Embryo transfer bibliography I

Embryo transfer bibliography I

THERIOGENOLOGY EMBRYO TRANSFER BIBLIOGRAPHY I S.M. Seidel and G.E. Seidel, Jr. Animal Reproduction Laboratory Colorado State University Fort Collins, ...

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THERIOGENOLOGY EMBRYO TRANSFER BIBLIOGRAPHY I S.M. Seidel and G.E. Seidel, Jr. Animal Reproduction Laboratory Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 80523

This bibliographic series is intended selectively, but systematically to cover the scientific literature from 1979 on that is relevant to embryo transfer. It will be updated quarterly and published in THERIOGENOLOGY. The major emphasis will be on species of agricultural importance, but other species will be included. Papers on husbandry or laboratory techniques that are especially relevant in the context of embryo transfer will also be listed. Abstracts of presentations at meetings will not be included. Most of the articles have been selected from the Life Sciences and the Agriculture, Biology, and Environmental Sciences volumes of CURRENT CONTENTS. Reprints may be requested from the author (or, in some instances, from the co-author whose name is followed by an asterisk); the abbreviated address is listed after each bibliographic entry. An original copy 06 an article may be purchased from the Institute for Scientific Information , 3501 Market St., University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104. To order an article, give the author(s), titlea date, journal, journal volume andRnumber, inclusive page numbers, and the ISI Original Article Tear Sheet (OATS ) accession number (the two-letter and three-digit code at the end of the bibliographic entry). Payment must accompany the order. Charges are $4.50 for an article of 20 pages or less ($5.50 for countries other than the USA, Canada, and Mexico; airmail delivery) and $2.00 for each additional 10 pages or less. There is also an OATS Hotline service through which articles may be ordered by telephone: (215) 386-0100 (Cable: SCINFO; Telex: 34-5305). There is an additional $1.00 charge for Hotline service. For some articles, inclusive page numbers were not available. Cattle and Buffaloes Becze, J., J. M&zsros, and I. Perjgs. 1979 Studie on improving the success of induced superovulation in cows. Zuchthy iene 14(1):26-30. GL542 Forschungsinst., Tierzutht, Fortpflanzungsbiol. Abt., H-2053 Herceghalom, HUNGARY. 1979 Factors affecting the viability of Bilton, R.J. and N.W. &ore. frozen stored cattle embryos. Aust. J. Biol. Sci. 32(1):101-108. 68321 ViaPax Corp., Ltd., Pine Valley Dr., Woodbridge, Ontario, CANADA L4L lB5. Christie, W. B., R. Newcomb, and L.E.A. Rowson. 1979 Ovulation rate and egg recovery in cattle treated repeatedly with pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin and prostaglandin. Vet. Rec. 104(13):281-283. GP997 ARC, Inst. Anim. Physiol., Anim. Res. Stn., 307 Huntingdon Rd., Cambridge CB2 4AT, ENGLAND.


1979 VOL. 12 NO. 6



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1979 VOL. 12 NO. 6


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Sheep and Goats 22.

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1979 VOL. 12 NO. 6




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1979 VOL. 12 NO. 6



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1979 VOL. 12 NO. 6




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DECEMBER 1979 VOL. 12 NO. 6



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DECEMBER 1979 VOL. 12 NO. 6



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