Fibre-reinforced metal matrix composites

Fibre-reinforced metal matrix composites

The metal matrix composite, with good strength at elevated temperatures and good ductility, comprises at least one layer of a TiAI alloy metallurgical...

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The metal matrix composite, with good strength at elevated temperatures and good ductility, comprises at least one layer of a TiAI alloy metallurgically bonded to at least one layer of a ductile Ti alloy. Single tow prepreg Ohnati, S. and Suzuoki, K. (Ciba-Geigy Corporation, Ardsley, NY, USA and Asahi Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Osaka, Japan) US Pat 4 818 613 (4 April 1989) A resin, suitable for impregnating a single tow, comprises lll0 parts by weight of a thermosetting resin with a softening point < 20°C and 3 to 30 parts by weight of a high molecular weight compound with T~ < - l ll°C selected from a named group of a number of elastomeric compounds. Fibre-reinforced metal matrix composites Dinwoodie, J., Stacey, M.H., Taylor, M.D. and Walker, A.M. (hnperial Chemical Industries Plc, London, UK) US Pat 4 818 633 (4 April 1989) The metal matrix composite comprises alumina fibres, of density 1.8-2.5 g c m 3 randomly oricnted in a metal matrix of similar density. Sealing glass composite Smith, E.F. and Hoffman, L.C. (Olin Corporation, New Haven, CT, USA) US Pat 4 818 730 (4 April 1989) A glass matrix composite, suitable for sealing to a metal, comprises a matrix of lead borate, lead-zinc borate, lead borosilicate or leadzinc borosilicate glass in which is dissolved ~< 2 wt% copper oxide, and ~< 30 wt% of a particulate additive of CaFe or BaF2. Microcrack resistant fiber reinforced resin matrix composite laminates Scola, D.A. and Parker, D.J. (United Technologies Corporation, Hartford, CT, USA) US Pat 4 820 567 (11 April 1989) The laminate comprises a number of unidirectional graphite fibre-reinforced resin plies arranged in the general format [911~/0~?/ 90if]n where x and y are in a specified numerical relationship to one another and n is an integer. High modulus pitch-based carbon fiber and method for preparing same Hino, T., Naito, T., Kuroda, H., Tsushima, E. and Nomura, T. (Toa Nenryo Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo, Japan) US Pat 4 822 587 (18 April 1989) The carbon fibre, having a Young's modulus /> 700 GPa, has an outer layer 1-3 gm thick and an inner portion in which the crystallites are at least 10% larger than in the outer layer. The fibre is made from a carbonaceous pitch composed of > 90% optically anisotropic components. Description and production of a polyester fibre having excellent thermal and chemical stability Yabuki, K, Kohmura, Y. and Yasuda, H. (Toyobo Petcord Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan) US Pat 4 827 999 (9 May 1989) The properties of a polyester fibre comprising predominantly polyethylene terephthalate with 2.5% terephthalic acid residue are described. Fibre production is via a melt spinning route. Surface modified cemented carbides Yohe W. C. (GTE Valentine Corporation,

Troy, MI, USA) US Pat 4 828 612 (9 May

1989) A surface layer is formed on a cemented carbide by sintering a blended powder mixture of 70 weight % hexagonal WC, B1 structure carbides, Co metal binder and sufficient AIN to enhance the surface toughness by promoting binder enrichment at the surface. Polymer concrete composition for cementitious road repair and overlay Sellstrom, K. B. and WaddiU, H. G. (Texaco Inc., White Plains NY, USA) US Pat 4 828 879 (9 May 1989) The composition of a binder, added to a gravel, sand, fly ash aggregate in a 7:1 to 12:1 ratio, is given. Liquid crystalline polymer composites Buckley, A, Che, T. M., Leslie, T. M., Stamatoff, J. B., Stuetz, D. E. and Ulrich, D. R. (Hoechst Celanese Corporation, Somerville, N J, USA) US Pat 4 828 888 (9 May 1989) A c o m p o s i t e o p t i c a l m e d i u m of homogeneous microporous inorganic oxide glass prepared by a sol-gel route containing a liquid crystalline polymer. Reinforced polymeric composites Staneluius, J. M. and Rodenbeck, D. L. (Centrite Corporation, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA) US Pat 4 828 897 (9 May 1989) A reinforced polymer composite with a foam core of one polymer composition, a skin of a second polymer composition and a threedimensional interface bonding the two made of strands of a high modulus material. Precursor for production of preoxidised fibres or carbon fibres Ogawa, H. and Shigei, T. (Toho Belson Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) US Pat 4 830 845 (16 May 1989) The chemical composition of a fibre precursor formed from an acrylic fibre is given. Surface-refined sintered alloy body and its manufacture Taniguchi, Y. and Kobri, K. (Toshiba Tungaloy Co., Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan) US Pat4830 930 (16 May 1989) The alloy body is made from a hard phase comprising at least one of carbides, carbonitrides, carbooxides and carbonitrooxides of metals of group 4a, 5a and 6a of the periodic table and a binding phase of at least one from the iron group metals. Refining gives a high binder content to a depth of 5 ~tm from the surface. Alkali-resistant glass fibre Trivedi, N. C. and Mackenzie, J. D. (Pfizer Inc. NY, NY, USA) US Pat 4 830 989 (16 May 1989) An alkali resistant glass is made by melting a magnesium silicate and calcium oxide containing compound and drawing the viscous liquid. Carbon containing refractory Ichikawa, K., Tsukamoto, N. and Iwado, H. (Shinagawa Refractories Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) US Pat 4 830 992 (16 May 1989) A carbon containing refractory consisting of 5-60 weight % A carbon containing refractory consisting of 5-60 weight % AZT clinker, 3-40% carbon source and the balance

of at least one from alumina, magnesia, zirconia, mullite, spinel, calcia and fused quartz. Plastic-glass composite Moriwaki, T. and Tsutsui, K. (Kishimoto Sangyo Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan) US Pat4831 074 (16 May 1989) A high density, high strength plastic composite comprised 10-50 weight % thermoplastic polymer and 50-90% lead glass powder (80 weight % PbO, 16% SiO).

PROCESSES Method to produce metal matrix composite articles from rich metastable-beta titanium alloys Eylon, D. and Froes, F.H. (The Secretary of the Air Force, Washington, DC, USA) US Pat 4 809 903 (7 March 1989) The titanium alloy composite is fabricated from a rich metastablc beta titanium alloy and filaments of SiC, SiC-coated B, BC-coated B, or Si-coated SiC. A preform is made from alternating layers of a rapidly-solidified foil of the alloy and at least one of the filamentary materials and consolidated under pressure at a temperature below the [Ltransus temperature of the alloy. Method of producing fiber reinforced plastic billiard cue Son-Kung, T. (Taichung, Taiwan) US Pat 4 816 203 (28 March 1989) A method of forming a fibre-reinforced plastic billiard cue, including tip end and butt end, is described. The shell is formed by wrapping prepreg sheets around a cylinder, open at both ends. While curing this cylinder in a cue-shaped mould compressed gas is forced into the centre, pressing the composite into the shape of the mould. Process for producing high strength [3-sialonsilicon carbide composite Kishi, K., Umebayashi, S., Tani, E. and Kobayashi, K. (Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Tokyo. Japan) US Pat 4 816 428 (28 March 1989) The method of preparing [3-sialon-silicon carbide comprises preparing a mixture of SiN and SiC in a solution of an aluminium compound (which may he Al alkoxide, AI(OH)3, or a soluble AI salt) and sintering the mixture. Method of repairing carbon fiber rapiers and repaired rapier Foster, L.F. (Linwood, NC, USA) US Pat 4 817678 (4April 1989) A rapier for use in a weaving machine comprises: a longitudinally extending body of carbon fibre: a groove in this body extending from the top surface into the body: and a split extending from the under surface to the groove. The groove is filled with glass fibre-reinforced epoxy resin. Method of forming composite fiber blends McMahon, P.E., Chung, T-S, and Ying, L. (Hoechst Celanese Corporation, Somerville, N J, USA) US Pat 4 818 318 (4 April 1989) The method of preparing the continuous uniform tow is as given in US Pat 4 799 985. Method for fabricating lightweight carbonbonded carbon fiber composites