Foundations of geophysics. Textbook

Foundations of geophysics. Textbook

57A porous structure of coals by a new method, molecular probing. The conditions ere ezmmerated for the use of a rapid method to locate outburst-pron...

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porous structure of coals by a new method, molecular probing. The conditions ere ezmmerated for the use of a rapid method to locate outburst-prone porous structures.

Photographic techniques

cator measurements to verify the existence and elevation (depth) of the slide plane. Auth.

Presentation and interpretation of data See also abstract: h56.

See also abstract: 547. 565 REVZON,AL Aerial photography technique of estimating the Intensity of Karst and landslide processes. In Russian. 12R. GEOMORFOLOGI IA,N3,1975, I>36-51.

Geophysical techniques See also abstract: 534. 566 BURTON,AN HUNTING SURVEYS LTD,BOR~AMWOOD,GB The use of geophysical methods in engineering geology: Part i: Seismic technlnques .6F,2T,8R. GROUND ~GNG,V9,NI, JAN.1976, P32-36 • The general principles of seismic techniques are briefly reviewed. Continuous seismic reflection profiling, retraction profiling, tidal zone investigations interpretation of seismic records and seismic techniques in site investigations are discussed. 567 KING, MS UNIV., SASKATCHEWAN, SASKATOON, CDN MCCONNELL,BV UNIV., SASKATCHEWAN, SASKATOON, C ~ Fracture evaluation with acoustic log in dry boreholes. 7F,IT,15R. APPLICATIONS OF ROCK MECHANICS,PROC .15TH SY~.ROCK MECH.,SOUTH DAKOTA.ASCE, 1975, P273 -292 • A unique borehole acoustic logging system has been desIgned, constructed and successfully tested. The acoustic-velocity measuring sonde can be used in either water-filled or dry AX-size boreholes, oriented in any direction I to a depth of 53 feet. Modification will per. mit use of the device to a depth of 200 feet. The results of prel~m~usry tests in water-filled and dry boreholes in a Manitoba nickel mine indicate that discontinuities such as cracks and fractures are located easily and precise/~,. Measurements of compressional-wave velocity and attenuation correlate very well with the rock quality observed from the corresponding core. For the particular bore_holes tested, the response of the logging device app. eared to be more influanced by the presence of Inhomogeneities than by change in lithology.

568 SCHEIDEGG~R, AE V I~INA TECH.UNIV.A Foundations of geophysics. Textbook. EISEVI~R SC I.PUBL.CO., 1976, 238P. The contents of this book are as follows: Chapter 1. In. trod~ction; 2.Geography, geodesy and geology. 3.Seismology, gravity and the Earth's interior. 4.Vmgnetlc and electrical properties of the Earth. 5 .Thermicity of the Earth and related subjects. 6.Tectono-physics. 7.Physical oceanography. 10.Physical meteorology, ll.Engineerlng geophysics. Index. 569 MURPHY,VJ RUBIN,DI Seismic surve~ investigations of landslides. PROC.2ND INT.CONGRESS IAEG,SAO PAULO,197h, PAPER V-26, V2,1974,3P. Materials that are sliding, or have recantly been sliding, correlate with seismic wave velocity values that ere ~ c h lower than the underlying stable materials. Seismic surve~ profiling is correlated with slope indi.

570 F~RNANDES, C E TEIMEIRA, HA CADMAN, JD Rockfill problems in sedimentary rocks along the BRII6 highway at the Serra do Espigso, Santa Catarina, Brazil, 5R. PROC.2ND INT.CONGRESS IAEG,SAO PAUID 1974,PAPER V-5, V2, 1975, 5P. A detailed field and laboratory research program identified three principal geotechnical problems due to rockfalls in the area affecting a section of the BR-I16 high. way. The presence of one percent of montmorillonite in the Botucatu sandstone causes exfoliation Joints which, together with three tectonic Joint sets, break the formation into large slabs and blocks. Higher percentages of montmorillonite at the top of the Morro P e l ~ o Formation cause basal fractures in the Botucatu Sandstone and subsequent removal of support. Variations in grain size end montmorillonite percentages in the Morro Pelsda Formarion cause uneven erosion rates leaving the resistant sandstone beds as cantilevers which eventually fall. Engineering solutions must be based on these geotechnical data. Auth. 571 SCHAIXWYK, A The application of computer techniques for the mmaipulation and storage of exploratory borehole data. IF,1T. PROC.2ND INT.CONGRESS IAEG, SAO PAULO,197h,PAPER VI-22, V2,1975, 6P. A method is described by which field core logging for engineering geological purposes is simplified end the engineering geologist is relieved from cumbersome end time consuming tasks by employing a computer program to facilitate storage of data, conversion to metric units, calculation of percentages s ~ l e (material) loss, core loss (or RQD) and water loss and finally to sort and neatly print the information in standard comprehensible form. Auth.

572 ~I~NCISS,FO PUCCINI, AL Technique of modal group ide~tlfication and its application in rock mechsmics. 2F,3R. PROC.2ND INT.CONGRESS IAEG, SAO PAUID,1974,PAPER VI.h, V2,1974, 8P. The characteristics and properties of a major geotechnological system are represented by a .o~Aultivariate and maltimodal distribution~ whose modal groups correspond to almost homogeneous minor subsystems. ~n example, taken from the design of S ~ S~mao Dam is presented. Multivsriate statistical regression between qusatitative descriptors of lithological and structural features and deformability modulus were used to forecast the remain.

Ing values.