Filter system

Filter system

DEVELOPMENTS NEW EQUIPMENT, PROCESSES, & MATERIALS Aqueous Cleaning System Progressive Recovery Inc. Dupe, 111. Progressive Recovery Inc.‘s structural...

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DEVELOPMENTS NEW EQUIPMENT, PROCESSES, & MATERIALS Aqueous Cleaning System Progressive Recovery Inc. Dupe, 111. Progressive Recovery Inc.‘s structural honeycomb cleaning system cleans and dries honeycomb parts up to 4 X 6 ft in less than an hour for 2.5ft thick open honeycomb core parts. In the wash chamber, an oscillating overhead spray is combined with a 385 nozzle, mobile spray bar below to shoot cleaning solution into each honeycomb core cell. The system replaces the ozone-depleting trichloroethane with a high-performance aqueous spray cleaning process.

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Aqueous Degreasing Ramco Equipment Corp. Hi//side, NJ.

drying a wide variety of components. Standard Aja-Kleen Parts Washers are used with an extended working depth, filtration, and a high-capacity oil removal system featuring Ramco’s Surface Sweep, which prevents surface oil from redepositing onto cleaned parts. Drying is accomplished using a hot air knife blow-off dryer. The system uses an aqueous degreasing process using a mild alkaline detergent in hot water. Circle 402 on the reader service card

pH Checker/Simulator Sensorex Inc. Stanton, Calif.

Collection-Pumping Sedilco Ltd. Northbrook, 111.


Serfilco’s versatile packaged systems maintain compliance for waste treatment and discharge. Collection and treatment, or reuse, of a single solution is more practical than mixing several solutions then treating. Each self-contained unit consists of an HDPE tank, CPVC pump, 115 V TEFC motor, electronic level controls, PVC cover mounting plate, and inlet/ outlet. connections. Thirteen tank sizes from 7 to 250 gal are available, with flow rates to 60 gpm. Customized systems are welcome and common.

Sensorex Inc.‘s pH checker/simulator is a practical tool in troubleshooting or verifying the operational status of pH meters, controllers, transmitters, or recorders. The compact case features a 3-position push button switch that generates a mV output signal equal to pH values 4,7, and 10 with an accuracy of 0.1%. The high-impedance button also allows you to simulate the high-impedance input of a pH electrode. The pH checker/simulator comes complete with a calibration cable.


Ramco Aqueous Degreasing Systems use a flexible modular design featuring multiple standardized stations with mechanical agitation, solution turbulation, filtration, and oil removal apparatus for washing, rinsing, and Circle 404 on the reader service card

Filter System Sethco Division, Met-Pro Corp. Hauppauge, N. Y

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. AUGUST 1996

Sethco’s Suction Filter is easy to handle and operate and designed to pump, filter, agitate, and treat corrosive solutions. Constructed of CPVC, the filter is recommended for filtering most acids and alkalies, including electroless copper and nickel plating solu73

tions, at temperatures to 200°F. The pump has no seals, bearings, or wearing parts. Conventional tubes or Sethco’s new spiral wrap filter tubes are available for depth filtration. Filter systems are available in four sizes for filtration to 3,000 gph. Circle 405 on the reader service card

Automatic Spraying Sprayma tion Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, F/a.


Spraymation’s new 3 10940 Series Machine is computer controlled with memory capability to automatically control all spraying variables. The system provides the capability to spray test panels with an accuracy and repeatability not previously attainable. All types of spray equipment can be used, including conventional air atomized, airless, electrostatic, HVLP, and powder, with computer control over air and fluid pressures. New programs can

be entered at the machine, a PC interface.

or by using

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Acid Cleaning Stellar Solutions Algonquin, 111.

and Passivation

Stellar Solutions has introduced a line of cleaning and passivation products based on safe, environmentally friendly citric acid chemistry. CitriSurf, the alternative to the hazards of nitric acid, produces excellent passivation of stainless steel and cleans a wide variety of metal parts. The system offers high performance and safety while significantly reducing production costs and lead times. Circle 407 on the reader service card

Masking StockCap 3. Louis


StockCap’s expanded line of masking products includes a large variety of

vinyl, polyethylene, silicone, and neoprene products. High-temperature vinyl withstands temperatures up to 446°F (230-Q silicone caps and plugs up to 600°F (3 16°C). Neoprene products offer strong chemical resistance in masking applications. Included are twelve lines of caps and plugs, masking disks, and silicone tape. Circle 408 on the reader service card

Wet Dust Collectors Tri-Mer Corp. Owosso, Mich. Tri-Mer Corp.‘s all-polypropylene dust collection system allows removal of collected materials without shutdown of the system. The CO Series (Continuous Operation) Whirl Wet was engineered for processes generating high loadings (20 lb/hr and above). Its advanced design allows operation without pumps, complex plumbing, or internal moving parts and provides collection efficiencies of 97 to 99%. It is

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