Fibre-reinforced composites toughened with resin particles

Fibre-reinforced composites toughened with resin particles

Abstracts of patents Abstracts of US patents prepared by Dr R.J. Hand, University of Sheffield, UK Structural composites of fiuoropolymers reinforced...

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Abstracts of patents Abstracts of US patents prepared by Dr R.J. Hand, University of Sheffield, UK

Structural composites of fiuoropolymers reinforced with continuous filament fibres Gentile, W.F., Kilman, H.L. and Krueger, W.H. (E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, DE, USA) US Pat 5 069

US PATENTS COMPONENTS Helmet with reinforcement Shirasaki, Y. and Yoshida, I. (Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha, Osaka and Shoei Kakou Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo, both of Japan) US Pat 5 075 904 (31 December 1991) A helmet made of fibre-reinforced thermosetting resin has an outer layer of glass fibre and an inner layer of a cloth of polyethylene fibre with high modulus and tenacity.

Microstructurally toughened metal matrix composite article and method of making same Prewo, K.M., Nardone, V.C. and Strife, J.R. (United Technologies Corporation, Hartford, CT, USA) US Pat 5 079099 (7 January 1992) A composite is described comprising a number of discrete metal regions separated by a metal-matrix composite reinforced with ceramic particles. Both the metallic regions and the metal-matrix composite regions extend from one end of the article to the other. Composite flexbeam for a bearingless helicopter rotor Byrnes, F.E. and Krauss, A.T. (United Technology Corporation, Hartford, CT, USA) US Pat 5 096 380 (17 March 1992) The beam comprises a unidirectional reinforced epoxy matrix and a rib of unidirectionally reinforced urethane which extends along the length of the beam and is bonded to it at the lag-torsion section, which is between the flexure section and the blade attachment section.

MA TERIALS Carbon fibre-reinforced hydraulic composite material Katsumata, H., Sakai, H., Takahashi, K., Ootagur 0` H., Matsumoto, M., Nakamura, M. and Ando, T. (Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) US Pat 5 062 897 (5 November 1991) The material described comprises l~volume% chopped carbon fibres, 15 30 lam, dispersed in a matrix selected from Portland cement, blast furnace cement, alumina cement, calcium silicate, natural gypsum and synthetic gypsum.

959 (3 December 1991) A composite material has a matrix of perfluoroalkoxy fluorocarbon resin reinforced with continuous fibres. About 3(>70% by volume of the composite is matrix and the whole has a flexural modulus greater than 35 GPa.

Fibre-reinforced thermosetting resin moulding material and method for production thereof Hashimoto, T., Nakanashi, H., Yamamoto, S. and lga, T. (Nippon Shokubai Kagaku Kogyo Co, Ltd, Osaka, Japan) US Pat 5 075 353 (24 December 1991) The resin contains a styrene monomer as a crosslinking component and chopped glass fibre strands which each contain 600-1400 glass fibres and which are coated with not less than 1 weight% binder. 40 90 weight% of the binder is a component insoluble in the styrene monomer.

Composites of vinyl resins and elastomercoated fibres Riew, C.K., Siebert, A.R., McGarry, F.J. and Kinson, P.L. (The B.F. Goodrich Company, Akron, OH, USA) US Pat 5 080 967 (14 Januao' 1992) A composite comprises a vinyl resin matrix and coated reinforcing fibres. The coating on the fibres is produced from an aqueous dispersion containing a reactive liquid polymer, the latter comprising 100 parts by weight of a reactive polymer, at least 10 parts by weight of solvent, an acidic or basic dispersing agent and at least 50 parts by weight of water.

Fibre reinforced composites comprising unidirectional fibre layers and aramid spunlaced fabric layers Krueger, W.H. (E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, DE, USA) US Pat 5 085 928 (4 February 1992) This composite is formed from a thermoplastic resin matrix containing alternating layers of unidirectional fibres and layers of a porous aramid spunlaced material with a melting point greater than that of the resin.

Reinforced polymeric matrix Sugawara, T. and Yamato, M. (Nippon Zeon Co, Ltd, Tokyo, Japan) US Pat 5 063 103 (5

Production of metal matrix composites reinforced with polymer fibres Yun, D.I., Fang, Q-T. and Wei-Berk, C. (Aluminum Company of America, Pittsburgh, PA, USA) US Pat 5 085 945 (4 February 1992) A metal-matrix composite comprises uncoated polymer fibres and an aluminium alloy matrix with a mehing temperature of greater than 600°C.

November 1991) A ring-opened nonborene polymer is reinforced with a glass fibre mat. The polymer is polymerized from at least one monomer in the presence of the mat, which contains a polyolefill, vinyl aromatic polymer or a mixture of these as a hydrocarbon binder,

Fibre-reinforced resin particles Qureshi, S.P., Gardner, H.C. cago, 1L, USA) ary 1992)

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composites toughened with Newman-Evans, R.H. and (Amoco Corporation, ChiUS Pat 5 087 657 (11 Febru-

A composition contains 20 to 80 weight% of a continuous fibre reinforcement and a curable cycloaliphatic epoxy ether resin. Between 1 and 25 weight% of the resin particles have a smallest dimension between 1 and 75 lum.

Carbon fibre composites having improved fatigue resistance Chung, D.D.L. (The Research Foundation of State University of New York, Albany, NY, USA) US Pat 5 091 242 (25 February 1992) A resin matrix contains carbon fibres and discontinuous layers of particles of a tin alloy. Oxidation resistant ceramic matrix composites Gray, P.E. (E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, DE, USA) US Pat 5 094 910 (10 March 1992) The composite is composed of a ceramic matrix and either carbon or ceramic fibres. The interface between the fibres and the matrix has a 0.05 to 2 lain thick debonding layer next to the fibres, which is carbon if ceramic fibres are used, and an oxygenscavenging sealant region which contains discontinuous particles and a boron oxide precursor.

PROCESSES Method and product for improved glass fbre reinforced and filled thermoplastic and thermosetting resin systems Scharf, J. (of Glenmoore, PA, USA) US Pat 5 066 361 (19 November 1991) The glass fibres are etched and silanatcd before the resin is applied to them.

Fibrous material-containing composite Singh, R.N. and Gaddipati, A.R. (General Electric Company, Schenectady, NY, USA) US Pat 5 067 998 (26 November ]991) A laminate comprising at least one layer of boron-nitride-coated fibrous material disposed between two layers of tape (the latter comprising an organic binder and a ceramic matrix with a thcrmal cxpansion coefficient less than 15% higher than the fibrous material) is heated to remove the binder and then hot-pressed to produce a composite with less than 5 volume% porosity and which contains at least 10 volume% boron-nitride-coated fibrous material.

Process for producing ccmposite material with reinforcement in silicium carbide fibres and ceramic matrix Hdraud, L. and Lalande, J. (Societe Europeenc de Propulsion, Suresnes, France) US Pat 5 071 679 (10 December 1991) A fibrous reinforceraent of silicon carbide fibres is formed and then subjected to a chemical treatment to remove the silica from the fibre surfaces. An intermediate coating is formed on the fibres which acts as an interphase between the fibres and the matrix, which is formed in the residual porosity of the fibrous reinforcement.

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