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CALENDAR/NPD Financial Calendar March 2013 Sartorius Annual Press Conference, Goettingen, Germany 1 March 2013 Andritz 2012 Results 7 March 2013 Merc...

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Financial Calendar March 2013 Sartorius Annual Press Conference, Goettingen, Germany 1 March 2013 Andritz 2012 Results 7 March 2013 Merck Q4/FY 2012 Earnings 21 March 2013 Lanxess Publication of Fiscal 2012 Results 22 March 2013 Andritz Annual General Meeting 28 March 2013 Metso Annual General Meeting April 2013 Sartorius Q1 2013 Figures 5 April 2013 FLSmidth Annual General Meeting 18 April 2013 Sartorius Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, Goettingen, Germany 23 April 2013 Alfa Laval Q1 2013 Interim Report and Annual General Meeting Metso January–March 2013 Interim Review 25 April 2013 Ahlstrom Interim Report January–March 2013 26 April 2013 Merck Annual General Meeting 2013 2 May 2013 Siemens Q2 2013 Financial Report 6 May 2013 Andritz Q1 2013 Results Indutrade January–March 2013 Interim Report, and Annual General Meeting 8 May 2013 Lanxess Interim Report Q1 2013 17 May 2013 FLSmidth Q1 2013 Report 23 May 2013 Lanxess Annual Stockholders’ Meeting, Cologne, Germany 24 July 2013 Indutrade 1 January–June 2013 Interim Report 25 July 2013 Metso January–June 2013 Interim Review 1 August 2013 Siemens Q3 2013 Financial Report 6 August 2013 Lanxess Interim Report Q2 2013 7 August 2013 Ahlstrom Interim Report January–June 2013 Andritz Half Year 2013 Results 23 August 2013 FLSmidth Half Year 2013 Report


Filtration Industry Analyst

New Product Developments UÊ LiqTech International Inc has added Silicon Carbide (SiC) membrane discs to the company’s product portfolio. The membrane disc system is based on a principle of creating crossflow by rotating the membrane as an alternative to pumping the liquid across the membrane in the traditional tubular setup. Energy consumption is only 17% compared with regular crossflow. The membrane disc system can handle liquids with high solid content and will therefore be used in applications such as wastewater treatment, manure concentration and pharmaceuticals. The application is also suitable for algae dewatering before the final extraction of Omega 3 and other high-value content for the production of feed or bioethanol. The new SiC membrane discs were developed with funding from Denmark’s Green Development and Demonstration Program (GUDP). While GUDP partially funded the development of the SiC membrane discs for the concentration of manure, LiqTech retains full ownership of the intellectual property. The membrane disc product will be marketed through a strategic partnership with an experienced system integrator. Meanwhile LiqTech’s ultrafiltration SiC membrane product has been approved for liquid sterilization according to the ASTM standard F83805 for liquid filtration. This standard is widely used for pharmaceutical, food & beverage and drinking water applications. UÊ *ÊœiÀÊqÊ>iÀÎʅ>ÃÊÃÕVViÃÃvՏÞÊÌiÃÌi`Ê DESMI Ocean Guard A/S’s containerized OxyClean ballast water treatment system. Maersk Maritime Technology’s Per Hother Rasmussen said: “We have tested containerized ballast water treatment system plants on two different vessels and we find it a viable way of overcoming space problems in crowded engine rooms as well as it gives the advantage of easy and short installation time, even with the vessel in service. Starting in September 2011, we have tested the DESMI Ocean Guard containerized solution over seven months on one of our vessels and found that it lived up to our needs and expectations. We are satisfied with the results.” DESMI Ocean Guard’s OxyClean ballast water treatment system is based on mechanical filtration followed by disinfection with

a combination of UV and ozone. The OxyClean system is offered as a component delivery, skid-mounted or installed in a container. The containerized solution can be delivered with flow rates up to 500 m3/h in a 20” container, and up to 3000 m3/h in a configuration with two 40” containers placed on top of each other. The containers are placed on top of each other to accommodate the required service height of the filter. The DESMI Ocean Guard OxyClean ballast water treatment system was type approved by Lloyd’s Register in November 2012. In January 2013 DNV concluded its Safety Assessment of the system and ABS issued a Design Assessment certificate. UÊ Lanxess is offering three new types of Lewabrane membrane separation elements for reverse osmosis. The new membranes, which are suitable for waters with strong fouling potential, have a surface area of 37.2, 34.4, and 8.4 sq m. Lewabrane RO B400 FR and Lewabrane RO B370 FR have a diameter of 201 mm, while Lewabrane RO B090 FR 4040 has a diameter of 101 mm. “The new membrane elements were designed to generate greater turbulence in the feedwater channel, meaning that less solids accumulate on the membrane surface,” said Alan Sharpe, head of the RO Membrane Strategic Project at Lanxess’s Ion Exchange Resins business unit. The new FR elements reduce fouling, extend maintenance intervals and increase output capacity. The separation elements, manufactured at Lanxess’s Bitterfeld site in Germany, were engineered specifically for industrial water treatment. Applications include the desalination of brackish and low-salinity water with a high potential for organic or biological fouling. Meanwhile Lanxess’s Ion Exchange Resins business unit has expanded its design tool for industrial water treatment. Using LewaPlus, complete systems can now be designed, for example, employing different separation processes. “Until now, LewaPlus was only capable of engineering reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems separately. With the expanded version, a reverse osmosis process can now be engineered with a downstream ion exchanger and, if necessary, even with an intermediate degasification system,” said Dr Jens Lipnizki, membrane applications manager at Ion.

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