Electrostatic spray system

Electrostatic spray system

II and a second crosslinker that is reactive toward the reactive functionality of the acrylic copolymer; a second thermosetting powder coating compos...

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and a second crosslinker that is reactive toward the reactive functionality of the acrylic copolymer; a second thermosetting powder coating composition that comprises both a second acrylic copolymer having reactive functionality and a third crosslinker that is reactive toward the second acrylic copolyrner; wherein there is overspray of the second powder coating composition in an area coated only with the first powder coating composition, and simultaneously curing both powder coating compositions to produce a cured coating layer on the substrate.

Solvent Cleaning System U.S. Patent 5,538,025. July 23, 1996 D.J. Gray and P.T.E. Gebhard, assignors to SEREC Partners, Providence, R.I. A closed circuit solvent cleaning system comprising a chamber for holding an object to be cleaned; means for applying a negative gauge pressure to the chamber to remove air and other noncondensable gases; means for introducing a solvent to the evacuated chamber; means for cleaning the object while maintaining an airless environment within the chamber; means for

recovering the solvent from the object and chamber; means for storing the recovered solvent; and means for processing and cleaning contaminated solvent within the closed circuit.

Electrostatic Spray System

An apparatus and method for dispensing electrically conductive coating material including a pneumatic/mechanical control.

Galvanizing Apparatus U.S. Patent 5,538,556. July 23, 1996 K.K. Maitra et aL, asignors to Allied Tube & Conduit Corp., Harvey, III. An apparatus for galvanizing a linear element composed of a ferrous metal comprising an upwardly open reservoir of molten zinc; means for providing an enclosed space containing an atmosphere of inert gas; an annular nozzle within the enclosed space comprising inner and outer annular members defining a frustoconical annular slot; means for maintaining the reservoir of molten zinc at a temperature within a pre-


determined range; means for preheating the linear element to a temperature greater than or about equal to that of the reservoir; and means f o r driving the linear element at a linear velocity of between 90 and 100 feet per rain.

Spray Gun

U.S. Patent 5,538,186. July 23, 1996 R.D. Konieczynski, assignor to Nordson Corp., Westlake, Ohio

Electroless Nickel Plating



U.S. Patent 5,538,190. July23, 1996 R.H. Greene et al., assignors to Apex Product Design, Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom An electrostatic spray gun comprising a housing for receiving a replaceable fluid container, a nozzle from which fluid is to be sprayed, means for expelling fluid from the container through the nozzle, and a high voltage generator for applying electrostatic potential to the fluid to form an electrically charged atomized spray.

Continuous Hot Dipping Apparatus U.S..Patent 5,538,558. July 23, 1996 T. Ookouchi and T. Kawahigashi, assignors to Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo A continuous hot dipping apparatus including a molten metal bath, a sink roll, and guide rolls supported by bearings.





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