Electrical properties of thin films of copper, silver and gold

Electrical properties of thin films of copper, silver and gold

Classified abstracts 784--795 conditions of the in-leakage devices in order to control the pressure in the tubes for neutron generators. E P Gel', Ins...

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Classified abstracts 784--795 conditions of the in-leakage devices in order to control the pressure in the tubes for neutron generators. E P Gel', Instrums exp Tech, Pittsburg, (5), published April 1965, 111~1118. Translated from the Russian Pribory i Tekh Eksp, (5),

Sept-Oct 1964, 190-191. 24 784. Design and function of a hydraulically actuated ultra-vacuum through-way valve. (Germany) A hydraulically actuated ultra:vacuum through-way valve having a valve disk of 160 m m diameter is described. In the open as well as closed position, the valve can be heated to 300°C. The conductance in the open position amounts to 250 l./sec, the total leakage in the closed position is less than 10 -1° torr 1./sec. It is possible to fabricate still larger ultra-vacuum valves based on the same construction principle. G yon Kienel et al, Vakuum-Technik, 14 (5), June 1965, 139. 24 : 41 785. U H V high temperature valves with gold-wire sealing.

resistivity approaches the value for the bulk metal as the thickness of the film increases. The temperature coefficient of resistance is positive for the thickness range studied and at a particular thickness attains a maximum value which is several times higher than the value for the bulk metal. (India) V V Shah and Y G Naik, Indian J pure appl Phys, 3 (1), Jan 1965,


32. Nucleonics 32 : 18 Pulsed plasma guns and interaction between plasma blobs and and magnetic fields. See abstract number 766. 32 : 34 Method for controlling the deuterium pressure in gas-filled neutron tubes. See abstract number 783.


33. General physics and electronics

U H V valves are described (NW 4, N W 25, N W 50) which can be baked out in closedcondition and which can be operated at 350°C without causing early corrosion of the sealing. Method and results of the test of durability and of the measurement of conductivity arequoted. (Germany) 1-I-J Biiltemann et al, Vakuum-Technik, 14 (5), June 1965, 132.

33 790. Electrostatic image orthicon. (Great Britain) A brief description of an image orthicon television pick-up tube in which the beam is focused and deflected electrostatically. Size, weight, and power requirements are substantially lower than for conventional orthicons. Anon, Electron Components, 6 (5), May 1965, 417. 33 791. The preparation of microcircuit stencils and patterns by photomechanics and electron beam machining. (Great Britain) Characteristics of the two techniques are presented and the advantages of each are indicated. (20 references) P L Hawkes et al, Microelectranics & Reliability, 4 (1), March

25. Baffles, traps and refrigeration equipment 25 786. Suppression of excited species from a sputter-ion pump by a zeolite trap. (USA) The major part of the background signal from a 20-stage electronmultiplier ion detector in a mass spectrometer was attributed to charged particles and radiation from a 15 1./sec sputter-ion pump in the magnetic analyzer section and was removed by a baffle arrangement. However, there remained a residual multiplier signal corresponding to about one count per second. This was attributed to photons radiated by metastable argon ions which could migrate from the pump into the multiplier section. It disappeared when a zeolite trap was placed in series with the sputterion pump. (A H T) A E Barrington, Rev scient Instrum, 36 (4), 1965, 549.

1965, 65-79. 33 792. Symposium on electron beam techniques for microelectronics.

(Great Britain) A summary of papers presented and notes on proceedings of a symposium held at the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern, 6-8 July 1964. Anon, Microelectronics & Reliability, 4 (1), March 1965, 1-17. 33:48 793. A versatile and reliable cryoscopic level detector. (Great


26. Automatic protective and control equipment 26 : 16 Details and construction of an automatic, partial pressure gas regulator. See abstract number 765.

27. Leak detectors and leak detection 27

787. Infrared leak detector. (Great Britain) Manufacturer's announcement (Beckman Instruments Ltd). Anon, Electron Equip News, 7, June 1965, 97.

29. Miscellaneous 29 788. Field ion microscope views two angstroms in shooting atom photos. (USA) Anon, Iron Age, 195 (21), May 1965, 133.

A simple, solid-state, level-sensing circuit for use at liquid-air temperatures, and the control circuitry for use with a Weisenberg X-ray camera. A Cooper, J Scient Instrum, 42 (5), May 1965, 347-348. 33 794. High-stability, high-voltage supplies. The method adopted by Brandenburg Ltd in designing stable voltage supply for electron microscopes is described. A C Wilkinson, Microelectronics & Reliability, 4 (1), March 1965,


37. Metallurgy, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry 37 : 20 Vacuum chamber for the IP-4M test equipment. See abstract number 767. 37 : 30 Electrical properties of thin films of copper, silver and gold. See abstract number 789.

III. V a c u u m applications 30. E v a p o r a t i o n a n d s p u t t e r i n g 30 : 20 A new single-walled U H V evaporator with very low cycling times. See abstract number 768. 30 : 37 789. Electrical properties of thin films of copper, silver and gold.

IV. Materials and techniques used in vacuum technology 40. Gases and vapours 40


795. Co-adsorption of hydrogen and potassium on tungsten. Adsorption of hydrogen on potassium. (USA) L D Schmidt and R Gomer, J Chem Phys, 43 (1), July 1965,

Measurements are described and results show that the electrical