Electron beam welding and vacuum brazing

Electron beam welding and vacuum brazing

Vacuum News independently cooled industrial vacuum motor. The Motor-Vat’s dust capacity is 68 litres, and its attractive design make it ideal for ‘i...

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independently cooled industrial vacuum motor. The Motor-Vat’s dust capacity is 68 litres, and its attractive design make it ideal for ‘in-car cleaning’ by the busy motorist. Numatic Engineering Circle


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High sensitivity film thickness monitor A new film thickness monitor, the FTM3, is said to combine sensitivity with great stability, reliability, and simplicity of operation.

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It is equally suitable for research and mass-production work, and can be used for the monitoring and control of both metallic and dielectric film deposition. The FTM3, which gives digital read-out in Hz, has a sensitivity of about 300 Hz pg-r-equivalent to 1 A film thickness per Hz, at unit density. Drift is under 10 Hz in 8 h. The read-out display up-dates once a second, and there are outputs for deposition rate display and automatic termination units (which are also available). The unit utilizes the crystal microbalance technique. Inputs for two crystals are provided, so that users have a choice of monitoring


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For simplicity in use all controls are push-button type and include mains on/off with indicator lamps, a crystal check facility which displays frequency difference between the monitor and reference oscillators, and quick-operating zero set. Edwards High Vacuum Circle number

Electron Wentgate following I. Union

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Mr Vaerst will remain active in the company board of directors.

as chairman



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The Lexel Model 75 is available in argon and krypton versions with up to 100 mW of red power in the krypton version of 400 mW of blue and green power in the argon version. The compact head weighs only 36 lb and is 4.85 x 7.19 x 28.20 in. The single phase power supply weighs 75 lb and is 8.0 x 16.6 x 19.0 in. Options such as light regulator, rack mounted power supply, automatic starting, and remote turn-on are available. Lexel Corp Service

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This firm also announces that Mr Richard Trillwood has taken over as managing director of their subsidiary company Vacuum Thermal Processes Ltd. Also, after highly satisfactory co-operation for 2 years, a specialist company has been formed near Cologne to advance their processes of electron beam welding and vacuum brazing. Indeed, they now have in total more than 25 agents who have helped raise order intake above the f500,OOO pa mark. Wentgate Engineers Ltd Circle

This is the only CW ion laser with long coherence length single frequency capability delivering either red or blue and green power that can be operated from ordinary II 5 V circuits.


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3. Astro industries (USA) : Ultra-high temperature (up to 3000°C) vacuum furnaces for research, development and production in sintering, creep testing, hot pressing and ceramic bonding.

Compact ion laser operates from 115/220 V A compact ion laser that operates from a single phase, 115 V or 220 V, 50/60 Hz circuit is now available.

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2. Schmetz (Germany) : Low-vacuum brazing furnaces up to 125 ft3 and temperatures up to 1600°C for high volume production of small parts.

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Ion Equipment Corp is a manufacturer of ultra high vacuum systems and components and microelectronic processing equipment. Ion Equipment

beam welding and vacuum brazing Engineers Ltd are now supplying equipment companies :

(45 kW) complete supplies.

Mr Norman, a well known figure in the semiconductor industry, was the former president of Nortec Electronics Corp and VicePresident of General Micro-Electronics, Inc.

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New president of Ion Equipment Corp Mr Ralph L Vaerst, founder and chairman of the board of Ion Equipment Corp, has announced the election of Mr Robert H Norman as president of Ion Equipment Corp.

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two separate operations, or of monitoring different positions in the same chamber.



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A breath of air for the RAF In the picture opposite, the pilot of the Harrier Jet fighter at RAF Wittering, Northants, is provided with his breathing oxygen from an insulated spherical vessel containing five litres of Air Products’ liquid oxygen. The container, carried by the technician on the left, is housed in an equipment bay just behind the main undercarriage of the Hawker Siddeley Jet V/STOL fighter. Its liquid oxygen contents are converted into gas at a nominal pressure of 70 lb in.-z and supplied to the pilot via a shut-off valve in the cabin. It can be easily ‘topped up’ from a portable LOX trolley or can be rapidly replaced with another container.