Electronic publishing

Electronic publishing

Electronic publishing Newstead Publishing Ltd are now on stream with their word processor-tophototypesetter interface unit which enables customers to ...

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Electronic publishing Newstead Publishing Ltd are now on stream with their word processor-tophototypesetter interface unit which enables customers to progress work directly from word processor or computer to typesetting and printing (without the job needing to be rekeyed), over the standard telephone network. Customers who have information stored on word processors or computers simply dial Newstead and transmit their copy at high speed, through a GPO modem, directly onto a phototypesetting keyboard. The copy is then stylized as required and quality setting is produced. The advantages of this new system includes access to a large of type styles and sizes, up to a 50 per cent saving in print origination costs and an extremely quick turn around for all printing requirements. One of the first jobs to use the new system was a six page newsletter which was originated, typeset, printed and delivered within 36 hours. (Newstead

Publishing Ltd, 37-39 Church Street, Nottingham, Notts NG7 2FH, UK. Tel: (0602) 70451 I)

Metal Box provide canning control Metal Box Engineering, Automation and Control have installed a production line monitoring system in the Coca-Cola canning plant in Milton Keynes, OK. Code-named FLAI R, an acronym for flow line analysis and instant reporting, it is based on the 8085 microprocessor. The Coca-Cola production line is highly automated and runs at speeds of up to 1500 cans/rain. Downtime is expensive, so strenuous efforts are made to keep the plant in peak condition and maintain high operating efficiency. FLAIR minimizes downtime by pinpointing areas of declining performance and providing accurate data on problem areas. The program runs at a number

vol 5 no 10 december 81

Microace is a microprocessor-controlled dicer/scriber. It is mainly used in the electronics industry for dicing silicon for semiconductor devices, though it can be used for slicing germanium, gallium arsenMe, sapphire, etc. It uses a Mostek ZSO-based single-board microcomputer, a ZSTD bus and has 8k CMOS RAM. It can be programmed to execute up to 20 different dicing sequences (though this can be extended up to 40). Entry to the memory is by keyed access only, to prevent interference with the program. The system uses a specially developed autoprompt which offers both simpfified control and programming. It is thus possible to program the machine to do a specific sequence; this can be stored in the memory if required. The microprocessor control offers faster running speeds, greater control imperial-metric conversion, selfdiagnostic capabilities through error codes and the ability to reject incorrect programming. The computing section is completely independent to the rest o f the machine and can be exchanged with another controller easily. Machine and supply status are shown by a code display and a list o f common codes is located on the machine so that the operator can quickly see what is happening. Microace was developed by Loadpoint Ltd and since the software was written inhouse, machine functions can be modified in line with customers' needs for nonstandard applications. (Loadpoint Ltd, Chelworth Industrial Estate, Cricklade, Swindon, Wilts SN6 6HE, UK. Tel: (0793) 751160)

of priority levels to ensure that while it analyses and displays particular problem points, it is still able to collect information as it happens. The program is modular and written in Assembler. Information is collected from 60 points, from sensors in machines throughout the line. The data can both be presented at VDUs on the factory floor or used in calculations. The displayed information is updated every 2 min. FLAIR can produce an

end of shift calculation which projects, from any given time, using already collected data, what the final production quantity will be at the end of a particular shift. The system is very much software orientated and Metal Box therefore provide a number of standard modules and then write the software for the consumer's own needs. (Metal

Box Ltd, QueensHouse, Forbury Road, Reading, Barks RGI 3JH, UK. Tel: (0734) 581177)