE IN BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH, by Arthur J. Hale. 114 pages, plates, diagrams, 51 X 8) in. Edinburgh and London, E. & S. Livingstone Ltd., 1958. (Exclusive U. S. agents, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore.) Price, $5.00. Although not a new instrument, the interference microscope did not become a practical