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CALENDAR/NPD Financial Calendar April 2011 Amiad Annual Results ItN Nanovation Annual Financial Statement 2010 Sartorius Q1 2011 Results 1 April 2011...

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Financial Calendar April 2011 Amiad Annual Results ItN Nanovation Annual Financial Statement 2010 Sartorius Q1 2011 Results 1 April 2011 BWT Annual Results 2010 5 April 2011 Porvair Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Interim Management Statement 8 April 2011 Merck AGM 2011 14 April 2011 Sulzer Order Intake Q1 2011 and AGM 15 April 2011 Mahle Group Annual Press Conference 20 April 2011 Atlas Copco AGM and Q1 2011 Results Sartorius Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, Goettingen, Germany 21 April 2011 GEA Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 26 April 2011 Nederman Q1 Report 2011 and AGM 27 April 2011 Alfa Laval Interim Report Q1 and AGM Gamma Holding Q1 Trading Update Indutrade Interim Report January–March 2011 and Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden 28 April 2011 Ahlstrom Interim Report January–March 2011 Gamma Holding General Meeting of Shareholders Merck Q1 2011 Results Pentair Annual Meeting of Shareholders 29 April 2011 FLSmidth AGM Metso Interim Review January–March 2011 Nalco Annual Meeting of Shareholders Outotec Interim Report January–March 2011 May 2011 ItN Nanovation Q1 2011 Report 4 May 2011 Siemens Q2 Financial Report 6 May 2011 Andritz Q1 2011 Results BWT Q1 2011 Report GEA Q1 2011 Report FLSmidth Q1 Interim Report 2011 10 May 2011 ITT AGM 3M Annual Meeting of Shareholders 25 May 2011 BWT AGM


Filtration Industry Analyst

New Product Developments • Toray Industries Inc has developed a highly durable reverse osmosis membrane, stabilising the subnanometer-sized fine pore structure with its proprietary molecular design and interfacial polymerisation technology. Toray says it will actively pursue sales for the product in Europe, North America, Latin America, as well as in China and India among other Asian countries. • Siemens Water Technologies has developed a coconut shell-based carbon for drinking water treatment. AquaCarb 1240CAT, which Siemens says is superior to the catalytic carbon used in water treatment, can provide improved results in water quality targets for chloramine, hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) removal. The coconut shell base provides a higher adsorption capacity with extensive micropore structure for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lower ash content and higher hardness/abrasion resistance, which can result in longer effective carbon life, reduced replacement frequency and lower overall life cycle costs as compared to traditional catalytic coal carbons in the market. Suitable applications for AquaCarb 1240CAT include H2O2 removal in semiconductor wastewater or groundwater remediation systems employing UV oxidation, H2S and chloramine removal for the treatment of municipal drinking water, and chloramine reduction for process water treatment in the bottling industry. • Entegris Inc and IBM are to jointly develop and test new filtration techniques for use in advanced semiconductor manufacturing. The collaboration will focus on generating test data from a new generation of Entegris filters and dispense systems that are used to dispense and filter imaging materials as part of the photolithography process in a semiconductor manufacturing facility. Entegris will work with IBM’s technology team in East Fishkill, New York to develop new technologies for controlling impurities such as particles and bubbles that can negatively impact manufacturing yields. and • Dais Analytic Corp’s NanoClear module in Beijing, China, has produced first water. The pilot module is an initial

component of the multi-million dollar purchase order signed last year between Dais Analytic, Genertec America Inc and CAST/OSC Beijing. Tim Tangredi, CEO of Dais Analytic, said: “Achieving first water is an important performance milestone for Dais on two levels – first it underscores the scalability of the NanoClear process and materials used and tested by a third party (China’s Academy of Environmental Sciences) and, second, this achievement further validates the contribution the disruptive Dais nanotechnology brings to an industry seeking better answers.” • Sionix Corp has filed a patent application relating to an evaporation technology that the company says will expand its sales opportunities in the treatment, remediation and reuse of frac and production water in the oil and gas industry. The new evaporation process involves an open cycle direct cooling evaporative cooler. Contaminated water is circulated through cooling pads constructed of multiple filaments similar to corrugated cardboard that are fabricated along the longitudinal walls of a standard 40 ft ISO shipping container. Ambient air, drawn from the outside through the cooling pads and exhausted through the centre ceiling of the container, evaporates the water pumped through the cooling pads from the top of the container leaving readily recyclable solids of contaminants embedded in the cooling pads. The cooling pads can be baked or heated, at moderate temperatures, to drive off any residual water content and the dry contaminants, which include salt, small amounts of metals, organic compounds and other solids can be processed for use in other applications and resold as an additional revenue stream. • Nalco and the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have reached a licencing agreement for Argonne’s resin wafer electrodeionisation (RW-EDI) technology. This separation-based technology is in early development and has potential in clean energy, chemical processing and water treatment. With the licence, Nalco and Argonne will pursue the design and development of commercial platforms for the clean technology. and

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